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If I should die...

How would twilight be different if Bella had a disease and was dying before she came to Forks? Would it shake Edwards resolve to change her if he knew that they would only have a short time together.


2. First meeting

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I sat in a hard plastic chair impatiently tapping my toe. I hated hospitals, everything about them. Not that I hadn’t frequented there halls on more than 100 occasions. Charlie had wanted desperately to come with me but I had begged him to go fishing. It was Saturday after all and I was fairly used to these hospital visits.

“You must be Isabella Swan.” A beautiful voice murmured drawing me out of my revelry.

I looked up to see the most handsome doctor that I had ever seen, my mouth hung open in shock. It was no wonder the receptionist giggled a little when I came for my appointment.

“Bella” I corrected snapping my jaw shut, “You must be Dr. Cullen.”

I jumped out my seat teeter slightly before shaking his outstretched hand. His touch threw me a little since his hand was very cold but I tried to hide my reaction.

“Well come in” He said ushering me into his office.

As quickly as possible, I ran through my whole story. He stared at me stunned for a few minutes.

“I have received you files from you previous doctors. I just wish that there was more I could do.” he said frustration evident in his voice.

“You’re doing plenty, Dr. Cullen. I know I’m a hard case to take on.” I smiled, sheepishly.

“Not at all.” He muttered smiling, “I will do everything I can to help you in any way.”

“Thanks so much. You really don’t know how relieving that is. I don’t think that my father really understands all this at all and for you not to question it.” I whispered, gratefully. “Well that is really nice. Thank You.”

“Privacy is very important to us all. I can understand that.” He stated with a shocking beautiful smile, “I will do everything I can to make your time as comfortable as possible.”

My face lit up with a genuine smile as he got up and I followed him to the door.

“Here is my card. If any of your symptoms get worse do not hesitate, in any way, to call me anytime. And I mean any time Bella, 24 hours a day. ” He whispered opening the door and ushering us out into the hall.

“Thanks” I whispered, turning the card over in my hand.

“It was nice to meet you.” I smiled shaking his hand again before turning quickly and walking down the hall.


My first morning at Forks High School went better than I had expected. Of course people starred, brave ones even introduced themselves and asked questions. One such student, Jessica, I was following through the lunch line as she chatted. I grabbed a bottle of lemonade and followed her to her seat.

As I sat there trying to avoid the stares of the other students, I saw them. They were sitting at a table to themselves not looking at anyone or eating. I stared. I couldn’t really stop myself, they were all impossibly beautiful. Suspiciously, they reminded me of the doctor.

“Who are they?” I asked unable to curb my awe.

Jessica followed my stare and giggled.

“Those are the Cullen’s and Hale's.” She giggled.

I panicked, I can’t say it was rational, but all the same my stomach started to flip. They couldn’t be related to the doctor could they? I mean the pale skin and the perfect features were similar but still he could be no more than 30!

As I pondered this the beautiful bronze haired boy met my gaze. His gaze held no pity or remorse just an odd look, maybe frustration. Instantly, my stomach calmed.

“They’re not related to Dr. Cullen. Are they?” I asked unable to hide my curiosity.

“You know Dr. Cullen?” Jessica asked, shock and curiosity flashing in her face. She was definitely fishing for gossip.

“No not really.” I muttered, flushing. I should have kept my mouth shut.

Jessica seemed like she wanted to question me further but my look must have stopped her.

“Yeah." Alice, Emmett and Edward are his adopted children. Rosalie and Jasper are foster children.”

“Oh.” I said, trying to sound casual. “He can’t be that old, that’s really nice that he takes care of all those children.”

Not really surprising though he had seemed like such a kind man when I had met him. But I was not going to give her anymore fuel for questions.

“I guess.” But I could tell she didn’t agree. “There strange though, they never talk to anyone and there all together,ya know.”

It seemed as if she was determined to find a flaw in them just because they were different. This instantly sparked my temper.

“Sometimes people just want to be left alone.” I whispered, inaudibly too much of a coward to say it aloud. I looked away from her then only to find the bronze haired boy staring at me curiously once more. I flushed looking at the table, it seemed like he had heard me but that was impossible.

