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If I should die...

How would twilight be different if Bella had a disease and was dying before she came to Forks? Would it shake Edwards resolve to change her if he knew that they would only have a short time together.


6. Chapter 6

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I vaguely remembered the next few hours as I was loaded into the ambulance with Alice at my side and taken to the hospital. I drifted in and out as I was taken for CAT scans and X-rays. Charlie was currently trying to find something to eat when I faintly heard someone walk into the room.

“Bella.” A soft warm velvety voice whispered claiming my scattered attention.

I blinked focusing on the beautiful blond doctor standing over me with a slight smile on his full lips. I smiled back before whispering, “Hello, Dr. Cullen.”

“So how are you feeling?” Dr. Cullen asked lightly probing my head with his cool fingers. His cold touch felt nice on my warm head, soothing in a way.

“I’m fine.” I sighed laying my head back ready to sink into my previous oblivion as Dr. Cullen flipped through my chart.

“Well as I am sure you know. You have a concussion and a broken wrist. Your right ankle is severely sprained and you will have to be on crutches for a few weeks. All the rest is just minor bruising. Your ribs and back will probably be very tender for at least the rest of the week but other than that you should be fine.” He said smiling looking up from my chart.

“So I can go home?” I asked longingly not wanting to be in the hospital any longer than possibly necessary.

Dr. Cullen surveyed me with a slightly devious expression, tipping his head to the side as he looked around the room.

“Sorry but no. You’re going to have to say over night. And there is something that I would like to talk to you about while your father is out of the room.” He stated his golden eyes penetrating mine.

I stared up at him as my heart lodged in my throat. I bit down on my lip fighting panic as a faint ringing sounded in my ears.

“What’s wrong Dr. Cullen?” I asked my voice wavering breathlessly.

“Well, it would seem that you have not been honest with me Bella. I told you to notify me immediately if your prior symptoms were getting any worse and my son has informed me that you have noticed an increase in your regression.” He explained sternly making me feel like a scolded child.

“Tattletale.” I muttered flushing, my expression sullen. Dr. Cullen burst out in a musical laugh smiling brilliantly at me.

“Well I guess that confirms the Edward at least was being honest.” Dr. Cullen laughed his warm eyes twinkling.

I rolled my eyes smiling back at him before answering sullenly, “Yes, I have notice more change than I let on.”

“Well now since that is cleared up. I feel the need to inform you that is why I will be keeping you over night. I would like to run some tests while you are already in here. So that I don’t have to make you come back to my office tomorrow.” He explained his expression devious and concerned at the same time.

I sighed in defeat before muttering, “Pretty sneaky Dr. Cullen. Are you afraid that I am going to run away?”

“Call me Carlisle please Bella. And no I am not afraid that you are going to run away on me. But I have come to realize that I have to keep a very close eye on you my dear.” He laughed as I winced at the mention of very close eye.

Then he asked casually, “How is the pain? Do you need any more pain meds?”

I looked up at him laughing asking, “Would you like to comatose me?”

“No.” he muttered smiling brightly.

“Then no. I am completely comfortable.” I stated smiling reflecting on the fact that I was in no pain whatsoever. I was sure that all the pain meds were actually taking their toll on my internal filter from my thoughts to my mouth. I was certain that I was acting fairly loopy and much less inhibited than I would be normally.

He smiled at me turning to leave when something occurred to me and I asked, “Is it possible that we could keep the fact of why I am staying tonight from Charlie. I really don’t want him to worry anymore than necessary. I mean if the tests show anything is worse than expected I will talk to him. But for tonight could we keep it between ourselves.”

Carlisle thought this over for a few minutes his brow creasing before answering, “Bella since you are under 18 then I will have to talk with your father if your results show that your condition is worse than expected. But until we get the results I promise that I will give not indication to your father that your condition is worse than initially thought.”

I looked up at him smiling as he put him hand on the door of my room.

“Thank You.” I whispered hoping that he could hear the gratitude in my voice.

“Your very welcome, Bella.” He said smiling leaving my room.

My head felt extremely heavy so I laid it back into the pillows allowing the blackness to swallow me.

Hours later after I had finally convinced Charlie to go home and Renee not to come to Forks, I sat in my hospital room staring blankly at the figures on the TV. I was starting to feel a lot of the pain but my mind was finally working right. All I could think about was what had happened in those last few minutes before I had fainted.

It was fuzzy and couldn’t have possibly have been real but I also knew what I had seen. I had seen Alice move faster than the speed of light to get to my side before I could blink. I had seen Edward throw a bear into a tree like a rag doll. Then, as Alice, within a blink he was standing over me. In my mind I knew what I had seen however the logical part of me was wondering if I was going insane. Had it been a product of the concussion? Or was my brain just finally giving out on me as the rest of my body was?

This thought hurt my heart. My mind was the only thing I had left and now it was going too. Or was it? I questioned again for the millionth time. It was while I sat obsessing over this that I heard the door knob of my room turn. I distinctively expected the nurse but I turned toward the sound anyway.

