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If I should die...

How would twilight be different if Bella had a disease and was dying before she came to Forks? Would it shake Edwards resolve to change her if he knew that they would only have a short time together.


7. Chapter 7

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The morning was extremely eventful. I had been escorted out of my room at least a half a dozen times for various tests that Carlisle had needed done. Then when I had finally thought I would be able to have a little piece, Charlie and the doctor had shown up towing my newest torture device, crutches. I had tried to use them at least 20 times, each time nearly face planting on the hard linoleum floor. Thankfully, Carlisle had very fast reflexes and was able to catch me each time.

Carlisle decided to give up on the thought of crutches, on my last attempt when I was finally getting the hang of it. Due to the fact the right crutch slipped crossing in front of the left causing me to tumble sideways injuring my ankle further and nearly cracking the cast they had just fit to my wrist. He left my room to find me a wheelchair, shaking his head muttering something about being hazardous to my health.

Charlie left my room shortly after, probably to explode with the laughter that I knew he had been containing as I had attempted to walk on the dangerous wooden sticks.

So here I sat on the edge of my bed my face all hot, tired, cranky and sore. I had a horrendous headache from the concussion and lack of sleep. Of course, someone had been in to wake me every hour and check my vitals.

Like it was really so easy to sleep soundly in a hospital, I thought my bad mood weighing down on me.

Finally Carlisle was able to find me a wheelchair so that Charlie could take me home. The ride home was extremely uneventful. Charlie helped me up to my room as I bounced on my good leg. I fell on my bed in exhaustion, falling immediately into a dreamless sleep.

When I woke the only things my groggy mind could comprehend was the fact my room was dark and I was in pain. I could feel every muscle in my body only because everyone felt as though they had been ripped from my bones. I moaned trying to roll onto my side but two large orbs glowed from the light on my nightstand. Unable to do anything else, I prepared to scream as a hand shot over my mouth. I tried to struggle adrenaline momentarily taking away my pain.

Suddenly my room was flooded with light as Alice Cullen’s innocent pale face smiled brightly at me. My body relaxed instantly as my heart resumed a healthier rhythm.

“What are you doing Bella? You’re going to hurt yourself struggling like that.” She chided looking down at me sternly before removing her hand.

“Are you kidding me Alice?” I gasped trying to control my erratic breathing then added, “What in the world are you doing here.”

“Well I came over after school since I figured that you were going to need some help getting around but you were sleeping so I came back and I figured that I would come up here and check on you but you were still sleeping.” She whispered sitting next to me on the bed.

I struggled to get up wincing at the pain but Alice easily righted me sliding next to me in the bed.

“Oh so why did you try to suffocate me then?” I asked still a little miffed that I had over reacted so much.

She looked at me skeptically, giggling before answering, “I wasn’t trying to suffocate you Bella but I didn’t figure you would want your father to rush to your aid because you freaked out.”

“Very funny, Alice.”I stated sarcastically only causing her to laugh harder.

The more I thought about it I realized how funny the situation really was but I was in too much pain to laugh so I just scowled at her.

“Oh come on Bella. You can’t really be mad at me; I only stopped by to help.” She stated her bottom lip jutting out into a perfect pout.

I instantly felt bad and relaxed my features whispering, “Sorry.”

She smiled at me deviously bounding off my bed as I hear her mutter something about too easy. I watched her curiously as she inspected my room; she was everywhere at once until she opened my closet door. I heard her shriek in horror as she took in my wardrobe, or lack of it would probably be a better word.

“Are these really all your clothes?” she asked instantly at my side, her face horrified.

“Yeah.” I muttered weakly unable to understand her response to my clothing.

It wasn’t really that bad, I mean sure there was not a lot there but how many pairs of jeans did a person really need. Evidently, much more than I had, I concluded as Alice sighed her expression a mix of shock and horror.

“Well, I will just have to take you shopping.” She concluded taking her seat next to me once more.

