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The Truth About Heaven

After Areana's transformation, she assumes that life will be much easier now that she can be with Jasper without having to worry about him killing her. But when things go wrong and a terrible accident almost kills a loved one, will Areana and Jasper's relationship be able to handle the strain? SEQUOL TO 'FALL FOR YOU.'

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So this is the sequol to my first fic 'Fall For You.' Hope you enjoy it :) Remember, reviews are greatly appreciated. :)

2. Chapter Two--The Death of Me

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I took to my room after we returned from hunting, the shock of the previous day’s events finally hitting me head on. I couldn’t believe that mere days ago I was myself—dealing with my brother and father’s crap, going to high school, driving my car…

My car! Oh, and I’d actually liked that one. I made a mental note to ask how it had fared; though, deep down, I knew if the crash was enough to almost kill me my car probably hadn’t done much better. I let myself wander around the Cullen’s home, slowly reaching my hand out, tracing along the wall as I walked. My walk was different; no longer clumsy or awkward. My feet moved in sure, light steps. The type of walk you expect to see on someone born to be a supermodel. I allowed myself to walk through to Carlisle’s study, uninvited.

The many paintings on the wall caught my attention. I took each one of them in, drinking in his history, and the history of this family—this family that I felt I was now a part of. Angry strokes, light strokes, a bit of shadow here, sunlight there…the pictures were coming to life in my mind, scenes playing like a movie reel as I moved from portrait to portrait. My breath caught in my throat as I stopped in front of a small photograph. Its frame was damaged, and the picture looked the same. Spots and small tears detracted from the absolute beauty within the frame.

He looked so different in this long lost memory than he did in the present. Sitting so surely atop a black beauty of a horse, his officer’s uniform gleaming in the sunlight despite the grime and wear it bore. Jasper Whitlock was scrawled in beautiful script in the lower right hand corner. I allowed my fingers to gently trace the outline of his face, his broad shoulders, the smile dancing across his lips. Was he really so different from the man I had fallen in love with?

As if on cue, I felt his presence; I didn’t need to turn around to know he was there. To love someone as deeply as I did Jasper was to always sense their presence, feel them radiating from wherever they were in the room. I kept my back to him, letting my emotions flow freely, wanting him to feel the absolute complexity of the electricity running through my body. I felt his breath on my neck, his trembling hands pushing my hair back, soft lips lightly brushing across my collar bone.

I turned to face him, allowing my fingers to lightly trace the same places I had on the photograph. I let my fingers drift down his jawline, across his lips. His breath came faster, in short spurts as my fingers lingered over his lips. I let my eyes drift up, the intensity in his eyes nearly overwhelming me. I smiled, my hands drifting down, finding his effortlessly. His expression softened as he removed one of his hands, his arm snaking around my waist as I turned back to look at the photographs and paintings lining the walls.

“You’re not much different than him, you know,” I said, gesturing to the photograph in the tattered frame. He lightly laughed, looking at the photograph of himself.

“It seems like he never existed,” he replied, sadness coloring his tone. “After a few decades it’s easy to forget who you were.” He tried to laugh it off with a joke, but I knew how much it pained him to see himself as he once was.

“Will I forget who I am?” I asked, turning to face him. He shook his head, twisting a strand of my hair around his finger.

“I wouldn’t let that happen.”

I leaned up, pressing my lips against his. His reaction startled me. Arms encircled me, lifting me up, my back quickly against the wall. His hands slid over my sides, down my legs, up to my face. He crushed his lips harder against mine, his breath coming in gasps as he forced himself closer to me than I thought possible. He pulled my legs around his waist, freeing up his arms and hands to roam across my body. A strangled cry escaped his lips as he rested his head against my neck. He slowly untangled my body from his, pulling back to stare at me, a look of utter fear piercing his eyes. His hands tangled in my hair, pulling my face to rest against his.

“I can’t ever lose you, Areana,” he whispered, still trying to catch his breathe. I gently loosened one of his hands, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“You won’t,” I said, giving his hand another squeeze.

“I love you,” he pleaded, as if petrified that I was suddenly going to vanish.

“I love you too,” I replied, giving him a quick kiss. We stood like that for a few minutes, while Jasper regained his composure. When he felt stable again, he took a few steps back, his hand still clasping mine.

“The others…?” I inquired, as we slowly walked out of Carlisle’s study, taking the stairs leisurely one at a time.

“They’re here. They were just giving you space. You’ve been through a lot in a short amount of time. They didn’t want to invade your time to…process.”

We entered the open family room, the name fitting for the scene that now greeted me. Rosalie, Alice, Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle stood in different areas of the room, looking up expectantly as I entered the room with Jasper.

“Look who I found,” he said, twirling me around once so they could all get a good look. If vampires could blush, I would be right now.

“You look beautiful,” Esme said, coming up to give me a motherly hug. I was aware that Jasper kept a tight grip on my hand as she approached me.