Alice peeked her head in the door smiling brightly at me. I smiled as brightly as possible back as she danced into my room. I watched her come towards me as a faint hint of bronze caught my attention. I immediately zoned in on the color only to be pierced by the warm remorseful eyes of Edward Cullen.

I narrowed my eyes at him, my best attempt at scowling at the Adonis, before greeting him with a resounding, “Hello narc.”

Confusion filled his beautiful face as he tried to understand my comment but I turned all my attention to the glowing face laughing down at me.

As she swiped the hair out of my face giggling, she asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Fine.” I muttered as Edward repeated my comment under his breath perplexed.

Alice met my eyes with a knowing look before turning to her brother to explain, “You ratted her out Edward.”

I just starred at her questioningly trying to understand how she always knew everything but she smiled back at me as Edward whispered, “Oh.”

I looked back at him still attempting to scowl, “You know I would be out of here by now if you had not opened your big mouth.”

“I am very sorry if I upset you.” Edward whispered stopping at the foot of my bed but his expression didn’t look as repentant as I thought it should. So I focused my attention on his sister as my previous train of thought flooded back into my mind.

I stared up at Alice, a blush creeping up my face as I thought of what I needed to ask her. Taking a steadying breath I asked, “We’re friends aren’t we Alice.”

“Yes.” She whispered down at me looking a little worried by my expression. I bit down on my lip fidgeting a little as I stared down at my hands.

“Would you tell me the truth if I asked you something?” I asked unable to look up at her. She had a way of knowing things, my guess was she was psychic, but I knew that I had to ask what had happened if I was ever going to be able to retain my sanity.

She never answered my question so I was forced to look into her beautiful face, her expression was torn. I chanced a glance at Edward but his expression was completely void of all expression so I focused again on Alice, repeating my question.

She mauled over it for a few excruciating minutes her smooth forehead puckering before asking, “What do you need to ask me Bella.”

“Well when I feel down the hill, I bumped my head, which I am sure that you know. But I could swear that I saw some things that I could not have possibly seen. Now I am kinda freaking out afraid that I might be going a little crazy, so could you please explain to me how Edward and you got to me before the bear attacked.” I asked very quickly in a small voice knowing that if I explained the whole story then I would surely be taking a trip to the loony bin.

“Bella.” She whispered he beautiful eyes blank.

I turned my eyes to Edward but his expression was exactly the same. I stared between the two of them, when I realized they were wearing exactly the same expression, a mask. It was then that I knew that I was not crazy and they were going to lie to me.

Edward opened his mouth to speak to but I cut him off looking pleadingly into his eyes, “Look I am not going to tell anyone. No one would believe me anyway. But mostly because you guys have been so nice to me and not told anyone about me. And well I am pretty sick and my mind is really the only thing that I have not giving out on me. So please don’t make me believe that I am losing that too if I’m not.” I tried to retain the tears that I knew were coming as I added, “Please don’t lie to me.”

My words effected them both equally as they sucked in a painful breath looking at one another. Tears were brimming in my eyes as I looked between there two angelic faces asking almost hysterically, “Am I crazy?”

Surprisingly, Edward was the one to answer me, “You’re not crazy Bella.”

“Edward.” Alice shouted a smile forming on her lips as she stared straight at her brother.

They stared at each other silently for a few seconds before Edward burst out angrily, “Was I supposed to lie to her then.”

Alice’s face was positively glowing with excitement as she stated, “No Edward. But I can’t believe that you did.” Then she looked at me whispering, “Bravo Bella.”

Alice’s smile grew tenfold as she looked to me. I shook my head my brows furrowing as I tried to figure out there strange exchange. Then I scowled at Alice as she looked back at her brother ignoring me for a few minutes more.

“So have you realized that I am still in the room?” I asked sarcastically, unable to take the silence anymore.

Alice’s laughter was infectious as the three of us burst out laughing. I was seriously relieved that I was not going insane but at the same time I was extremely curious to figure out what the Cullen’s actually were.

Maybe superheros really did exist, I thought laughing even harder at the absurdity until my ribs were throbbing in protest.

I leaned back into my bed wrapping my arms around my stomach inconspicuously trying to sooth the ache. I was not that inconspicuous though and Edward noticed leaning a little closer to me as he whispered, “Are you alright? Do you need anything? More pain medication.”

“I’m fine.” I muttered wincing at the thought of getting any pain medication right at this moment. I needed answers not to be sleeping.

He would not quit analyzing my every movement however so I asked the first thing that popped into my head, “So are you going to tell me what you are?”

Alice laughed at me not surprised in the least by my question but Edward’s face got even paler than usual. Actually I thought that he might be sick.

“Edward will have to answer that one.” Alice laughed but the look on Edward’s face was incredulous as he stared at his sister.

