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Sarah's Love

Edward and Bella are getting married. They have never been happier. Sarah's lost love left two years ago. She has spent day after day, week after week trying to find him. And finally she has. On the day of his wedding. One-Shot.

It's my first fanfic. I had it in a binder for about two years...then decided to put it out there!

1. Wedding Day Tears

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I have spent the last two years of my life searching the west coast for my Edward. My first and only love. He promised me that, if I could find him, he would tell me he loved me. He just needed some time.

Oh, how I knew that at last we would be together.

I stopped in front of a coffee shop in Port Angeles, Washington. Hoping that maybe he had been in here.

"Welcome to Seattle's Best Coffee! Take a seat anywhere and order what you like!" exclaimed the overly excited cashier boy. He had black hair that looked greasy, and skin problems. His name tag said Hi, my name is Eric. I just nodded in spite of myself.

I took a seat at the counter. Eric came over and leaned in towards me. Kind of pushy, aren't we?

"You must be new around here. I'm Eric Yorkie." He held out his hand. I forced a weird looking grin and shook his hand hesitantly.

"Sarah Jiles. And yes. But...I am not here to stay. I'm actually trying to find someone." I shuffled through my bag and pulled out a picture of Edward. "Has he ever been in here? His name is-"

"Edward?! You are looking for Edward?! I should have known! All that ever happens in this town is about Edward! The only time a girl ever talks to me is because they are looking for Edward Cullen!" Eric stormed off.

I leaned over the counter. "So you've seen him before?" I called.

"He lives in Forks. It's about an hour away. He should be at the church. It's at the edge of the town."

I smiled. "Thank you." And left.


I drove for what seemed like forever, even though Forks was only an hour away. When I pulled into the parking lot of the three-mile-town's church, it seemed like everyone was there. Like the entirety of the town was at this church. For a funeral, for a wedding....or maybe just for God.

I checked my hair and my make-up. My clothes and my face. Perfect. Climbing out of the car, I turned my cell phone on silence. I walked up the steps of the church.

When I opened the doors, a priest ushered me into a large room when I said that I was looking for Edward. He closed the door behind him, and I turned around. Everyone was looking at me. I scanned the faces for him, but noticed he wasn't among them.

He was standing at the front of the church, holding the hands of a short, beautiful brunette girl.

It was Edward's wedding!

Ugh, that bitch!



Sarah Michelle Jiles.

I thought that I had left her behind in Claifornia two years ago. But here she was, intruding on my wedding to Bella.

Bella looked like she was about to cry, and Sarah looked like she was about to eat Bella. I had to fix this.

"Edward? Who's this?" Sarah asked, coming to stand in the front of the church.

"This is Bella, my bride. Who's wedding you just destroyed," I said sharply.

"Bride? You're marrying her? She looks like a whore," Sarah glared at Bella.

Bella gasped, as did the crowd, and began to cry.

"Sarah! Go away! I left you for a reason."

"No! You told me you would come back to me!"

"Edward. Is that true?" Bella whimpered.

"No! I never said that! Sarah clung herself to me like glue! I never even liked her!" I turned to Sarah. "Leave now!"

"No! I come here after two years searching for what's rightfully mine, and then this bitch steals it?!"

Bella sobbed again. I pulled her up off of the floor. "Shh." I carried her outside and into the Volvo. She cried in my arms. I know that she never wanted an actual wedding, but now that Sarah had ruined it...well...I felt so bad.

"Maybe we should just post-pone it. Maybe we should wait a week," Bella whispered after a while.

"No...Bella no. If you think that I might choose her, then you are all wrong! I've never loved anyone like I loved you. Hell! I've never loved anyone other than you!"

"But she said-"

"What she said was a lie." I stroked Bella's tear streaked cheek. "I never liked Sarah the tiniest bit. She was so annoying. I love you, and only you."

Bella took a deap breath, then sighed. "I guess we should go back in there, then."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay." I grabbed her hand and oulled her back into the church, where we were married.