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Truth and Reason

Edward has left Bella for her own good, to lead a normal and safe existence. His futile attempts are meaningless when a descendant of the Masen family shows up in Forks, Washington. Bella and the stranger find themselves fighting for their lives against forces they cannot overcome. Will Edward come to the rescue in time? Or will a sacrifice have to be made?

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight. That's all Stephanie Meyers. If it were me it wouldn't be nearly as magnificent as it is.

3. Sheep Eyes and Vampire Eyes

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I watched Andy from a far for the next week. Slowly he was gaining a small group of friends within the circle I was damned to partake in. Jessica and Mike were the first of course. They were the social butterfly couple. And with everyday came more affection from the picture perfect couple. This seemed to make Andy uncomfortable. Every time we sat at the lunch table the two would get a little overzealous with their kissing and cuddling. Andy would look away completely uncomfortable.

It turned out that Biology was the one and only class that I shared with him. Yet I was never given the chance to speak to him. He always arrived to class in the nick of time, or a few sparing seconds late. Mr. Brown never took notice. But I did. Though I was on the look out for him, I wasn’t expecting the scent no matter what time he arrived. No matter whether I saw his coming or not. The moment it washed over me I felt my entire body relax and then tense seconds after.

I could always picture Edward perfectly. It was a scent very close to his, yet completely the opposite.

No wonder I’m suffering migraines.

My head stuffed beneath the pillow I tried to drowned out all sound. From the simple dripping of my leaking faucet. Or the clatter that Charlie’s boots made as he paced downstairs‘, the rustling of the leaves, or the simple rub of fabric from my clothes. Though I prayed for sleep to overtake me, it never did.

I am destined to suffer? Do I deserve this, just for trying to steal the perfect man from his eternity as a bachelor?

Groaning I rolled over to stare at the wall. The sun light was beaming through my eyelids with a nauseating orange glow. It was then that I birthed a fantasy that had immerged from the depths of my imagination. A fantasy that Edward returned. Begging me to take him back, to forgive him for being so selfish and stupid. I take him back of course.

Finally sleep took over my throbbing head and my fantasy continued.

His fingertips grazed my skin, cool and gentle as we stood in each others arms. The sun beamed down on his glittery skin, and glowed against mine. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing every inch of his skin that I could find. From the tips of his slender fingers, to the edges of his hairline. He was mine, and he was never going to leave again.

“ I love you.” I whispered. Kissing the tip of his nose. “ Never leave me again.”

“ Never.” He agreed. His crooked smile moving tenderly over his perfect full lips. His fingers swept away a stray piece of hair and tucked it behind my ear so gingerly.

“ I will always be with you.”

Suddenly I was no longer taking part in the dream, and was more of a audience. I watched as the scenery changed from our meadow to a place dark and cold. A place where the air was thick of mold.

“ Edward?” I called out into the darkness. My luminescent skin glowing in the moonlight that peered in through a half open window. “ Edward? Where are you?”

Anthony came out of the shadows and stood at my side. He kissed me.

I may have hurled over in spastic dry heaves if I wasn’t so transfixed on the close proximity of our faces, the low whispering and the quickly moving lips. Our eyes were transfixed on something that I couldn’t make out, lying in a heap against the far wall, deep in the shadows. What I could see, was the looks of horror on our faces.

Flowing dark capes fluttered into the picture, the hoods hanging over the faces precisely enough that all I could see was the outline of a jaw and lips. Thin papery white skin covered them. So easily broken to the touch it seemed. We cowered together the moment they appeared.

The leader cackled. Holding his hand out to us to continue forward, we looked wearily toward the figure against the far wall. Twitching and growling at us, even lunging at points. Anthony looked to me his eyes suddenly filled with a pain so deep, but a fear much deeper. He took my hands and kissed my open palms. The moment that his eyes locked with mine he shoved me backwards into the clutches of the hooded figures. I cried out to him, yet all he could do was give me a weak smile.

“ You can’t protect me anymore Bella.” He walked towards the creature.

“ NO!”

Rolling off of the bed I felt my side bitterly make contact with the hard edge of my nightstand.

“ Damn it!” Clutching my side I felt it begin to pulsate at my hip bone.

It was hard to give the pain any attention when I had a dream so disturbing lingering in the cark corners of my mind. As I got dressed and did my morning routine as usual I was consumed by Anthony. His strange connection to Edward, and how he may be possibly involved in the vampire world. Nothing made sense. Hell, Anthony didn’t make sense. Why of all places would he end up here, in Forks, where they were, and where I was.

When I had finally made it to Biology lab room I saw Anthony seated next to the window. Peering out through the blinds, he seemed to be taking in the environment, still analyzing it. It took all of my courage, but I found a way to get my feet to carry me over there. His terrified face replaying over and over in my head. And a kiss I didn’t understand. A kiss I didn’t want.

“ Is this seat taken?” I asked swiveling the chair with his bag in it. He turned abruptly, surprised by my presence.

His face fell. “ What does the bag usually mean if it’s sitting in a usually empty chair?” He sneered, his eyes never leaving mine.

