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Day I Never Dreamed Of

AFTER BREAKING DAWN. MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT. Jacob loved Nessie since the very day that she was born. After years of waiting for her to open her eyes and love him, the way that he has loved her, something terrible happens... She finds out about his first love. Will it ever work now that she knows he loved her mother? But that's just the beginning... What'll she do? Is there trouble ahead?

When I was reading the book, towards the end everything was just a bit to... positive? So I sat there and started thinking about how I would feel if I were... Edward, Bella, Jacob... Nessie. And this just popped into my head. Because I would not be okay with a boyfriend of mine having loved my mom. - But colour me crazy, I might be wrong...

5. Wolves Kick Ass

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[POV of Leah]

Shit. Where the hell is Sam?
I need him now more than ever. I know he still cares, he has to care for me. –That I stay alive at the very least. Please let him care.

I’m going to die. Shit, shit, shit.

Book-man smiled, malice flooding his eyes, “Leah, Leah, Leah… Why don’t you play along? Come on, tell me what you’re thinking.” He was pacing before me, cutting off contact with Nessie. She looked so vulnerable, so breakable…

I was shaking; I couldn’t hold it in. Who cares if anyone saw me? They wouldn’t believe it anyway. I growled, “I think it’s time the little bat learned his fucking place. – Or did no one ever tell you? Wolves kick ass. – Anyone’s ass.”

I was shaking out of control and his laughter spurred me on, I wanted him dead. Now.

The seconds just before the phase were when we connected to the others, to the pack. I could feel their thoughts starting to flush through to me. Sam… His voice in my head was heaven-sent. Seattle, now. Nessie is in danger. We’re going to die. Get help. Big deal.

I needed to stay human, to keep him talking… I needed to think fast, to repeat over and over again what was happening. I needed Sam to help me. I wanted to let him into my head completely, to show him I still loved him. I wanted him to know, one last time, before I died. But there wasn’t time.

Why should he help you? You’re a menace. All you do is make it hard for him. - No. I needed to keep my head in the game. I repeated the message, over and over, like a broken record.

“Why don’t you just change then?” His voice was cold and hard. “If you think you’re so much better why don’t you just take me on?”

“Oh you have no idea,” I spat. “The ways that I could tear you apart. I just haven’t decided which would hurt most. You’ll have to give me a second… There are so many… options.”

He cackled. He hadn’t bought it but I wasn’t really selling.



[POV of Sam]

- die. Get help. Big deal.

The fear in Leah’s thoughts ripped at my heart. – A place she’d always be. I bounded through the woods. Hang in there, Leah. I’m coming.

The forest was soft under my paws and I could sense the woods around me.

Seth. Hello Sam. His voice was so happy, so cheerful, and so jovial… He was still just a boy…

I growled. Seattle, Now. No questions. Quick.

I thought of losing Leah. I’d never had to think of that before, I’d only ever seen it as her losing me. Could I live without her? Over the years we’d been in close proximity and her love for me was always out there. Never fading.

Mine never showed: I hadn’t let it. That doesn’t mean it didn’t exist. It was buried deep under seas of adoration for Emily, but it was still there. I tore down the wall that hid my feelings for Leah, I needed to feel them now. I needed them to make me faster, stronger. My love for her burned in my veins as my muscles ached to move further, faster. What if I didn’t get there in time?

Sam? Seth was troubled. I could see him looking through every moment with Emily and me in it, then every moment with Leah. All the feelings I’d ever had for either of them. My memories of kissing Emily… My memories of kissing Leah...

What about Emily? Isn’t this… wrong? Valid question. Damn, Seth.

I love Emily very much. I chose Emily. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still love Leah. I can’t let her die.

And she wasn’t going to.

Not on my watch.