“Which on is the one with bronze hair?” I asked, instantly.

“Oh that’s Edward. He’s gorgeous of course, but he doesn’t date.” She muttered giving me a knowing look.

Not like dating was on my agenda but I still had to wonder when he had told her no. I bite my lip to control the smile as I glanced at the Cullen table again. Edward wasn’t starring at me anymore so I looked back to Jessica.

But I couldn’t rejoin the lunchtime conversation; I started wishing for the day to be over. My head ached and I was exhausted. Thankfully, though Biology would be my last class. Dr. Cullen had gotten me out of Gym since balls flying at my head were bad, like they were really that good under normal circumstances.

Finally the bell rang; I filed out behind all the other students toward the Biology building. I let out a sigh as I walked in the door only to stop dead. Sitting in the only available desk was Edward Cullen.

I’m not sure which of the fates I had pissed off in my life but I was sure it was one of them. Oh well what are you going to do? Not much, I thought glumly walking to the teacher then towards my seat.

I chanced a glance at Edward as I took my seat and he was glaring at me with cold black eyes. This reaction shocked me. I flushed quickly hiding myself in my hair.

He must know after all. That was the only explanation that made sense. But still to be that mad that he had to sit next to me. From experience I knew that some people were extremely uncomfortable around the terminally ill but to look as if he hated me. It’s not like I was contagious or anything.

Throughout the hour, I chanced glances through my hair to see if he relaxed but he never did. I couldn’t control the anger as it well up in me. This was just childish.

I couldn’t stop myself when I whispered through clenched teeth, “I’m not contagious.” But the hurt was very evident in my voice.

His arm relaxed slightly then. But I never chanced a look at his face, for I could feel tears stinging my eyes. His rejection hurt me more than it should. I didn’t have a chance to understand this as the bell rang and I bolted from the class.

I stumbled quickly out to my truck nearly colliding with a bench in the walkway. Finally, I got in slamming the door and jabbing the key in the ignition. Nothing happened.

“Are you kidding me?” I questioned glaring up at the sky.

Sighing, I closed my eyes laying my head against the steering wheel. I let myself wallow in self pity for a few seconds before pushing it aside. It wasn’t going to help me out of my current situation. Determined, I lifted my head thinking of my options. I could walk home, which I so did not want to do, or I could call Charlie (not really that great of an option either).

I opened my eyes weighing which option actually sucked less then I saw him. Edward Cullen was leaning against the office building looking in my direction, torn. I looked quickly away, hurt and anger welling up in me.

I wanted to walk over there and tell him off. But, the coward that I was I would not do that nor would I walk past him to call Charlie. So I guess I was walking home after all.

I reached to grab the handle of my truck when another figure with short spiky black hair danced graceful up to him. I watched their silent discussion through the rain streaked window until Edward abruptly stalked to the parking lot and left.

The slight girl turned in my direction, glancing at me with unfocused black eyes. She shook her head before gliding towards my truck. I opened the door getting out as she reached me.

She stopped right in front of me smiling beautifully.

“Hi, I’m Alice Cullen. Do you need some help?” She asked sweetly.

I stared at her questioningly; at least she had no problem with me.

“Bella, Bella Swan.” I stuttered, flushing, “No. Not really, my truck won’t start. I’m just going to walk home.”

“Do you really think that’s best?” she asked knowingly.

I looked down at her waiting for the pity but it never came. She just continued to smile at me. Then I wondered if I should be mad at the doctor but that wouldn’t help so I asked, “Do you all know then?”

“Yes.” She answered before explaining, “My brother overheard a conversation on the phone about a new student he was treating. With a town this small it wasn’t very hard to figure out.”

“Oh.” So it wasn’t the doctor’s fault after all.

“We wouldn’t say anything.” She reassured, watching the emotions run across my face.

I couldn’t help but believe her. Honesty radiated from every surface of her face.

“Thanks.” I muttered then promised, “I won’t be here long.”

“You worry too much.” She stated smiling, “I want you here. I think you might just make our lives very interesting.”

I laughed at her curiously. She just smiled wider taking my hand, “Come on let’s get you home.”