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Truth and Reason

Edward has left Bella for her own good, to lead a normal and safe existence. His futile attempts are meaningless when a descendant of the Masen family shows up in Forks, Washington. Bella and the stranger find themselves fighting for their lives against forces they cannot overcome. Will Edward come to the rescue in time? Or will a sacrifice have to be made?

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight. That's all Stephanie Meyers. If it were me it wouldn't be nearly as magnificent as it is.

1. Anthony Masen

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Edward Anthony Cullen Masen, born in Chicago, IL

Everything passed by me in blurs. The world continued to carry on and spin around me, yet I never moved. With every inch that I took, I felt not even a single graze of the winds soft touch, the sun against my skin, the rain pouring down on my head. Nothing seemed real anymore. Without him, everything was a lie.

Like the burning sunshine pouring through the open window, warm and bright. Joyously bound to bathe the earth in its heavenly light. It seemed so redundant, so pointless to me now. I had no reason to look forward to the sun that had once before him brought the happiest of feelings out of me. And no reason to hope to see the clouds I despised roll in above me with a strange anxious itching. He would never come. I would never see his lovely face again basked in the moons glow.

As if he’d never existed.

Students ran around about the hallways, busy studying for tests, talking about the days coming drama and pop quizzes. Yet again I didn’t hear the words as solidly as I should. I heard nothing. All I felt was the time slipping by, hopelessly. When once I hoped he would grant my wish and make time stand still for me, I found myself now hoping and praying it could all just stop. End.

“ Alright. Are we all excited for yet another reading of our exhilarating text?” Mr. Brown sarcastically asked with overdone enthusiasm.

The class replied with moans of objection and grunts of inescapable surrender. As if their protests would change the matter. I reached into my book bag and pulled out the thick text of Human Biology: Concepts and Current Issues. Turning it to the page with my make shift book mark I had created with a yarn of string wrapped around a stone bead.

The class played a game of popcorn, calling on a random person from the class without a set organized route. I didn’t have the anticipation of waiting to be called on. But instead I had the clammy hands, and the burning cheeks whilst I waited for one of my peers to call out my name unexpected.

Finally the time had come. My face burned at an all time fever as I stumbled over the words, licking my lips relentlessly as I tried to regain my place.

Taking a deep breath I began. “ Cells reproduce by dividing in two. Indeed, cell division (cell reproduction) is one of the defining features of life. For a single-celled organism, cell division is the equivalent of organism reproduction-”

Someone cleared their voice loudly from the front of the class. The entire class including myself looked up in unison to the familiar voice.

“ Mr. Brown. Your new student.” The secretary announced to Mr. Brown with a wide smile. She held out her hand for the tall and slender boy to enter the classroom.

A shy smile spread over his full lips. He watched the floor as everyone’s eyes bored into the back of his. Girls were instantly glued to his good looks. Leaning over in the aisles to whisper to one another and giggle amongst themselves. I took one look and looked away. As interesting at it was to have a new student, I couldn’t find it within myself to care to much. It wasn’t the one student I wished with all my might to come back.

I gazed out the window, holding my finger at the line where I had been rudely interrupted. I wondered where he was. What he was doing. He surely wasn’t thinking about me. That would be completely half ass backwards. If he was thinking of me at all, it must be because of the weight of his guilt. I knew Edward loved me. But I also knew it just wasn’t enough, or equivalent to the way that I loved him. It was childish for me to ever believe that someone so flawless could feel so deeply for me.

A light gust of sweet air rushed passed my nose, abruptly dragging me out of my thoughts. Something oddly familiar to the sweet scent. I could almost taste it on my tongue.

Turning my head the slightest I realized the outline of dark hair of the new student behind me, the bangs of his flat hair dangling over his forehead and into his eyes. Quickly I turned my head back around as I realized his had turned the slightest as well, something bright and brilliant about his eyes.

Mr. Brown leaned against his desk, crossing his hairy arms over his chest.

“ Anthony, where are you from?”

The first though ran through my head like a dark cloud hanging over, Edward Anthony Cullen. I rolled my eyes.

Anthony cleared his throat behind me. It sounded much more like a strangled gag to me though. “ Chicago sir.”

“ Ah!” Mr. Brown exclaimed as he brought his hands together with a loud clap.

“ I love the city. I have never lived their myself but I have been there from time to time. Amazing.”

I heard a little grunt from Anthony behind me. Another thought invaded me, born in Chicago in 1901. Was this new kid going to constantly remind me of my long gone vampire love?

“ My family has lived there for many years. More like decades.” He spoke from behind me, his voice shaky as the dozens of eyes kept their place on his strange and unfamiliar figure.

“ Is that so? Very interesting.” Mr. Browns mustached smile grew wide and he nodded his head in approval. “ Well then class. Treat Mr. Masen well and be sure to show him around. Let us continue. Bella, where you left off please.”

MASEN!!! I spun in my seat and stared right into the emerald green eyes of the new guy behind me. My breath was nearly knocked out my lungs by the strong punch of shock. His face, his eyes, his hair, the curve of his lips were all reminders of a person long ago vanished. Eyes I had heard of, but never saw. I could only imagine they were just as beautiful.

His wide eyes stared into mine as Mr. Brown tried to get my attention to continue reading. I was oblivious to his beckoning. I was enraged, shocked, hurt and in a trance by those eyes before me.

Anthony Masen, from Chicago Illinois, from a family that had long lived there. Boy, I didn’t see this coming.