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Day I Never Dreamed Of

AFTER BREAKING DAWN. MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT. Jacob loved Nessie since the very day that she was born. After years of waiting for her to open her eyes and love him, the way that he has loved her, something terrible happens... She finds out about his first love. Will it ever work now that she knows he loved her mother? But that's just the beginning... What'll she do? Is there trouble ahead?

When I was reading the book, towards the end everything was just a bit to... positive? So I sat there and started thinking about how I would feel if I were... Edward, Bella, Jacob... Nessie. And this just popped into my head. Because I would not be okay with a boyfriend of mine having loved my mom. - But colour me crazy, I might be wrong...

8. The Man of My Dreams

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[PoV of Leah]

I could feel his nails grip at my arteries that lay just underneath my skin. The pressure was insane, but it eased as his nails leapt away from me. Everywhere his nails had been stung and I could feel my warm blood cooling as it dried. My body temperature was dropping, my heartbeat was slowing and I couldn’t see.

Not that I wanted to. There was blood in my eyes that had mixed with tears. For a while all I could see was red forms, but that was gone now too. There was just darkness.

Darkness filled with noise.

I could hear haphazard breathing. Nessie. I could hear a struggle… Book-man and… ? I couldn’t make sense of it. I was ready to die; I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. He just needed to assert a bit more pressure, dig a little deeper… But he had stopped.

Someone else was out there.

But who the hell was it?

I took in a deep breath. The air rattled in my chest, my ribs protested the movement and my throat screamed at me.

Why couldn’t I just die?

I thought of Sam. I could feel a smile slowly creep over my face as I thought of the future that we could have had.

I didn’t mind dying like this, with the man of my dreams.

[PoV of Sam]

I couldn’t look at her. I was standing across from the leech that had been draining her and, even though I was in wolf form, I was shaking.

I had glanced her way when I’d arrived. She looked like the most beautiful doll in the world that had been given to a dog to play with and then soaked in red paint. The image tore at my heart as I stood here.

I could hear her heart beat. I could feel her breath.

She was alive, and let it be damned: so it would stay.

I looked sideways at Ness who gazed at me with wide-eyes. I knew she was conscious, but it was clear she couldn’t move. She seemed paralysed with fear… and something else. I sniffed again. Alcohol. Part of me wanted to laugh in spite of myself. She was far too young for that. Sure, physically she wasn’t. - But it had only been a few years since she was born.

I growled. Somehow this was her fault.

I turned to gaze back at the lousy bloodsucker. He was going to die tonight and I didn’t care how, as long as it hurt.

I bounded towards him, feinting to the left then pouncing on him just as he’d committed himself to attacking. I pinned him beneath my paws, he fought it but I had so much more than just my muscle fighting for me. I worked up a growl letting it thunder from within. I moved my head to his neck and placed my jaws around it, slowly sinking my teeth in then violently shaking.

He gasped and cried out, but I only wanted more. – More pain. If I could, I would have laughed. I ripped off his fighting arm and flung him towards the wall. He hit it and slid down onto the ground in a heap, taking bricks with him. It looked like a scene from the movies.

It looked like justice.

He stood up slowly and moved his head from side to side, easing himself into combat position, waiting for me to attack. But he was no match for me.

Not tonight.