“But he doesn’t even like me. Why would he answer?” I blurted out unthinkly. My eyes widen in shock as I realized what had actually come out of my mouth. My face flushed scarlet as I threw my hands over it, hoping a whole would open in the ground to swallow me.

Alice just laughed merrily as Edward whispered almost inaudibly, “That’s not true.”

My face shot out of my hands as I stared into his earnest topaz gaze. His eyes melted and smoldered piercing into mine. The strange electricity that had been between us when Edward had touched me sparked between us almost vibrating the air between out locked eyes. He was the first to look away as I could not force myself to do so but I was also slightly relieved since I would have started hyperventilating. My breath was coming erratically as I tried to calm it when I noticed Alice next to me squealing in delight, she was pouncing in place her body almost vibrating in her excitement.

“Sorry Bella. I have to go prepare Jasper.” She squealed grabbing my good hand.

I looked at her in utter confusion trying to clear my head of the strange daze that filled it so that I could try to understand Alice’s curious statement. I thought it over for a second but it still did not make sense so I asked, “For what?”

Edward groaned as she answered, “Well you’ll be riding to school with us of course.”

She kissed me quickly on the cheek squeezing my hand before bounding out of the room.

“Did I miss something?” I asked turning my attention back to Edward. He still looked slightly shaken but he met my gaze muttering, “No.”

“Is she psychic then?” I asked figuring at this point I couldn’t rule out anything unexplainable.

He smirked at me with an amused expression answering, “In a matter of speaking.”

I sighed in relief resting back into my pillows stating, “Well that explains a lot.”

He laughed at me, I wondered at the sound as his musical voice danced off the walls. I let the sound wash over me closing my eyes trying to commit it to memory. I waited for the beautiful sound to end before opening my eyes again. Edward just gazed at me his expression torn, so many undisclosed emotions churning in his light features. The longer he stared the harder it was to breath so I knew that I had to look away.

The silence stretched on as my previous curiosity outweighing my nervousness when I blurted out, “So are you going to tell me what you are?”

“Are you going to let it go?” he countered anger flashing in his eyes.

My jaw jutted as I crossed my arms in front of me, my temper flared.

“Probably not.” I said angerly.

He smirked at me as I eyed him expectantly then answered, “Well probably not then.”

We were silent as I looked away from him my temper fizzling out as quickly as it flared. I kept my arms crossed though despite the protest in my broken wrist. I tried to look anywhere but at him but my eyes were drawn to him like a plant to the sun. He sighed drawing my attention and he was pacing in front of my bed. His expression was torn like he was having some kind of internal war with himself; he ran his hand through his bronze locks sighing again.

He looked toward the door then at me as I asked, “Are you leaving?”

My heart pained at the thought of him going but I did not let it show on my face or in my eyes. I couldn’t look at him though, just incase, so I studied the blue brace on my wrist.

“I should but I don’t think I am.” He whispered very close to me and I looked up to see him sitting in the chair beside my bed.

“Oh” I muttered stupidly mesmerized by his beautiful face so close to mine.

“I need to apologize to you.” He whispered still holding my gaze.

I couldn’t think. His words meshed into one as I fought his affect on me. I tried to unlock myself from his face so that I could converse with him coherently.

“What?” I asked still unable to clear the haze but he was staring at me expectantly and I knew that I had to say something.

Thankfully he gave me a hint, his eyes went from my face to my injured body then back to my face. Like a light bulb going off it finally made sense and I laughed.

His brow furrowed as he probably thought I was crazy but his expression only made me laugh harder. He waited patiently for my fit of giggles to end.

I shook my head still smiling at him as I stated, “Edward you have nothing to be sorry about. I just fell that is not your fault.”

“But if I had not run off so ungentlemanly then you would not have fell.” He stated fiercely as though he was admitting a great flaw in his character.

“Do you realize how many broken bones I have had in my life?” I asked but he shook his head no so I continued, “10 and 5 concussions. Oh and more bruises, scrapes and stitches than a person can count. Me and walking well we don’t get along so well.”

He looked at me incredulously for a few seconds before he burst out laughing once again. I laughed with him by my ribs were really starting to ache. Abruptly, Edward jumped out of his seat looking at the door then back to me.

“Bella I have to go.” He muttered rushing to the door and leaving.

I watched him leave in awed silence as I tried for the second time that day to figure out what I had done wrong. As I sat obsessing over his strange behavior as a nurse came in pushing a tray with lots of suspicious looking vials.

I moaned audibly as she looked at my chart asking, “Are you Isabella Marie Swan. I am here to give you some pain meds and take some blood.”

“Yes.” I whispered in a little voice closing my eyes and turning my head. I let the images of the day wash through my brain as I tried to solve the puzzle that was the Cullen’s.

Then it struck me that Edward had denied that fact that he didn’t like me. I wasn’t exactly sure what that implied but the thought made me smile widely as the vile nurse stuck the needle in my arm.