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Broken hearted

Victoria changed Bella. She now lives with a new coven 389 years later. She can tell if someone has a broken heart. She only truly has Taylor,from her coven, who can relate to her due to her heart being broken. What will happen if their past lovers came back? Ending changed!

Ending changed!

1. Chapter 1

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Broken hearted

Chapter 1

Bella’s pov

I knew it was coming I just didn’t want to believe it.

I looked out my window as the rain came pouring down.

I touched my now black hair. It matched my mood.

“Hey Emy what do you think of my new jeans?” I heard Taylor ask from her room.

I sighed and looked up at my ceiling. One time I had painted all of the Cullen’s names across it.

I looked out the window again and heard Taylor and Emily continue their in-depth discussion about their clothes.

The next morning I took my black jeans and shirt and put them on. “Hey Coco hurry up we got to get to school!” Destiny called. I snorted. Everyone called me Coco. Why I do not know.

I got up and slowly walked down the stairs.

Destiny muttered “slow poke.”

Taylor smiled at me. I attempted to smile back.