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Truth and Reason

Edward has left Bella for her own good, to lead a normal and safe existence. His futile attempts are meaningless when a descendant of the Masen family shows up in Forks, Washington. Bella and the stranger find themselves fighting for their lives against forces they cannot overcome. Will Edward come to the rescue in time? Or will a sacrifice have to be made?

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight. That's all Stephanie Meyers. If it were me it wouldn't be nearly as magnificent as it is.

2. Alive

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Class came to a close and I found myself hiding behind a row of lockers after dashing like a fleeing convict out of class. Barely keeping myself from barreling down every person in my path. My breathing was unsteady, and thick. My head began to throb as it scrambled on the floorboards of my brain.

Of course there were still Mason’s left in the family line. It wasn’t anything to do with Edward. Edward and his family had died, but his relatives went on.

I shook my head and grasped it between my hands.

That’s if its even the same family tree!

Pushing my thoughts to the back of my mind I peered, much like a peeping tom around the corner of the locker. Just in time, Anthony walked out of the classroom, and awkwardly moved to the side as students rushed passed him, catching him off guard in the unfamiliar surroundings. I watched as his lips puffed out from a long dragged out sigh. It was a sure thing that he was a descendant of Edwards family. There was no denying it now as I saw features very close to that of my irreplaceable vampire. Yet it was so different. I wasn’t used to seeing those features tinged with a shade of red. I wasn’t used to anyone looking remotely like Edward in any aspect or having a drop of blood to call their own.

This version of Edward was…different. It was alive.

Burying his hand into his pocket briefly he skimmed out a folded piece of paper. Due to the light behind it I could make out the outline of the map I once had for my first day of school. A smile betrayed me and found its way to my lips. Stretching them in a way that I was unfamiliar with after so long without the strange sensation. Looking back up to his green eyes, I found they were directly planted on me.

A gasp escaped me from my embarrassment of being caught, and more so to the fear of him approaching me. My fear became reality as recognition set in on his features. He began walking my way with his eyebrow still lifted in thought as he searched the map for a way to his next class. And with his eyes adverted, I took of running in the other direction.

“ So have you met the knew guy?” Angela’s voice interrupted my thoroughly concentrated train of no thought. I nodded numbly. “ He’s really cute. Reminds me of someone though. I can’t put my finger on it.”

I snorted. “ Neither can I. But definitely familiar.”

I took a long drag form the straw of my juice box as my eyes bore holes into the vending machine across the cafeteria. Angela stared at me with strange wide eyes as the drag came out noisy and obnoxious in the quiet atmosphere surrounding us.

My voice was shaky, I could feel it vibrating like a tickle through my throat, leaving my stomach invaded by the twisting and contorting of my nerves. Angela’s soft hand touched the top of mine as they were planted flat on top of the table.

“ You seem… tense? What’s going on? Your looking a little creepy to be honest.” She spoke softly, the concern leaking through the tight corners of her smile. I glanced at her and then looked away.

As if I could truly confide in her about this!

As she was about to open her mouth to speak again Jessica came galloping over to the table with Mike following behind her just like the loyal poodle of a boyfriend that he was. Ben followed not to far in the distance behind them.

Flopping down next to me, Mike let Jessica prop herself on his knee as she opened their brown lunch bag.

“ I just met the new kid. Poor guy is so shy. He get’s absolutely crimson from the slightest bit of attention.”

“ New guy?” Angela asked in a squeak of a voice as Ben sat next to her. Pulling her hand into his he kissed her knuckles.

My stomach turned. Well, look at that. I am the only one alone at the table. Suddenly I was thrown a year and a half ago. When I spotted five insanely beautiful people sitting with each other at the lunch table not to far away from the one I sat at now. Two pair of couples and then the lonesome bronze haired stranger that captured my eye, and my heart. Alone. Is this how he had felt all the time.

Oh the torture. The pain, the inescapable solitude.

Mike answered her as he smiled up at his girlfriend, her mouth full of a large bite of an apple. “ Name’s Anthony Mason. We found he prefers Andy. Less formal.” He took a pause and wiped some spare juice gliding much like a tear from Jessica’s chin. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head. Someone kill me now. “ His dad is an archeologist and his mom’s a teacher. While his father is in Peru on some excavation, his mother took a job here. She teaches at Oakland elementary.”

“ She teaches the second grade.” Came a voice from behind me. Swiveling around in my seat I huffed, and quickly turned back around to face Angela. “ She’s used to teaching at high school, but since I would be going to the only one for fifteen miles, she took a job at the elementary school.”

My breathing was unsteady, all I could do was count backwards. This person was the direct replica of Edward. I knew every curve and line of that face, but in a different light, with a different tone. It was no wonder why everyone around me couldn’t grasp this. He wasn’t as flawless as Edward, but the spitting image of him, in a living way.

I didn’t like it.

