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This is between Port Angeles and the meadow scene. I actually got the inspiration from myself. Last year, at school, these two boys were rough housing and ran into me, causing me to drop my tray, and make a huge mess. My friends call me a real life Bella...only without my Edward Cullen. :( Nonetheless, it's actually kinda cute. Again, both povs are told.


3. Chapter 3: Realize

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He led the way up to the door and then said, softly, “I am sorry, Bella.”

I nodded, “It’s okay. I just…it irritates me how unbelievably oblivious you are.”

“Right back at you.” He said, with a slight smile, clearly trying to avoid another argument.

“I’m serious,” I said, turning him to look at his reflection in the window and then standing beside him. “Greek god,” I gestured towards him, “Awkward, plain human.” I pointed to myself. “Now, who do you think has the upper hand?”

“Is that how you see me?” He asked, smiling his crooked smile and turning to lean his back against the window, folding his arms across his chest. “A Greek god?”

“No!” I said, immediately, blushing fiercely at his delight in those words. “You’re not Greek.” I mumbled, but he still managed to hear it with his damn sensitive hearing.

He chuckled softly and then turned around again and said, “How wrong you are!” He came to stand behind me and turned me towards the window again. Then, he pointed to himself, “Cold-blooded killer.” He pointed to me, softly bring his hand down, tracing my jawbone with his fingertips. “Beautiful young woman who literally has everything going for her.”

He turned me to face him and smiled his crooked smile, staring at me with such intensity that I could almost feel his affection burning into me, making its mark—one that no matter what, could never be erased. And my love for him flared up inside me, surging through me.

His hand was still on my face, and he lightly caressed my cheek, before cupping my face in the palm of his hand. My heart rate involuntarily sped up and breathing became ragged. I began trembling out of delight as he placed one hand on the small of my back and drew me in closer to him.
He then lowered his lips to mine, almost unconsciously tightening his hold on me, until his lips were mere centimeters from my parted, trembling lips.

“Bella…” he whispered, softly, as his lips touched mine so lightly, I could barely feel it.

At that moment, the door burst open followed by Emmett’s cheerful voice, “Edward! You can’t—” We started and broke apart, Edward glaring at Emmett.
A smile played on Emmett’s lips as he said, “Am I interrupting something?”

“No,” I choked out simultaneously to Edward’s saying, irritably, “Yes!”

“My bad.” Emmett said, before turning to me, “Hi. You’re Bella; the one we’ve heard Edward talk about nonstop for months. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Emmett, Edward’s favorite brother.”

“Hah!” Edward snorted.

“Jasper’s not here, Edward, we can tell Bella the truth.”

Edward rolled his eyes and I smiled, “Well, it’s nice to meet you, too.” I shook his hand and he drew me in closer by my hand, sniffed in deeply, and smirked, “Eh—not bad. I’ve smelled better.”

Edward growled, “Emmett! What did I say?”

“I had to see what the big deal was.” Emmett said, releasing me and shrugging.

Edward shook his head, irritably, “Where is everyone?”

“Hunting. Everyone except for Carlisle.” He now turned to me, “Yeah, you see, Carlisle had his last feeding like…a zillion years ago, so he’s still quite full. He couldn’t possibly drink another drop.”

“EMMETT!” Edward said, irritably, but I laughed, “It’s okay.”

“All right, Emmett. Let’s do this.” Edward said, in a hurry, “Come on.”

Emmett smiled and stepped aside to let me in.
“So what are we watching?” Edward asked, crossly.

“Cabin Fever.” Emmett responded, nonchalantly.

“WHAT?! No. No, we are not watching Cabin Fever; forget it.”

“You want to take this outside?” Emmett said, with a smirk.

Edward rolled his eyes and said, rubbing his head, wearily, “Emmett, you’re giving me a migraine.”

“Vampires can’t get migraines.” Emmett said, in an arrogant tone.

“Yes, well once again, you’re managing to prove everything wrong, aren’t you?”

Emmett chuckled once and said, “Come on; we have to see how tough she is. You don’t want a girl who’s weak or that scares easy.”

“Emmett…she’s hanging out with vampires; I think it’s clear that she’s not one that scares easy.”

Edward protested, irritably, as Carlisle walked in.
He smiled warmly, “Bella…how wonderful to see you again. May I say; you look so much better than last time I saw you.”

I smiled, in return, “Thank you. You too.” My eyes widened in embarrassment, “I mean…you…it’s nice to see you again…too.”

Carlisle smiled and nodded in response before saying, “Boys…is there a problem?”

“Yeah,” Emmett said, “Edward’s being a baby.”
“I am not. I’m being responsible.”

Edward protested, “Emmett wants to show Bella the movie Cabin Fever, which I think is a foolish idea.”

I stifled a chuckle. It was so weird to see such petty sibling rivalry between them. “Edward, it’s okay. I really don’t mind it.” I said, with a smile.

“There you have it,” Carlisle said, turning to Edward, “If Bella can handle it, I see no problem with it. If not, then simply turn it off; it’s not the end of the world.”

“Mm,” Emmett beamed, “I win.” Edward rolled his eyes and folded his arms.

“You boys behave yourselves; I have to go in to the hospital. I’ll see you soon. Bella, it was great to see you again. Please don’t be a stranger. We’d love to have you again.”

“Tell that to Edward.” I said, bitterly.

Carlisle breathed a chuckle, “Yes, Edward is a bit…stubborn, but I assure you, he only has your very best interests at heart. Take it easy.”

I smiled and felt a sudden rush of affection for him, almost as if he was my father, too. “Will do,” I said.
He smiled and clapped both Edward and Emmett on the shoulders before taking off.

“All right, Edward,” Emmett gloated, “You heard the man.”

Edward rolled his eyes and led the way into the living room. Emmett rolled his eyes and whispered, “He likes to be a brat sometimes; don’t let him get away with it.”

I snorted and nodded, “I’ll remember that.”
He smiled and gestured for me to go first. I obliged and he followed right after me.