I was appalled. “ That its taken.” I retorted.

“ Or that I don’t want anyone to sit next to me. Especially people who treat me like crap.”

“ I don’t recall treating you in any specific way-”

“ Oh. So that’s just how you look at people? Like your going to kill them? What the hell did I do anyways? Did I breathe to hard, do I smell a little ripe?” He was throwing things at me left and right, and I was suddenly reminded of the rejection that I felt when Edward had shoved me away, for my own safety.

I grimaced. “ I’m sorry.” Biting my lips nervously, his fierce gaze never left me. “ Would you let me sit next to you to make up for my bitch like tendencies? Please?”

He looked away, his eyebrows knit together with consideration. Slowly he slid his arm from his lap and lifted his bag from the seat. “ Only if you tell me what I did wrong.”

I sat down beside him, scooting my seat as far away as possible. I hated feeling like Edward, keeping my distance from a complete stranger, because I was afraid of who I was, or dreams that most likely meant nothing. I smiled warmly at Anthony. And I did something shocking. I told him the truth.

“ You remind me of my boyfriend.” I shot out. His eyes widened at me in response. “ Ex-boyfriend actually. You’re the spitting image of him, and it frightened me. Nothing personal, really.”

“ Oh.” Was all he said. We stayed silent for a few moments until he turned towards me hesitantly. “ What was his name? If you don’t mind me asking?”

“ Edward Cullen.”

“….oh.” Was all he said. Seconds later the teacher entered and began his lecture, whilst handing out sheets for our lab.

Of course he had heard something about the Cullen family. It wasn’t the type of family that people forget in six months time. It was a family, who’s beauty would haunt them forever. Their perfection, and their flawless movement. Every moment they saw something graceful, they would compare it to the Cullen’s movements. He had probably overheard the many conversations about them.

“ These are sheep eyes.” Mr. Brown announced.

I was nearly knocked out of my chair when he flopped the tray down in front of me. He didn’t stop and continued to pass out the trays. Each individual grimacing at the site, some even prodding them with their pencil, until Mr. Brown came behind them and smacked their hand with a ruler.

Motionless, I sat in my seat. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever laid my eyes on. I saw as Anthony’s sun kissed skin leaned over me and grabbed the pair of gloves I had overlooked on the edge of the table. I took in a heavy whiff of him. He was sweet, so sweet. But the bone structure of his hands seemed so strange with color.

“ Are you going to touch it?” I asked.

He laughed. “ This is nothing compared to what I had seen in the Amazon.” His eyes flickered as I stared back at him.

“ The Amazon!” I whispered loudly. He nodded.

Taking the tweezers in one hand, he poked the side of the fat enclosed eye ball. With a grimace at the squish sound he kept his smile in tact. I, on the other hand, held back my own up chuck. My cheeks puffed out, and I turned my direction directly on him.

“ I told you that my father practically takes me everywhere with him.” He paused, probably noticing the green tint to my face, my entire body rotated, flush against the back of my chair as the fishy smell hit me ten fold. “ Just keep looking at me. I’ll relay what’s going on. Kay?”

I nodded dumbly. His eyes fixated on the sheep eye as Mr. Brown circulated the room, checking on the labs like a hawk. He came to our table and looked from me to Anthony with amusement. He chuckled and shook his head, walking away with a smurk planted on his lips. I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

Anthony told me what he observed while I had the clipboard in my lap, writing the answers as he went. He was thorough, but spared me the gory details. I was surprised that he was working with me so diligently. But I was even more surprised by his intelligence. It shouldn’t have though. He had traveled across the world with his father and mother, almost to every continent. Trying to down play it, he laughed as I ogled him again, after he informed me that he had been to the arctic.

“ It was breathtaking and everything. But-” He stopped and then looked towards me, the awkwardness, the painful shy exterior thin as plastic wrap. “-Trust me, after traveling all your life, sometimes you just want to stop, and stay in the same place for a little longer than a year.”

I watched in dismay as his face drooped slightly, his eyes moving away from me. He looked out the window. “ We’re done.”

“ What?” I snapped. I was breathless. His spooky green eyes deserted me, leaving me feeling cool and bottomless. “ Done? What did I say wrong?”

All I could see was the corners of his lips as he smirked. “ The assignment.”

My lips formed into an ‘O’ as I looked out the window as well. We both sat like that for a few moments as the rest of the class continued with their assignment, talking loudly amongst themselves. I figured this was my best chance to ask questions, and pry relentlessly at his unspoken ancestry.

“ So, Anthony.” I tapped his shoulder. He turned, his eyes watching as Mr. Brown leaned over and picked up the tray with the sheep eye. I let out a heavy sigh, turning myself back towards the lab, finally being able to lean on it. His eyes then rested on me.

“ The story you were telling the other day in the cafeteria… It sounded interesting.”

He shrugged. “ It’s just my family history.”

“ An intriguing one.” I corrected. He just stared at me. Cocking an eyebrow my way I chuckled. “ What it was! You think you could tell me more? It’s not like there is any else better to do.” I pointed towards the clear lab table.