“ You must be Anthony.” Angela said with a bright smile. He shook his head at her and took a seat at the other section of the round table.

“ Please, call me Andy. I hate it when people use my full name.”

It took all the strength within me to pry my eyes away from the table top to look at him. But I had to. I was taken by surprise how his timid exterior had faded and he was suddenly sitting a table with perfect strangers, talking to them without the shake in his voice he had in class. The moment I saw him I almost laughed.

He as well was using all his willpower to seat himself there. His Adams apple bobbing in his throat as he continued to nervously swallow. His hands were nervously twitching, fumbling with silverware and napkins. Whenever he got the chance, he took his green eyes away from the faces that were so intently staring at him, and changed his attention to his lap, or the ceiling.

“ He’s from Chicago.” Jessica beamed. Andy looked up at her and smiled nervously with a single nod. “ You said your family has been there for decades?”

“ Uh huh.” Nervously he tipped his Diet Pepsi bottle at his lips, and barely got a sip before he set it back down. His nervous hands shaking to much. Surely someone was going to notice. “ Ever since the family immigrated here. I forgot exactly when. Early eighteen hundreds anyways. Not a single member of the Mason family, well mine anyways, moved away. We all live and die there.”

My turn to swallow hard. Nothing about this boy reminded me of Edward, besides his facial features, and the past he was linked to. He was klutzy, nervous, and awkward. Everything that Edward was not.

My eyes stole their way back towards him as I heard the cap of his bottle fall against the table. He scurried to catch it. But it had already rolled all the way to me. I eyed it for a moment and then instinctively reached out and grabbed it between my fingers.

“ Sorry.” He muttered. “ I didn’t mean to.”

I tossed it to him, and didn’t meet his eyes. His voice to was much like Edwards, without the musical edge.

“ So. You’ll be going back to Chicago?” Ben asked as the table went suddenly quiet.

Andy chuckled. I shivered. “ Okay. Maybe I was being a little melodramatic. I was born there and we go back every now and then. But I am honestly not used to living in the same place for more than a year.”

“ Why is that?” My lips, my tongue, and my head betrayed me. He looked up at me, his eyes wide, and confused. Then a gleeful smile stretched over his lips.

“ Well. Like Mike said. My dad is an archaeologist. It’s not often that my mom and I don’t travel with him. I have to admit I think I spend most of my life on a plane, a train, or riding in cars or boats.” His eyes never left my face. And suddenly his nervousness was gone, and I was falling deeply into his green eyes.

I tore my eyes away an uneasy feeling filling my abdomen.

Angela perked up and asked another question from the long questionnaire. “ So if that what you are going to do when you get older? Search for buried treasure?”

“ I’ve been my dads partner in crime for a long time now. I think it would be crazy not to follow in his foot steps. Besides the adventurism runs in the family. You see my great great grandfather was one of the first few ‘treasure hunters’. He married Samantha Baker in the early 1800’s and they had three girls and two boys. The girls of course all got married, but the boys were a different story. The two boys were Anthony and Fitzwilliam. Fitzwilliam was my great grandfather. Anthony and he were treasure hunters with my great grandfather up until Anthony met a Elizabeth and settled down as a Banker instead.”

“ Wow.” Everyone was engaged by a story he seemed to tell with ease.

Even I. But for an opposite reason. Because I was so sure that this boy was from Edward's family line. But I knew that Edward was a Junior. I cocked an eyebrow at him. “ Keep going.” I pleaded.

His eyes caught mine and something soft and honorable swept through them.

“ My great grand father was a fellow archaeologist for many expeditions. Unfortunately I don’t know what they are, record keeping wasn’t much of anything during that time. But it seems that he and Anthony went on one last adventure before my great grandfather was going to settle down with my great grandmother Maria. Something happened on the last trip. Something bad. Anthony and Fitz parted on bad terms. Fitz encouraged his son’s, which was all he had, to follow in his footsteps. Which the majority did. My grandfather being one of them . Anthony wanted his son to have nothing to do with that world. Whatever that means.” He took a deep breath and turned his eyes to the table. “ Awfully enough Anthony and his family all died from the Spanish Influenza of 1918. So it seemed…”

My heart stopped. “ So it seemed?”

“ Hmm. Because his entire family passed, my grandfather was supposed to have been handed Anthony’s estate and his belongings. But then out of the blue, the son that everyone believe as dead suddenly showed up. He took his families possessions and then died again. All of the money disappearing with him. It’s all really fruity.“ Then looking around the room he added in a lower voice a quiet one that no one caught but me,

“ Strange to think I was named after him.”

In that moment, I knew how much it killed me to hear his voice, see his eyes and notice the resemblance between him and the love of my life, but I would stop at nothing to learn more. I would cling to him, like a mad woman with only one thing that she knows through and through. I would kill myself in order to learn more. And possibly feel closer to the one person that was no longer near.