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The Sweet Escape

Right after New Moon! Will Bella be transformed after graduation like promised?!?! Lots of teasing! Fluffy i guess....R&R


2. Acceptance!

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He looked at me with that perfect crooked smile that made my heart melt. Before I knew it he was at my door helping me out. I smiled at him and thanked him.

He put his hands on the car near my head pinning me to the car. He leaned in and I was sure he could hear the misbehaving of my heart. He smiled and exhaled in my face causing me to almost lose all coherency.

Finally he gave me what I wanted. A romantic kiss. But of course I can’t behave myself and tangled my hand in his auburn hair. He Finally ended the kiss I looked up at him breathing heavily. And said, “Yes.”

He looked at me completely confused. He finally asked, “What?” I looked at him and smirked. I repeated, “Yes. Meaning Yes Edward I will marry you!”

I looked up into his eyes and they seemed turn from just topaz to sparkling yellow. I knew how happy this made him. He took my face in his hands and kissed me with so much passion I thought he might just lose control like I always had.

He finally pulled away to look at a breathless me. He pulled me into his embrace and started to spin in circles.

I cried, “Edward, please stop, I’m going to be sick if you don’t put me down.” With that he stopped and pulled out a black velvet box from his jacket.

I looked into his eyes and said, “Edward you didn’t need to.” He opened the box for me to see the ring and I was almost blinded by the beauty of this ring. Before I could protest on him spending so much money on me he had it slipped over my finger. He stood up and carried me towards the house.

Before we got to the porch Alice came dancing out of the door with the biggest smile on her face. When I saw that smile I knew that she must’ve heard what had I just said to Edward. God no, I’m not going shopping Alice. I want some time with Edward. We can go in two days!

Edward seemed to have noticed the look of horror on my face and grabbed me to take me to the living room. Alice just gave me a look of disappointment and said, “We will go shopping, you can bet on that.”

I just sat down on Edwards lap on his white love seat. He gave me a peck on the cheek and called his family into the living room in a whisper, sure that everyone would hear it. They all came in a flash and were sitting across from us in the large white couch. Edward started off, “We have some exciting news for all of you.”