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This is between Port Angeles and the meadow scene. I actually got the inspiration from myself. Last year, at school, these two boys were rough housing and ran into me, causing me to drop my tray, and make a huge mess. My friends call me a real life Bella...only without my Edward Cullen. :( Nonetheless, it's actually kinda cute. Again, both povs are told.


4. Chapter 4: Cabin Fever

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Twenty minutes into the movie, twenty minutes of nonstop blood, guts, and gore, Emmett's nonstop comments, and Edward's nonstop moping about not getting his way - Emmett laughed as more blood was being spilled, and he said, amused, "God, this movie is making me so thirsty. I feel so parched. Hey, Bella, you mind?" He gestured towards my neck with his haed and licked his lips with a smirk.

Edward growled angrily, "EMMETT! STOP messing around! This is not funny!"

Emmett and I burst out laughing and I said, "Calm down, Edward, he was kidding."

Edward glared at Emmett, who shrugged apologetically. Edward rolled his eyes and Emmett smiled.

"Don't be such a brat! Come on, we have to know. I will not let my baby brother settle for a chick who scares easy. We have to see how strong she is."

Edward shook his head, "Emmett, you're a pig."

Emmett shrugged as if he was proiud of it and said, "I know."

I chuckled softly and said, "Come on, Edward, stop being so emo." Emmett burst out laughing so hard that I could have sworn the room was shaking from the impact of his laughter. "Emo," he gasped through his laughter.

Edward simply glared at us and I said, "You do know what emo means, right?"

"I know what 'emo' means, I'm not that out of the loop," he protested, irritably. Emmett said, "Calm down, Edward. Count to ten and take a deep breath."

We both looked at him and he said, "That's what Yoga says to do." That made even Edward laugh and he said, "You're an idiot, Emmett!"

Emmett smiled proudly. "I am an idiot. But I love it. It's SO much better than being boring."

Edward shook his head, "You're lucky I love you."

Emmett nodded, raised his eyebrows, and smirked. I shook my head.

"NOW can we finish the movie?" They smiled and stared at me. A couple hoursl ater, the movie was over and Edward and I were getting ready to go.

"Well, it was fun having you over, Bella," Emmett said, following us out. "Please come back. You are the only human I can stand to be around. It's different. It's interesting."

I chuckled, "Absolutely. THanks, Emmett. Can i just say that if I HAD an older brother, I would've wanted you."

"Well, duh! EVERYONE wants me as an older brother. I'm the best. They can't do any better." This caused Edward to snort, so Emmett said, "You shush!" with a smile.

Then he said, "Edward, I have to say, of all the girls taht have wanted to date you, she's definitely the best. You have my full approval."

He nodded once and I blushed slightly, making them both laugh. "Bye, Bella," Emmet called, as Edward and I walked out.

"Bye," I called back. Edward helped me into the car and seconds later, we were taking off.