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Tearing Me Apart

Emily/Sam/Leah multi-chaptered fic. Set post-BD, Sam decides to find some of those acquaintances of Carlisle's and take them down. He has a new lead on the human killers, and goes on a three-week trip to get to them. Who does he elect to bring with him? The one pack member who has nothing to loose. Anymore. Leah Clearwater runs with him in dead silence, until one day she breaks down and reveals the truth. He finds he has a choice to make... again.

So... my first multi-chaptered Sam/Leah. all the others have been one-shots. and this one may actually have a happy ending. Spoilers for BD. Adult for Leah's naughty words and possibly some innuendo in later chapters.

14. Chapter 14

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She sighs heavily and rests her head in her hand. “Leah, I’d like to talk to Sam. If you could…”

Clearly, she’s a little uncomfortable with saying ‘turn into a giant wolf and think into his brain.’

“Yeah, okay.” I nod and stand. I don’t really want to spend one more minute here than is necessary. It’s not the most comfortable conversation I’ve ever had.

I push the door open, run around the nauseatingly adorable yellow house, and get to the back of Sam’s house. In the conveniently placed woods, I take the jeans and green tank (not ruining my first set of new clothes in two weeks, thank you very much) off and phase.

Sam’s voice is in my head immediately.

Lee-Lee? How did it go?

Um, as well, I guess, as can be expected. I toss my head, though I know he’s too far away to see, relishing the swish of wind in my fur. But she’s not giving up quite this easily.

He sighs heavily. And there’s nothing more that you can do?

I didn’t say that. She wants to talk to you.

Oh. He freezes, and starts to think. It’s not directed at me, not conversational, but I can hear it perfectly clearly. What can I do? Can I do this? I owe it to Leah, I know it, since she did this for me…

Shit! You weren’t supposed to see that!

I’m not that stupid, Lee. And I can read your mind. Yeah, I don’t think it’s fair to give up now. You did it, for me, and I ought to do the same for myself.

I smile. It looks incredibly grotesque on the wolf’s lips, but he can’t see me anyway, so who cares. Thank you, Sam. The words are heavy in my mind.

It’s not like you’re the only one benefiting, Leah. If we can do this… If I can get free… he pauses, hesitates. Well, trust me. I will come back to you.

It’s the Alpha voice again, the calm and self-assured injunction, like he knows he will be obeyed, even if he’s only commanding himself.

I don’t think I believe that.

He sighs heavily, but doesn’t argue. I think he knows that’s incredibly pointless. I won’t disagree, but I’m not giving up on you, on everything I’ve ever wanted.

Well, we’ll see, won’t we?

He laughs. That we will.

Coming? I ask, turning back towards the house.

Yeah. Sure.

I phase back and dress. Sam comes dashing out of the woods in wolf form a few scarce minutes later. I grin at him, and he snorts. It should be terrifying, but it’s closer to funny. I recognize the expression on his face, even though it’s not recognizable as his face.

He phases, shimmering as his form changes. He’s smiling when he turns to look at me, as he quickly pulls on his pants and then takes my hand.

“Um, maybe… you shouldn’t do that. Emily, you know.”

“Oh, right.” He nods and then drops my hand.

I try to avoid feeling mildly disappointed. “C’mon.”

He follows me while I pull him towards his own house. It’s a little weird to be doing this, kind of backwards. After all, he’s supposed to belong here. Does he?

“Emily?” he calls out when we walk into the house. She runs to meet us, her face lighting up as soon as she meets his eyes.

I look at him.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

There’s an identical, too-familiar look in his eyes. A look of worshipful adoration, a look that breaks my heart all over again.