I looked at her trying to understand her as she stared back at me expectantly. I took in her whole appearance with her perfectly tailored blue top and perfect fit jeans; well of course my clothes would appear highly outdated. But, I knew that I would never be able to afford the clothes that she would want to stuff me in so I tried to think of a polite way to decline.

As always she was one step ahead of me stating in a stern no argument voice, “We’re going shopping Bella. I can’t have my best friend dressing like a pauper.”

I looked at her a little upset by her statement muttering as nicely as possible, “Alice I really don’t think I can afford…” then it occurred to me Alice had just called me her best friend.

Heartfelt tears stung my eyes as I asked, “wait did you just call me your best friend?”

I had never had a friend before let alone someone who thought of me as their best friend. She smiled at me brilliantly shaking her head before hugging me very gently whispering, “Of course.”

“But you barely even know me.” I whispered trying to squelch the excitement running through me.

“Bella.” She said staring at me, her delicate eyebrows shooting up as though I was missing something very obvious.

“Oh right. Edward told me your kinda psychic.” I whispered flushing in my embarrassment at forgetting that small fact.

“Kinda.” She muttered wagging her little eyebrows at me.

I giggled as much as my body would allow. Alice jumped lightly off the bed looking at me sternly.

“No Bella I will not tell you what your future holds. That would just ruin all my fun.” She whispered smiling as I had just made the decision to ask her.

“I didn’t ask.” I stated my mouth hanging open slightly in shock.

That was really going to take some getting used to. I wonder how the rest of her family was able to deal with it all the time. Then again they might all be psychic for all I knew. Edward definitely had something, the way he read people. As his name popped into my brain, my heart gave a little flip flop.

Alice gained my attention suddenly by asking, “Would you like help showering.”

I flushed embarrassed but then realized there was no possible way I was going to do it myself

Smiling great fully I whispered, “Yeah that would be great. Thanks.”

The rest of the night flew by as Alice and I talked, well mostly Alice, boy did that girl have some kind of energy. She told me all about her family, skimming noticeably over some parts but I didn’t question too much. I was desperately curious about all her family so I just let her tell me all she could and before I knew it I was yawning.

“I should let you sleep. You have a big day tomorrow.” Alice whispered slipping out of my bed.

“Why?” I asked my eyes narrowing suddenly nervous of her answer. I vaguely remembered her mentioning something the prior day about me riding to school with her family.

“You’re meeting the rest of us tomorrow, silly. Well except for Esme but that will come soon enough. She is so excited to meet you Bella.” Alice said her mouth running in hyper speed.

I blinked trying to comprehend all she had said my stomach jumping into my throat.

“You know that um Charlie can drive me to school. I don’t want to inconvenience you or anything” I stuttered suddenly afraid and excited to meet the rest of her family.

I knew that my apprehension was simply idiotic, since she had been nothing but nice to me but that didn’t seem to help my nerves one bit.

“Don’t be silly. We want to. Everyone is really excited to meet you.” She said smiling brightly before kissing me on the cheek and bounding out my room.

I stared after her taking deep breaths to calm my nerves. A part of me was really excited to meet the rest of them and maybe unravel the mystery but it was drowned out by my nerves. Surely, I would make a complete fool of myself. I rolled my eyes lying back in my bed thinking it would be a long night but the next thing I knew someone was gently shaking me awake. I squinted my eyes trying to understand what was going on when Alice whispered brightly, “Morning.”

In that one moment, wanted my boring, pathetic, friendless life back.

I had to admit to I was feeling much better today. My headache was controllable and my body felt sore and ache but only a little more intense then I was used to. Still I contemplated taking another day of rest. But Alice wouldn’t hear of it as she used me as a living Barbie.

I had never taken so much care in my appearance as Alice did that morning, carefully choosing clothing that was complimenting as well as concealing all my bruises. Adding little touches of cover up here and there to make sure that my face was bruise and scrape free. I was not quite sure where the makeup had come from since I didn’t own it but had come to the conclusion quickly questioning Alice got me nowhere.