He nodded in agreement and smiled at me. He readied himself on the edge of his seat and I took in his enthusiasm. He was a natural story teller. Smiling at me he waited until I was situated, with my body turned towards him, my hands in my lap, and my eyes locked with his.

“ Okay. It all started with my Great, Great Grandfather. Gerard Masen. He grew up in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, with a rich family and a well established reputation as well. Back then he was bringing in about $10,000 a year. Which in that time, was a good amount of money. More than good really! But on that note he was bored. So he took it upon himself and set out to god knows where. And while there he met my great, great grandmother, Samantha Baker. But even after settling down with her and having two boys and three girls, she couldn’t quiet the wild spirit in him. He started to take the boys with him everywhere he went, and soon his two sons were doing exactly as their father did. His two sons were Edward Anthony and Fitzwilliam.” He paused. Searching for something in my blank expression. “ I know that yesterday I said his name was Anthony, I thought that I would clarify that I call him Anthony. Its so I can easily distinguish between him and his son.”

My heart tightened within the close confinements of my rib cage. Biting my lip I nodded, wondering if I could handle this. Hearing about Edward and his life before me. But I insisted that he continue. He obliged of course.

“ Fitzwilliam was a lot like his father. No woman could quiet the wild child within him. He left his wife and children at home, and traveled with his younger brother Anthony. Soon enough Anthony met Elizabeth. Not long after they met they married of course and then gave birth to Edward Anthony Masen Junior.” I gasped. He eyed me strangely for a moment, his mouth bloating towards the words of stopping his story in fear that I was getting bored, or something ridiculous.

“ No please. Don’t stop. I’m sorry… I saw a… squirrel out the window. On the ledge. It startled me.” I could have thrown myself in front of a truck for my pathetic quick thinking. He rolled his eyes, but still continued. I don’t think he could really stop himself. The way his fingers were twitching as he told the story, like a child reading himself for the piñata to explode with candy.

“ Weirdo.” He sang. Then taking a deep breath he started again. Without a pause, or a moments re-evaluation he picked up exactly where he left off. “ After about three years, Fitz was itching to go on another adventure with his brother. He was getting older, and he knew soon enough he wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. Anthony was more than cautious about excepting the proposal. Upon the permission of his wife, he set off with Fitz and they journeyed somewhere they considered the center of the earth.” His brow furrowed, causing the skin between them to pucker.

“ This is where I had to look into things myself, and through Fitz’s journals. He wouldn’t name where they went, in case an archeologist, much like himself, would get the hint and go there. Fitz was not only very greedy about his findings. He was also very paranoid. So while they were wherever they were, they found themselves in a cave, that went hundreds of feet under ground. Yet they could hear water and the air was as light as it was at the surface. Whatever they found though, wasn’t good. Fitz never mentioned it in his journals again. Except that he wanted to go back, and study this thing, that he made sound alive, but he wouldn’t do without Anthony. His brother refused. Said he wanted nothing to do with that world again. That what they found wasn’t meant to be found. He was afraid that he would bring their bad fortune upon his son. So on that note Fitz and Anthony didn’t speak again. The next time that Fitz saw Anthony was his funeral. Anthony, his wife, and his son Edward had all died in Chicago in 1918, during the Spanish influenza outbreak. And that isn’t the sad part.”

I wanted to scream. That wasn’t the sad part! The love of my life died at seventeen years old, alone, and orphaned! And that wasn’t the sad part.!?

“ The sad part was when Edward walked back into the families lives. He stayed far away from everyone at the funeral. Said his peace to his father and mother, and then left without a word to anyone. Even Fitz. Fitz was ready to take Edward into his home and give him a family again. Upon approaching Edward though, Fitz saw something. Something that terrified him. Was Edward a zombie? The devil himself? I don’t know. But he wasn’t normal anymore. He was white as this sheet of paper. “ He held up our assignment sheet as a example. This is something I already knew, but hearing it from someone else’s take, was painful. I could only imagine how Edward was feeling. Confused, lost, starved with thirst. “ And his eyes.. He managed to convey they with his hat when he had walked in, but his eyes were a bright crimson. As deep and as vibrant as blood.” “ Fitz wondered if it was the curse of his findings coming to get him. That they took Anthony and Elizabeth. And embraced Edward. Soon after though it was becoming more and more apparent that the Masen born women were all infertile. None were able to have a child. And soon the Masen woman were completely shunned upon. The only thing women were really good for to men, not saying that I agree, was to have a family with. To this day though, not a single Masen born female has been able to have children.”

My jaw was slack. The whites of my knuckles threatening to break through my skin as my fingers dug into the chair beneath me. I was trying to take in everything that he had just told me. To breathe even. But I couldn’t. The bell rang and Andy swiftly threw his bag over his shoulder.

“ I’ll finish the story on Monday next week.” He reassured me. “ Oh an by the way. Please don’t call me Anthony.”

I tried to smile. “ Okay. Promise you’ll continue?”

He nodded and exited the class clumsily with everyone else. I didn’t move. I didn’t breathe. I couldn’t have imagined my reaction to know about Edward’s past. But I hadn’t expected to feel so much hurt.

For Edward.