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The Sweet Escape

Right after New Moon! Will Bella be transformed after graduation like promised?!?! Lots of teasing! Fluffy i guess....R&R


8. 8 Planning & 9 Promise

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PREVIOUSLY: Before I turned to head back into the school she asked me a question that caught me kind of off guard. “Bella, do you want to help Edward lose the bet?" I thought about it carefully and nodded. "If you want Edward to bust you’ll have to do some teasing…” CH. 8 Planning THIS TIME:

I turned around a little faster than necessary. I began to wonder what that spiky-haired lady was thinking…

“Well…I think that we should have you take him on a date that he would like.” She began. I nodded, it sounds good so far. “Then you can do this on Wednesday, Charlie will be on call that night.”

The bell interrupted our conversation, knowing we both had to get back to class. I looked at her a bit perturbed. She “mouthed we’ll finish this later.” I didn’t know why she would be mouthing it but then a cool arm slinked around my waist.

For a while there I forgot that Edward could possibly have been listening to every word that we just said to each other. I turned to smile at Edward who instinctively bent down to press his cold lips to mine.

Again I was to quick for him in this contest. “Ah ah ah Edward, what do you think you’re doing?” “Umm…uhh…”

“Oh never mind, I know what you were planning on doing.” He gave me a sheepish grin that almost made me weak in the knees. “Anyways…we had better be heading to class.”

The day passed as it normally did. When the final bell rang after PE Edward was waiting for me by the door to escort me to his Volvo that I’ve grown to love.

CH 9 Promise

It’s Tuesday everybody! Just to put that in there for you. Bet only lasts until Saturday.

Edward held my hand the way home as we talked about some of the wedding plans.

“Edward?” I questioned. Edward looked at me as a go-ahead. “Well I was wondering if you wanted to do something tomorrow, just the two of us since we haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time together without interruptions?”

Edward look at me curiously for a minute then answered my question, “That sounds wonderful.” “Alright Wednesday it is then. I don’t know what we’ll do but I’ll think of something this time. Okay?” “Alright sweetie.”

The rest of the car ride back to the Cullen’s was in comfortable silence. When we arrived Edward came over to my car door like usual to open it for me. I thanked him as I got out and grabbed his hand to go inside.

Edward abruptly stopped and I looked back questioningly. He dropped to one knee and pulled out a bigger box. I just about started laughing.

“Edward what are you doing…you already proposed to me once and I told you yes, what else do want?” I asked trying to stifle my chuckle.

“Very funny Bella this is something different that I just recently remembered I accumulated over my human lifetime. I think it would help me a lot if you would wear it. It was my great-great grandmothers and grandfathers. One is for me and one is for you.”

Before I could even stop it from happening I had tears welling up in my eyes. Gosh I probably looked pathetic. Edward smiled up at me and opened the box. There in the box were two silver rings both had a larger stone in it that look almost like an opal. It had a glassy clear layer over top of it.

I looked at Edward, “Edward it’s so beautiful. But what’s the reason for this?” “Well I remembered the reason for this ring when my great-great grandparents had it. It was to protect each other and warn each other.” I stared him acknowledgement becoming clear across my face. “Bella I know this almost sounds stalker-ish but I want to know you’re safe while I’m away hunting or at school when I’m not in class with you.”

“Oh Edward, I think it’s sweet, but I mean I’m not going to get killed or anything….” “Let’s just not take any chances alright. I want to be able to protect you if you’re in trouble and I can’t read you’re mind, so…please just do this for me.” He just had to give me his puppy dog pout…even if he didn’t try to I knew I couldn’t resist.

I grabbed the smaller band out of the box and put it on. It immediately turned yellow. I wondered what that meant. Edward didn’t even look at my ring. He just started smiling. I looked over to see that his ring turned the exact same color as mine. “Ahh…I get it now. It shows you what color mine is. And I’m assuming each color means something different right?”

“Yep, at least that’s how I remembered it to work. Lets see yellow is…. Umm…with the one you love.” “Ohh…terrific this is gonna be embarrassing…just something else to make me blush hard. But I love it anyway!” I wanted to give him a kiss so bad but I just couldn’t do that to Alice. She wanted to ruin Edward. Oh I get it now. He thinks he can break me down by giving me this! Ohhh…that’s it! It’s on!