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The Sweet Escape

Right after New Moon! Will Bella be transformed after graduation like promised?!?! Lots of teasing! Fluffy i guess....R&R


6. Wanna Bet?

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6 Wanna Bet?

The next morning I awoke with anticipation to see my angels face. Luckily I found him sitting on his leather couch watching me wake up.

I gave him my best morning smile. His eyes were back to their topaz color.

“Good morning love, how did you sleep last night?” He asked in his velvety voice.

“Okay…how was your hunting trip last night?”

“Fine…so what would you like to do today?”

“Hmm…well I’m not sure…do you have ideas?”

“Well I was thinking we could go to the meadow…” He began to smile…probably thinking about the same things I was.

The first time we went to the meadow and saw each other for who are and not what we are. The first time we shared what our true feelings were and still are for each other. This too made me smile.

“What do you say?” raising one of his perfect brows.

“That’s sounds perfect.”

Of course when we were having our perfect moment, my stomach gave a loud growl. I knew that I was turning a light crimson color. Edward just laughed.

“Feeding time for the human, ay?”

“I guess it kind of sounds that way huh?” I gave a small chuckle; Edward came over to me and pulled me off the bed.

He looked into my eyes and whispered along my neck, “I love you Isabella Cul-Swan.” I pulled away to look at his face. He looked slightly embarrassed and if he could blush I’m sure he would have been.

“What did you just call me?”

“Well I was just thinking about us getting married and it just slipped out of my mouth. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry Edward, by the way I liked how that was beginning to sound. Isabella Cullen. I love it.” He gave me his famous crooked smile and I gave him a peck on his wonderful cool lips. He picked me up and ran me downstairs and got me a bowl and a small carton of milk out with my favorite cereal Raisin Bran. I poured the cereal and milk into my bowl and ate quickly. The whole time Edward watched as I ate.

After that he grabbed my hands and threw me on his back. I wrapped my arms tight around his neck knowing that I couldn’t hurt him even if I tried. I wanted to keep my eyes opened. I knew I could handle it now.

I thought it would be fun to tease him while he was running like this so I started kissing him behind his ears and down to his shoulder. I heard him give out a light moan. I moved my hands down to his sides and ran my hands along his abdomen; he let out another small moan and suddenly stopped.

I almost fell right over his shoulder.

He pulled me off of his back and looked into my eyes. I noticed something completely unexpected. His eyes were probably the brightest I’ve ever seen them.

I didn’t know what emotion he was going through. His face didn’t give away anything.

For the first time I was kind of scared. I didn’t know what to expect.

He leaned down to my neck. And took inhaled deeply. I thought he might just loose control this time. Oh no..i knew I went too far…I’m going to die just because I was teasing Edward.

He must have seen the horrified look on my face, but he cracked, a huge grin spread across his perfect face.

“Bella, you know if you keep doing that to me I might just run into a tree. But you have to behave. I don’t know if I can control myself if you go off doing that without warning.” He gave me a long passionate but making sure he stayed in control of himself kiss.

Of course me being the greedy kisser that I am I had to wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer. He didn’t resist at first but of course I opened my mouth in a wild gasp and continued to kiss him. He slowly pushed me away. I hunched over grabbing my knees trying to catch my breath.


“I know…I’m sorry…I just want to give you every ounce of passion that’s inside of me.” I knew I shouldn’t have said that because I’ve kept those feelings bottled up inside of me for quite a while.

I could feel the blood running to my face.

Edward chuckled and I gave him a dirty look.

“I know but at the end of the week we can show each other all of that passion that’s built up inside the both of us.” I smiled at the thought.

He grabbed me again and threw me on his back once more. Within a minute we were at ‘our’ meadow. I looked around and saw the flowers that were in blossom covering the meadows floor.

There was a blanket lying on the ground. We walked over to it hand in hand.

We sat down together. As if it were perfect timing the sun peeked out of the cloudy sky.

Edward was leaning back on his hand sitting cross-legged in front of me.

I looked up to his face but his eyes were closed as if he were sleeping right there.

I was going to grab his hand to start to study the facets in his skin like always, but I thought it would be funny to take him by surprise.

I grabbed his hand and began caressing it. Then I jumped as fast as I could on to him.

He fell back onto the ground with me on top of him.

The look on his face was priceless.

He sat there stunned. His eyes weren’t onyx yet but getting extremely close. He had the funniest expression. It was between confusion and complete shock.

I started to giggle as he just glared at me.

“Oh, Isabella I’m going to get you back for that.”

In a split second I was on the ground laughing. Edward had me pinned to the ground and was tickling me.

“Haha…Edward…haha…stop it…haha…if you…haha…don’t stop….haha…you won’t get….haha…any kisses…haha… for a…haha…week!”

Edward immediately stopped.

“You wouldn’t even dream of that. You know that you wouldn’t be able to survive.” Edward said eyeing me skeptically.

“Oh that’s what you think. You’re the one that can’t keep your hands off of me.” Giving him my own glare.

“Fine then I guess we’ll see who will break down first.”

“And what’s the loser have to do?”

“Hmm…go shopping with Alice...”

He must have really thought I wouldn’t last because he knows how much I hate going shopping.

He grabbed me and threw me on his back once more seeing that we were at the meadow until sundown just laying in each other’s arms. It was so perfect I didn’t want to leave.

We were back at the house within a few minutes. He carried me up the stairs to his room.

He started to lean in to kiss me but I moved and he ended up kissing the wall.

“Ah ah ah, Edward don’t you remember…our little bet?” I gave him a smug smile and he just looked dishearten. He was going to bust…anytime this week. I knew it.