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Would you like fries with that?

Just a little spoof like thing I thought of while at work. *At a fast food joint no less lol* I hope it will make you laugh at least. And review! I love reviews!

blank_pageLaugh and review, or hate it and review, either way please review! This is my first posted fan-fic.

1. The Bet

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“So let me get this straight,” Edward began, looking up at Emmett and Jasper’s grinning faces. “You want me to go work at a fast food restaurant for a year?!”

Emmett nodded. “Great bet don’t you think? Jasper and I doubt you could do it, it would drive you insane!” A chuckle escaped both of their lips. Edward pondered over it for a moment, rubbing his chin in thought.

“What are we playing for?” He asked, and smiled with his crooked grin.

“Well,” Jasper started, “if you win, and can stand working at some fast food joint for a whole year, Emmett and I will buy you and Bella your own island. She told us how much she enjoyed Isle Esme.” He winked and giggled at this.

“If you lose,” Emmett continued. “Then you must buy us each a shiny new Porsche. A green one for me and red for Jasper, and they must be the same make as the one you got Alice.”

“Why do you want a car like Alice’s?” Edward asked curiously.

“Because they keep stealing mine to go on joyrides,” Alice replied to his question, walking into the room. “Every single time I want to use it too!” She glared over at the two, who just smiled at her accusation.

“And an island as the prize, who’s idea was that?” Edward asked.

“It was my idea love,” Bella replied, walking up and sitting down next to him. “I think we will have even more fun with our own island. We even get to pick which one we’d like, so you better win!” She giggled, hugging him close to her.

“So you were ALL in on this?” Edward asked with annoyance, as he glared at each of them. “Well since most of you seem to think I can’t pull it off, I’ll do it! I’ll prove to you I won’t go crazy.”

“Excellent!” Alice said with a cheer. “Let’s go out and find that perfect fast food joint for you to work at! Hmmm let’s see Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Arbys… where or where should we try first?”

“You tell me oh great fortune reader,” Edward replied, annoyed by Alice’s enthusiasm.

“Of course,” she replied with a grin. “Follow me to your destiny!” Alice laughed as she headed out of the house, closely followed by the others.


It was a cloudy day outside, like usual in their small town, and Alice led the way in their run into town. “I know the perfect place to start, just don’t forget to dazzle if you need to Edward.” She said as they got near the middle of town, Wendy’s right in front of them. “Here is your destiny!” She said with enthusiasm, and opened the door, leading them all inside.

“Welcome to Wendy’s, what can I get for you today?” An eager young blonde said with a huge grin as she hurried to the cash register. It was clear she had eyes only for the men.

“Just an application for my brother here, the rest of us came for morale support.” Alice replied, and the girl smiled even wider.

“Of course, let me get you one.” She hurried into the back, and came back with paper and pen. “Here you go, just fill this out.” Edward nodded and took it from her, and led the family over to a table to sit and fill it out.