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Broken hearted

Victoria changed Bella. She now lives with a new coven 389 years later. She can tell if someone has a broken heart. She only truly has Taylor,from her coven, who can relate to her due to her heart being broken. What will happen if their past lovers came back? Ending changed!

Ending changed!

4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

“Connerie! She heard us didn’t she? How the baiser did she hear us? Destiny! How could you not have heard her?” Amy cried.

I frowned slightly.

Must she say curse words in French?

It’s annoying.

“Chienne.” Taylor hissed at Destiny.

“Ok Taylor that was a little over the top.” Emily said matter-of-factly.

“Débauché.” Destiny hissed back at Taylor and Amy.

Stop!” I yelled.

Taylor frowned and crossed her arms.

“Why the enfer are we called each other French curse words?” I asked.

“Bella, we where simply discussing whose fault it is that you over heard our conversation.” Taylor pointed out.

“Arrêtez directement là la chienne, that’s un mensonge!” Destiny cried.

“Now Destiny, there is no point in using that kind of language.” I pointed out.

“Fine Bells. I will say it in English. Now stop right there b-“ Destiny said.

“No Dest. Now Taylor, there is no reason why you should be keeping the fact the Cullen’s are back from me!” I said.

“Fine brat. But when you realize how depressed you are because of Edward I shall laugh.” Taylor said.

“Okay that makes no sense.” I said.

Taylor giggled. “Your right! I don’t even know what I said!”

We all laughed.

I stopped abruptly.

How could I have forgotten?

They’re back.

Taylor’s smile faded.

I picked up my car keys and walked out the door.

Ha, ha!


I now look nothing like the Bella they knew.

I dyed my hair an even darker black.

I had millions of new skirts.

Lots of boots and tang tops!

It is impossible for them to recognize me.

I would never wear this stuff.

It’s perfect!

Taylor walked in my room.

She laughed.

“That’s unfair, I was going to do that!” she whined.

I snickered.

I heard Emily screech.

“Oh my gosh, Can I borrow that skirt!!!!”

I laughed harder.

Samantha walked into my room.

“Ooooh! Cute boots! Can I have them?” Samantha cried.

I was shocked.

Samantha didn’t like fashion.

“Are you mental?” I asked her.

She shot me a look.

“No Coco. I merely appreciate this kind of fashion” Samantha hissed.

I shrugged.

Amy came in and gave me a tiny stare down.

She was still mad.

Then I remembered.

The Cullen’s are back.

Taylor winced.

Her pain came like a shot gun.

I shook and started to run out the door.

I just ran.

When I got outside, I looked around.

The sky was too blue, the clouds too clearly defined.

The gars was too green, the tree trunks too brown, if possible in Forks.

I wonder if they saw me or if I may have glanced past them.

How could my family have seen them and not me?

Then I thought of the only place I ever wanted to be.

In Edward’s arms.

Then I shook.

Often, I would shy away from these thoughts, but today I welcomed them.

I remember the shock, like a bolt of lightning, whenever we touched.

The amazing feel whenever we kissed.

But now it’s all gone.

It was all sucked up like a vacuum cleaner.

I felt like crying.

Then, I felt it.

A wetness on my cheeks.

I reached up and swabbed it.

An animal blood tear.

Then I laughed.

Really laughed.

The first time in hundreds of years.

Then I smiled.

A real, true smile that wasn’t forced.

Not at all.

Taylor walked out and sat next to me.

That was when I realized it.

I hunched over from our pain combined.

I whimpered.

Taylor looked at me then began to back away.

Then I ran.

I ran away from Taylor.

From my family.

From the Cullen’s.

From Forks.

From Washington.

From the world.