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Broken hearted

Victoria changed Bella. She now lives with a new coven 389 years later. She can tell if someone has a broken heart. She only truly has Taylor,from her coven, who can relate to her due to her heart being broken. What will happen if their past lovers came back? Ending changed!

Ending changed!

3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Okay let’s recap: “The guy at lunch. He wasn’t staring at you. He was staring at me. I know him.” Taylor sniffed.

I froze.

No. It couldn’t be.

Not him.

I felt a look of horror cover my face.

No. No. No.

Taylor looked down.

I felt a growl slip.

“No Coco, no.” She whispered.

I let another growl slip.

Next thing I knew I was being pinned down by Amy.

“Coco, you attack Justin and I will call them and tell them about the little fact we like to call being a vampire.” Amy hissed.

I was frozen in shock.

They did not just do that.

Did they?

I frowned as I plunked down by Emily.

She sighed. “Coco, get over it. I mean I know it is rude using them against you but Tay Tay does not want to attack Justin.”

I snorted. “I am afraid I do not understand that. I would want to.”

“Of course you would Coco but Tay Tay will not attack Justin.” Emily said.

I frowned and got up to go to my room.

“…. How are we going to tell her Ace?” I heard Taylor say from her room.

I slid against the wall.

“I don’t know Tay Tay! She will be crushed! You saw the way she acted when she heard about Justin.” Amy murmured.

Taylor sighed.

“I just don’t want to tell her… She would beat them both to a pulp! This is Coco we are talking about.” Destiny whispered.

I shook.


It could not be.

Not them.

After hearing their so called private conversation I curled up in a ball in my room.

Then I heard faint singing from Taylor’s room.

“I don’t wanna see… Anybody but you… I know it’s asking so much.

“I know it will be painful… I just don’t wanna see anybody but you.

“I know it will break my heart even more…

“I just don’t wanna see anybody but you…”

I smiled slightly.

Taylor had the most beautiful voice…

She also wrote her own songs.

I suddenly frowned.

Now I remembered that song.

She wrote it right after Justin left.

How could she just sing it?



Emily is singing Taylors song too.

She said she called it ‘Broken Hearted’

I must admit however…

It’s a good song.

Catchy too…

Snap out of it Bella! You have a broken heart too!

I sat down on the couch.

Time to focus on the real crises at hand.

They are back.

As much as I wanted to deny it I couldn’t, and wouldn’t.

I thought back to Taylor’s song.

I could relate to it.

I don’t want to see anybody but them.

I don’t.

I was so shocked at this realization.

I loved them.

I wanted to see them.

But, I wanted to punch them.

To show them how I felt.

For them to see how they affected me.

I wanted it so bad.

I realized I wasn’t breathing.

But I didn’t care.

All I wanted was them.

That was it.

Well… Not entirely…

I wanted them to know how I felt.

To feel my pain.

Then I burst into sobs.