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If I should die...

How would twilight be different if Bella had a disease and was dying before she came to Forks? Would it shake Edwards resolve to change her if he knew that they would only have a short time together.


3. Meeting with Alice

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Edward Cullen never returned to school. I sat in my Biology class on Friday wondering about this for maybe the millionth time. The first few days, I had been relieved to find that he wasn’t there. But, after that I began to feel very guilty for having driven him away. I knew that it wasn’t healthy and I should just let it go but I couldn’t. Why couldn’t I just let it go? I wondered in frustration. It’s not as if it was my fault, really. But in a way it was. If I hadn’t lost my temper and just let his strange behavior go then he might have not stalked off that day.

“Isabella” Mr. Banner said pulling me back to the present. Surprisingly, he was standing right in front of me. I really should have been paying attention. What had I missed?

“Yes? I asked flushing in my embarrassment.

“I wanted to talk to you about the field trip on Monday. Since Edward hasn’t returned and his sister was unsure of when he would be coming back. I was thinking that I would pair you with Mike and Angela.” He stated smiling, pointing to the blond boy, that Jessica had a huge crush on, and the sweet shy girl that sat with us at lunch.

I looked at them, tentatively. Mike smiled broadly back at me. Evidently, he was very happy about me joining his group. Angela just smiled shyly, nodding in encouragement. I smiled back at them before turning back to Mr. Banner.

“That will be fine with me, Mr. Banner.” I said.

He smiled back then turned and walked away. I paid strict attention to rest of the lecture as Mr. Banner discussed our field trip to the Olympic National Forrest to get plant specimens for our cellular anatomy study.

Mike caught up with me as soon as the bell rang. He smiled at me widely, his whole face lit up in excitement.

“I’m really glad that you’re going to be joining our group.” Mike stated taking grabbing my bag before I could.

“Thanks.” I muttered.

Though, I had only met Mike a few times. I had never really talked to him. All of the girls seemed to be head over heels for him and since I did not want to give him the wrong impression. I had kept my conversations with him to a minimum.

“It should be really fun, ya know.” He said, excitedly. “A whole day out of school, where all we have to do is hike.”

“Yeah, a blast.” I lied wondering how many near death experiences one person could have in a day. Well considering, it would be me walking around in the forest, I guess the number was infinite. Hopefully, I didn’t get lost.

Mike didn’t seem to catch on however. He just smiled even wider before saying enthusiastically, “Well I gotta go to gym. I’ll see you Monday.”

“See you then.” I smiled taking my bag as he handed it back to me outside the cafeteria.

I turned away, carefully making my way to the bench. It wasn’t raining today so I could wait for Charlie here instead of the office. Despite the cold, it was better than sitting in the office where Mrs. Cope felt the need to chat with me.

I tried to brush off what rain I could on the bench, knowing despite my effort the bench would be wet. Sighing, I sat down on the bench shivering as the damp cold seeped through my raincoat. I pulled my knees against my chest wrapping my arms around me laying my head down. Hoping, I could retain all my body heat.

I tried to focus on my breathing, so that I wouldn’t feel the need to think but it didn’t work. My mind wandered from Renee’s desperate phone call yesterday to my nagging need to make things right with Edward Cullen. I squeezed my eyes closed tighter, biting my bottom lip, trying to the fight the headache that was steadily gaining strength.

“Bella.” A musical voice whispered fairly close to me.

I jumped a little turning my head. Alice was standing right next to me. I stared at her confused; I hadn’t even heard her approach.

She smiled brilliantly down at me.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you.” She stated frowning a little reading my expression.

“No, I just didn’t here you.” I muttered quickly then asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

“Yes, but I’m using the bathroom.” She explained shaking the large wooden hall pass dangling gaudily from her delicate wrist.

“I see.” I laughed wonderingly. Only Alice and her family could make a gaudy hall pass look like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Her beautiful face shined with laughter as she sat down next to me on the bench.

“No really, I wanted to talk to you.” She explained sobering my immediately.

Alice hadn’t really talked to me since that first day beyond a smile and a wave in the hall. A few times in the cafeteria, I had thought she wanted to approach me but she never did. So if she was seeking me out, it must be important.

“What do you need, Alice?” I asked hesitantly, not allowing myself to think further.

“Edward is coming back to school on Monday.” She whispered watching me intently.

“Oh.” I mumbled as my stomach coiled in to a tangle of knots.

She smiled at me understandingly, as I saw my horrified expression in her wide orb like gold eyes.

“It won’t be as bad as you think, Bella. Well I don’t think it will be anyway.” She stated seeming frustrated about something.

“Well that’s reassuring.” I muttered heavy on the sarcasm.

She laughed putting her delicate arm around my shoulders.

“You really do worry too much, Bella.” She sighed but the gesture was still comforting.

“Your brother really doesn’t like me.” That was probably an understatement.

“He doesn’t know you.” She explained squeezing me gently.

“Like that will make all the difference.” I blurted out doubtfully.

“Yes.” She stated as if this was a solid fact.

I looked at her questioningly; she beamed back at me like I wasn’t in on an important secret.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” I muttered trying to read her face.

“It will or at least I hope it will. I really like you, Bella.” Again that slight frustration in her features.

“I like you too.” I whispered, still confused. “But, you kind of talk in circles.”

“I know.” She sighed looking away from me.

Just then something occurred to me and I could feel the horrified look creep back into my features.

“Alice, we have the field trip on Monday.” I whispered sounding slightly breathless.

My face felt all hot and my palms were sweating slightly, I looked down biting my lip. If he was coming back on Monday then he would be my partner for the field trip. It would be bad enough to embarrass myself in front of the entire school but with Edward there, who already didn’t like me that would be beyond the seventh circle of hell.

Would I really submit myself to that kind of torture? I questioned as Alice stared at me knowingly.

“Don’t worry.” Alice whispered, soothingly. “It will be fine. I know it will.”

“If you think so.” Doubt evident in every word.

“Well I should go and Charlie’s here.” Alice said suddenly, causing me to look up. Just then Charlie pulled into the drive. I looked at her surprised but she only smiled before adding, “And don’t you even think about skipping out on Monday.”

Her voice was so full of authority; I could only stare at her further. Alice Cullen was definitely different in some way, truthfully from what I had observed in my short time, they all were. But in what way? I wondered wanting to ponder this further but Charlie stepped out of the cruiser.

“I’ll see you, Monday.” Alice said hugging me lightly before flitting quickly away.

I stared open mouthed back at her as Charlie got to me and took my bag.

“How was your day?” Charlie asked ushering me back to the cruiser.

“Interesting.” I said, my voice vavering slightly.

That didn’t even cut it.