When she was done she helped me to stand in front of the mirror to survey her work. I had to admit she was really good at what she did. The deep blue sweater and kaki skirt hide all my bruising and ankle brace as well as complementing my skin and my extremely thin frame. My dull brown hair was shining and radiate as it fell in soft waves down my back.

“What do you think?” Alice asked slightly nervous as I stared shocked at the person standing before me a little afraid I might be seeing things.

“I look great.” I muttered shocked by my appearance. I looked healthy and shining instead of pale, thin and sickly.

“Great.” She shouted excitedly pulling me towards the door, “Let’s feed you then it is time to go.”

Alice helped me down the stairs then sat watching my every movement as I choked down a pop tart. She was not completely happy until I had ingested the whole thing but when I offered her something she made a face muttering about eating before she left.

I was sitting waiting nervously for us to go when something occurred to me.

“Alice if they are picking us up how did you get here?” I asked staring at her intently.

“Well I could tell you but then I would have to kill you.” She teased bounding towards the door before giddily adding, “There here.”

My heart thudded in my chest as my hands went clammy, I felt like I was in the middle of a horror movie as Alice helped me to my chair grabbing my things and pushing me out the door.

As soon as my chair hit the pavement of the driveway, a silver Volvo pulled into my drive. I could feel my chair vibrate as Alice danced behind me in excitement. I swallowed audibly as Edward, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie gracefully exited the vehicle.

They glided up to me, with a grace that I could never master, to stand gloriously in front of me. Everyone but Edward smiled down at me as I tried to smile back. Edward just stared at me slightly awed causing me to look down, to make sure that I had not forgotten a vital article of clothing.

Blushing fiercely, I looked up as Alice started to introduce everyone.

“Bella, this is Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper.” Alice said stepping out from behind my chair and point to everyone as she called there name.

“Hi.” I whispered shyly surprised that my nervousness had suddenly vanished.

Emmett came towards me first smiling brightly before rumpling my hair saying, “Hey there, as the small annoying one said I’m Emmett.”

The force of him rumpling my hair slightly shocked my already battered brain but I smiled back at him thankful he had accepted me so quickly.

“Emmett you’re going to scare the poor girl.” The beautiful blond bombshell said before coming towards me extending her hand, “I’m Rosalie.”

I took her hand gingerly with my good hand shaking it. She smiled blindingly at me before turning to Alice uttering, “She’s sweet Alice but we need to take her shopping.”

I blushed further rolling my eyes as the last member of the family walked up to standing next to Alice.

“Hello Bella, I’m Jasper.” He whispered in a sweet southern drawl looking to Alice before extending his hand to me smiling.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I stated feeling strangely at ease as I shook Jaspers outstretched hand.

I had notice though during the whole exchange that Edward had not uttered a word nor had he taken his penetrating gaze from me. Alice looked at him now expectantly extending her hands like Vana White asking, “What do you think?”

I looked away from him impossibly blushing deeper but he didn’t say anything until Emmett walked over to him elbow him in the ribs. He looked at his brother scowling as Emmett boomed, “Alice asked you a question idiot.”

Edward continued to scowl at his brother before abruptly walking up behind me and pushing my chair forward. The rest of the family took this as the cue and walked towards the car.

Just as we reached the Volvo, Edward leaned down whispering in my ear, “You look absolutely beautiful.”

I was beyond words as I tried to reign in the speed of my heart and the wonderful feelings coursing though me. He is just being polite, I told myself over and over again as he stopped my chair in front of the passenger door.

I hadn’t noticed Emmett standing there until he hauled me out of my chair as I gasped in shock and place me very gently into the car.

“I could have gotten her.” Edward shouted angrily glaring at his brother.

“Oh I know.” Emmett said winking playfully at me before turning to Edward and adding, “But I think you have had enough temptation for one day.”

Edward growled as Emmett got laughingly into the back seat. Edward was in the car within seconds and we were off as I tried to understand Emmett’s strange words and the feelings that Edward brought out in me. I was extremely surprised that we all fit in the Volvo but with everyone doubled up in the back seat, it worked out fine. I knew that my father would not approve but who was I to complain.