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NM Alternate Ending

It's page 449 of the hard-back version of New Moon. Bella is running across the plaza in Italy. She has to get to Edward before the clock chimes. Before the Volturi do. His life depends on it. This time Bella stumbles and doesn't get there in time. What will happen to Edward now? Will Alice make it out of Volterra and keep her promise to Jasper? Will Bella be able to survive, thinking she's failed... alone in Volterra?

So, you remember of course, in New Moon, Bella is running for her (and his) life toward the place where Alice saw Edward would be. It’s a race against time and she’s fighting the crowd…

2. Chapter 2

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My hours that felt like days with Lazzaro were excruciating. He did his best to make me comfortable, as though it were even possible. He tried to assure me that everything would be alright. He asked me a lot of questions, always speaking carefully and holding his hand up if he thought I was going to tell him more than he wanted to know about, the people of stone, as he had called them that first day. He seemed confused by the depth of my sorrow, by my relationship with Edward, by my coming to Volterra in the first place.

I didn’t cry anymore. I hadn’t known about this emotion that was so deep and devastating that it could render it’s bearer incapable of tears. It was beyond grief. It was beyond sorrow. It was beyond loss. It was beyond description, beyond naming.

“You must get home.” Lazzaro told me after picking up my plate of the dinner he had made for us. I hadn’t even looked at it.

“Yes.” I agreed while another wave of dread washed over me. What would Charlie do? I had deserted him when he needed me. I should have been home putting him back together. Instead I was half a world away falling apart. Broken again, this time beyond repair. Not even Jacob could make patches big enough to cover this hole. Not even Jacob could make sunshine strong enough to penetrate this dark.

“I don’t think you should travel alone,” Lazzaro walked back into the living room from his small kitchen.

“I have to.” I replied. I hoped desperately that Alice was already on her way back to her family. I hoped she would fulfill her promise to Jasper. I hoped that she would come to me in Forks and let me tell her how sorry I was. I hoped that if I escaped the Volturi, the Cullens would kill me themselves, for killing their brother. For killing their brother. For killing Edward. Edward was gone.


“Bella,” Lazzaro knelt down by my sofa and again took my hand, “have you any reason to believe that my neighbors are aware of your presence in this city?” “Neighbors” was our unspoken code for the Volturi. I wondered how much this man really knew about the Volturi, about the existence of vampires. I didn’t think I would ever find out, he seemed to think it was a dangerous topic of blunt discussion.

“No,” I answered his question. “If they know about me, they think that I’m dead. Edward thought I was dead.” I chewed on my lip.

“But I thought you came here with him?”

“No, I came with his sister, we came to stop him from-”

Lazzaro put his hand up. “I understand I think.” He assured me, “Can we find this sister?”

“No,” I took a deep breath, “hopefully she’s already on her way home. Otherwise…” I let my voice trail off.

He seemed to understand.

“Where are your parents Bella?”

“My father is at home in Washington. I live with him, and my mother,” I swallowed hard. Oh how I wanted her right now, “My mother is at her home in Florida I think.”

“They let you come to Italy alone?”

“No, they don’t know that I’m here. I left in sort of a hurry.”

Lazzaro released my hand and sat back on his heels. He looked lost in thought for a moment.

“I think it would be wise,” he spoke after a long moment, “for me to escort you back to your country. If you are alright to stay with me for a short while, we will leave as soon as I acquire a pass-port. I do not think it wise for you to go alone, even if my neighbors don’t know you’re here.”

I just nodded. Grateful for the assistance. I was vaguely aware that under different circumstances, I might have found it comforting to know another human who knew something, however little, about vampires.

“Now it is late,” Lazzaro stood up. “You will be comfortable here on my sofa?”

I glanced at the window and saw that it was getting dark. Twilight.

I nodded even though I dreaded being alone. I dreaded this, my first night in a world where Edward no longer existed.