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Day I Never Dreamed Of

AFTER BREAKING DAWN. MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT. Jacob loved Nessie since the very day that she was born. After years of waiting for her to open her eyes and love him, the way that he has loved her, something terrible happens... She finds out about his first love. Will it ever work now that she knows he loved her mother? But that's just the beginning... What'll she do? Is there trouble ahead?

When I was reading the book, towards the end everything was just a bit to... positive? So I sat there and started thinking about how I would feel if I were... Edward, Bella, Jacob... Nessie. And this just popped into my head. Because I would not be okay with a boyfriend of mine having loved my mom. - But colour me crazy, I might be wrong...

4. Africa? Forks? Death?

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[POV of Nessie]

Leah frowned, “Alice will know. She’s probably half way here already.”

“Nope, I’m with you. My future is hazy. She can’t read it.”

“We don’t have money.” Hah. Like that was a problem.

“You’re forgetting I am a Cullen. I could buy a country for you, a country for me and then we could employ the world’s population to clean our 3000 bathrooms daily. – Then buy countries for the cleaners we like most and live like that forever. Literally.”

She shook her head. Why was she being so difficult? She always complained about Forks and the people in it, now was her chance to leave. Her eyes softened somewhat and she whispered, “You’ll break Bella’s heart. And Edward’s.”

I knew she was trying to be thoughtful, but it was still a low blow. I smiled, my family’s inside joke, “they have eternity to find me.”

A sigh. “I can’t leave my brother.”

“You haven’t talked to him in years and he has imprinted, what does he need you for?” I felt mean snorting at her, but if she chose that as an excuse she really had nothing else left.


“True,” I laughed. She smiled. She knew I was right. But did that mean she was coming? She knew Sam would never leave Emily, but could she leave him?

“Where are we going?”

“Anywhere you want,” I knew I had her then. She’d been dying to go to Africa. Something about the wild animals amused her.

There was a twinkle in her eye as we linked arms and moved towards the door. This was it: the start of something new. – I would change my destiny; I would pick someone I wanted to love.

I would give my heart to him, whoever he was. I marched confidently beside her until I tripped over my feet and landed on the floor.

I hate being drunk. Then my lights went out.


[POV of Leah]

Damnit. I need to phase. But everyone was moving in. – After all I guess they had a right seeing as how she’d snogged most of them. Damnit, think Leah, think!

“It’s okay,” I called. “She’s just a bit drunk. She’s fine though.” Wake up, damnit. Wake up. They were moving closer and I could feel my anger rising. My body was shaking and I could feel myself expanding. Why couldn’t they bloody listen?

Leah, stop. Leah… Careful.

The lights were dim, maybe they wouldn’t realise… Are you kidding? A wolf. Not just any wolf. More like super-sized wolf with fries on the side.Of course they’re going to realise.

Book-man put his hand on my shoulder, “I can help you take her outside. She might just need some fresh air.” His touch was cold and it seemed to pierce through my rising body temperature.

Finally, a man with some sense. Who would have thought I’d find the only one that ever existed… in a bar? I smiled, “that would be great, thanks.”

He lifted her up like an elephant lifts a blade of grass. – Effortless. Woah. Gimme some a’ that! We were walking outside and I was trying not to touch him, I didn’t want to interrupt him. The movement was so fluid, so graceful. It never wanted it to end…

“How about we take her round the corner? There are so many people here. When she wakes up she won’t want them starring.” Damn, he was good. Thoughtful.

I nodded, “fair enough.” I watched him glide over the pavement. There was something uncannily familiar about the walk, but I couldn’t quite place it. You probably remember it from a dream, you idiot. Now don’t act like a fool. Flirt a little. Come on, loosen up.

He sat her down on the ground and propped her up against the wall, “So Leah, you think this is okay?”

Oh yes, that was purrr- Wait. What? How the hell- “How do you know my name?” The words stumbled out of my mouth. It was rude, but I still wanted to know… Maybe he heard you say it in the bar. Or Nessie. It’s nothing, loosen up damnit.

He smiled, “Well that’s not quite the way you’re meant to say it. It’s supposed to be more along the lines of, ‘What great big ears you have…’ Oh, but wait. You’re the wolf. – Those lines are for you, not me.”

What the?

He lifted his fingers to his eyes and took out his coloured contacts. His eyes blazed red, “I can’t quite remember… What does the vampire say?” I sniffed. Damn. Why had I not checked? I always checked.

I knew why. - Years of hanging out with the Cullens: you learned not to breathe through your nose.

He moved towards me, “Aren’t you going to comment on what ‘great big teeth I’ve got’? Or are we going to save that for later… When it gets more… Interesting?”

Oh shit.