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This is between Port Angeles and the meadow scene. I actually got the inspiration from myself. Last year, at school, these two boys were rough housing and ran into me, causing me to drop my tray, and make a huge mess. My friends call me a real life Bella...only without my Edward Cullen. :( Nonetheless, it's actually kinda cute. Again, both povs are told.


1. Chapter 1: Klutz

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My heart was pounding relentlessly in my ears as I numbly took my lunch tray and spun around. Edward and I had kind of left things up in the air between us and now, I couldn't find him.

Maybe he was having doubts. It wouldn't surprise me. He could just be running a little late.

Oh, get a grip, Bella, I scolded myself, silently, There is no way someone like Edward Cullen could ever be interested in you.

I was wandering aimlessly through the cafeteria, trying to decide what to do.

Suddenly, Mike and Eric ran into me, causing me to stagger and drop my tray, splattering food all over the floor and me.

They both looked mortified and began muttering apologies frantically. "Sorry, Bella; sorry, Bella--" Eric trailed off and Mike elbowed him hard in the gut.

"Look what you did!"

"Ow!" Eric protested, ramming Mike's shoulder from behind with his own, causing him to fall into me.

I gasped and slipped, falling backwards. Suddenly, Edward caught me from behind before my head smacked against the ground.

He helped me to my feet and then pulled me slightly behind him, before turning on Mike and Eric, glaring angrily at them.

"Cullen, where did you come from?!" Mike tried to sound as intimidating as Edward looked, but failed miserably, fear clear in his eyes.

Edward shook his head and said, coldly, "Get out of here, Newton."

Mike and Eric immediately turned and ran off. Mike smacked Eric's arm, "I told you something was wrong with Cullen!"

Edward stifled a snort and turned to face me, "Hello, grace." I grimaced and he smiled his crooked smile, "You okay?"

I swallowed audibly, "You're here."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Where else would I be?"

I was scrambling to gather my thoughts when Tyler walked up to us and said, "Bella! Are you okay?! Mike and Eric are so immature! You want me to--" He got broken off by Edward's laugh, which he immediately covered up with a cough.

"Hey. Hey...Edward." Tyler seemed shocked at Edward's reaction. It was probably the first time he had ever heard him laugh.

"Hey. Don't worry; I handled it." Edward said, with a smirk.

"Oh." Tyler looked disappointed, "Oh, well. That's...good." His expression betrayed his feigned consideration of Edward.

Edward took a step back and surprised me by taking my hand and nodding, "Well, see you." He turned around and led me away.

I stopped breathing and heard my heartbeat speed up involuntarily. His mere touch was amazing, sending chills surging through me. It took all of my strength to keep my feet moving forward.

I was eventually so affected by his godliness that I reached out with my other hand and grabbed onto his bicep for support. When it flexed against the palm of my hand, I whimpered slightly and staggered.

"Careful!" He said, tightening his hold on my hand. I could have sworn he was smiling, though, either at my reaction or Tyler's thoughts, I couldn't be sure.

"So..." my voice cracked and I cleared my throat, "Where were you?"

"First things first," he said, sitting me down, and pushing his tray of food over to me. "Eat."

I wanted to protest at his releasing his hold on my hand and remvoing my other one from his arm, but didn't. My body was screaming protests as I yearned for him to touch me once again, but I managed to keep it to myself. Thankd God he couldn't read my mind.

I processed what he said, and then shook my head, "No, no...it's...okay. I wasn't hungry."

He raised his eyebrows and smirked, amused, sitting down.

"Stop that!" I said, irritably.

He furrowed his eyebrows, "Stop what?"

"I can't hear people's thoughts; I have no idea if you're making those faces at me or someone's thoughts."

He shrugged, "Both." I rolled my eyes and he smiled, "Sorry. I'll stop. Now, you know how frustrating it is for me, not knowing your thoughts."

"Touche." I said, defeatedly.

He smiled and gestured towards the tray again. "Eat."

"I'm not hungry," I repeated.

"Then, why'd you get a tray if you weren't going to eat?"

"I have no idea, kettle," I said, sarcastically, "Cause you never do that, right?"

He shrugged, "Well, then, I guess I made a mistake."


He pulled a Hershey's bar out of his pocket and held it out to me. "I was told that humans like chocolate. I figured I'd try to get in your good graces again."

I snatched it and said, while opening it, "You were told right. Human girls, especially." I took a bite and smiled, "What do you mean 'good graces'?"

"I wanted to make up for listening in on gym. You were pretty mad at me."

"You sure know how to steal a girl's heart," I said, in a joking manner, but not joking at all.

He chuckled softly and I shook my head. Who's laughing--could he really not see how incredibly dead serious I was being? He was even more modest than I thought.

"It's a gift," he said, jokingly.

"As if frequently dazzling everyone in sight isn't enough!" I finished the rest of the bar and then said, "Thanks."

"Mm-hm; you know I don't try to, right?"

"Huh?" I asked, already falling unconsciously into his spell.

"I don't try to dazzle you."

"Good thing too, cause it works enough without the extra effort."

He smirked apologetically, but it faded almost instantaneously and he stood up, "Are you done here?"

I furrowed my eyebrows, confused, "Yeah--yeah, I'm done."

He gestured with his hand for me to follow him and I obliged. "What's up?" I asked, struggling to keep up.

"We'll talk in the car."

"Car? What; what about class?"

He groaned, "Have I taught you nothing? We'll skip today and I'll let you know what we missed tomorrow. It's one day; no one will know."

I knew I shouldn't go, but after the last time he skipped and I didn't, I figured I'd better take him up on his offer. " 'Kay."

He opened the door and stepped aside to let me leave and then followed me.

"Where are we going?"

"Well, you do need to change. I'll take you home."

I nodded and let him open the car door for me before getting in.

I hadn't even reached for my seatbelt yet when he was beside me in the car, "Hurry up."

"Don't rush me," I said, putting it on.

He shook his head, backed out, and we sped off.