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Family of my Own

Bella looks at other families and wishes to expand her own.


1. Chapter 1

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a279; I never had any strong feelings for children before Nessie came into my life. Sure, I was
kind to them, but thoughts of children of my own never crossed my mind.

But after my beautiful baby grew up in a span of months, I felt a tug on the furthest corner
of my heart and for the longest time I didn’t know what to fill it with. There wasn’t anything more
I could want or need besides my family, so what could it be?

Sighing, I leaned on Edward and toyed with a stray fringe on the pillow that lay beside me
on the couch. “Edward, do you...” I didn’t have the courage to ask him. What a coward I was.

“What, my love? Do I what?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. “Do I...Like the piece
that Nessie helped me compose yesterday? Why, I particularly enjoyed it.”

I rolled my eyes. “No, silly. Do you...ever wish you could have another baby? A baby that
drank formula and woke up at night and...Not that I don’t love Ness to death...But...”

Edward sighed, obviously knowing what I meant. He did that better than me sometimes.
“Bella, darling, you know we cannot raise a human baby. Love, we’ll have a visit from Italy when
she grows up and knows too much. I don’t know how we could pull it off.”

I rubbed my eyes out of habit rather than the need to scratch them. The venom that
lubricated my eyes would dissolve anything that attempted to irritate them. “I know. It was silly to
bring it up.”

“Mamma, Daddy, you’ll never guess what I found!” Nessie said excitedly. “Well, Dad may
already know. But anyway, look at this!” From behind her back the little girl produced a large
black snake. “I’ve been studying the difference between vampire venom and snake venom. What
did Grandfather do with that microscope? The new one with the 50X objective?”

I shrunk back against Edward, knowing in full that the snake could no longer hurt me.
Still, I didn’t like the sight of them.

“Wow, Nessie. Er, I think it may be in the library on the third floor.” he replied, patting
my hand. “Go on with your catch, dear, it’s bothering your mother.”

She grinned at me, the tiny dimples showing. Her long curls bounced as she ran at an
almost human-like pace. I smiled at my only baby, feeling saddened as I knew she was my one and
Alice then bounded into the room, sitting at our feet with a concerned look in her eyes.
“Bella! A human baby?! What were you thinking? I saw another visit from them. It’s out of the
question, as I’m sure Edward has already told you.”

“I’m sorry Alice,” I murmured, and I knew if I was still human I would blush. “This must
be what Rose has been feeling for the last couple of years.” I attempted a smile.
Carlisle of all people strode in at that moment. “I hear a discussion brewing.” he said,
smiling and sitting in the armchair to my right. Edward and Alice spilled the beans.

Carlisle sighed and looked at me with a mixture of pity and personal sadness. “Bella, I see
no way. We would have to turn the child when it became of age and you know that it we are
against the turning of those who are not in mortal danger.”

Suddenly, I got an idea. However morbid it may be, it was an idea. “What if it was in
mortal danger from birth? An illness that wouldn’t let it live past sixteen?”

Edward gave me that look that clearly told me I was off my rocker. Like that was new.
“Bella. It...You are crazy. It’s still out of the question, right Carlisle?”

Carlisle looked up and Edward. Brushing a strand of hair from his face, the doctor calmly
uncrossed his legs. “Well...”