“Was the pain terribly intolerable?” Carlisle asked, embracing me as Esme had. I shook my head.

“No, it was…manageable,” I said, avoiding his eyes. His smile faded; he knew the pain, and he knew nothing could make it any easier.

“Guess I’ve got another little sis now,” Emmett said, bounding the length of the room to spin me around in his arms, setting me down at Jasper’s anxious glance.

“Welcome to hell,” Rosalie mumbled, taking one last look at me before storming from the room.

“Come on, babe!” Emmett yelled, shooting me an apologetic look before hurrying after her.

“I commend you, Areana,” Carlisle said, taking a few steps in my direction. “You’re taking all of this rather well. You’re acting vastly more mature than any newborn I’ve ever encountered.”

“I guess that’s my super special Cullen power,” I joked. Carlisle and Esme laughed. Esme touched my shoulder and smiled at me one last time before leaving the room. I turned to Jasper; he was lost, deep in thought about something.

“Earth to Jasper?” I said, waving my hand in front of his face. He snapped out of it, smiling as he drew me in closer.

“Sorry, I was just…thinking,” he admitted reluctantly.

“About?” I knew it was a longshot, but I had to try; my curiosity had gotten the best of me.

“About how I wish I didn’t have to pretend to be a senior in high school,” he admitted. Confusion crossed my face, prompting him to continue explaining.

“I love you, and the thought of being away from you for even a second sends me into a frenzy. I wish we didn’t have to keep up the pretense of school so I could just marry you and spend every moment of my life with you.” I glanced down, not wanting Jasper to see my confusion. Jasper wanted to marry…me? This immortal god-like being wanted to spend his life…with me? I felt incredibly insignificant in that moment, knowing that I was and would never be, good enough for him. He deserved the best the world had to offer, and I was definitely not that.

“Stop feeling this way,” he begged, leaning down so his face was level with mine. I refused to meet his eyes, for fear they would betray how truly saddened I was.

“I want you, and only you. You are the most amazing person I have ever met before, Areana. Why can’t you see it?” I shook my head, frustrated with listening to him talk about how amazing he thought I was.

“Because I’m none of that, Jasper! I’m just…I’m just me! I’m not good enough for you, and I never was. How you came to love me in the first place is a complete mystery to me!” I pulled away from his arms, pacing the floor anxiously as I bit my nails, a human habit I had obviously carried into my vampire life. Jasper sighed, massaging his temples as he took a seat in an oversized leather chair next to me.

“What’s it going to take for me to prove it to you, hmm?” he asked, watching as I paced. I threw up my hands, continuing to walk the length of the room over and over.

I felt his strong arms lift me up, carrying me over to the white sofa in the corner of the room, draping me across his lap as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“I’d planned on doing this better, pulling out all the pomp and circumstance. Until…well, I think now is the perfect time for this,” he said, making no sense at all to me. I tried to pull back to stare at him, but his arms circled me, holding me close to him. His hand flashed to his pocket, a small velvet box emerging with it. He took my hands in his, and opened the box with me. I gasped at the beautiful ring awaiting my answer.

“It’s very old, a Whitlock family heirloom,” he explained, removing the ring so I could better examine it. I took it in my hands, turning it over as my fingers brushed across the delicate stones. “Diamonds,” he scoffed. “Not nearly enough for someone as special as you, but the sentimental value of it makes up for it.”

A second later I was on the sofa by myself, Jasper kneeling before me, the box and ring in hand.

“Marry me?” he asked simply, holding one of my hands in his.

My voice caught in my throat as I looked down at him.

“I love you, Areana. Marry me.” This time, it wasn’t a question.

I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. My hands trembled as I reached out for him. He pulled me up in one swift motion, lightly kissing my forehead.

“Well?” he asked, waiting for my reply. I laced my fingers with his, brushing my lips across the palm of his hand.

“Yes,” I whispered, my hand finding the back of his neck, pulling his face closer to mine, my lips lightly finding his.


Alice’s POV

Watching them was harder than I had ever imagined. The two of them, kissing, so happy, so in love…

That had once been me in her place. Jasper once loved me more than life itself; and I him.

But, times had changed. The decades of our love came and went, passing by in a blur of a memory. I willed it to slow down, closing my eyes to savor the moment.

I sighed, taking one last look at my surroundings. I was going to miss this place…and my family. But I had no other choice. Every day I saw him my mind became muddled once again. I loved Gerard, not Jasper. I was doing this for us; I was doing this for my future with Gerard.

I grabbed my bag, taking one last fleeting glance towards Jasper and Areana. They were standing there, embracing each other, looking into each other’s eyes with so much love and longing. I lightly pulled the door to behind me, my footsteps echoing through the empty hallway, down the stairs, pausing by the front door. I willed my eyes to stare straight ahead, but they disobeyed. The grand piano in the corner, the sofa, the family room…all would be sorely missed.

I closed the door behind me, closing the door not only to my home, but to my life with my adopted family.