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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

1. 16th October: Tuesday

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16.10 Tuesday

Dilapidated buildings, which remained after an old railway station, were surrounding me. Places where trains had been fixed probably in times of the People’s Republic of Poland. Places where many people had used to work and live. The buildings were completely empty now. There were only a few window panes left – the ones which hooligans hadn’t reached with stones. Trash and bird’s droppings were lying on floors and pseudograffiti were defacing walls. Though it was said the homeless used to sleep there the place was dead. That’s why I liked it so much; it was just like me.

It was dark already and I was going back from school. Engrossed in my daily routine, I was going straight on through my wellknown trail. I didn’t know what time it was. To tell the truth, I didn’t even think about where I was going. My legs were moving on their own. I wouldn’t see anything in the dark anyway, even if I wasn’t shortsighted. I had forgotten I should have taken a bus to bypass such a dangerous place.

Suddenly, I felt something picking me up with unusual strength. I didn’t even have time to shout and I was on a floor of one of the empty buildings. My mouth was gagged and I was pinned to a wall. What had happened wasn’t even worth thinking about. There were only three kinds of people I might become a victim of:

a) a thief,

b) a rapist,

c) a murderer.

He might be a mix of these professions of course, but it didn’t matter to me. I preferred the c)option.

I looked at my torturer and my breath stopped with shock. The guy, who was squatting in front of me, was so exceptionally beautiful that he would make many models jealous. His hair was black, necklong and a little messy. It was contrasting with extremely pale, not to say white, skin. A sinister smile was contorting his slim, noble face. But the most sensational things were his eyes. They were intensive red and deep like two wells, almost hypnotic. HeWas fairly tall and wellbuilt, however he didn’t look like an athlete, he was too skinny. Practically all of him seemed ideal. The impression wasn’t ruined even by the dark shadows under his eyes. Even his clothing was spotless, though he was just attacking a girl in an unsafe area!

“If you’re quiet I’ll kill you quickly and painlessly.” he whispered. His voice was beautiful and strangely familiar. After a while I knew why. I could hear it every time someone phoned me. A chorus of ‘What I’ve Done’ could be heard then. The voice of Chester Bennington. However, the boy in front of me wasn’t him for sure. He let go of my face uneasily. His smile widened when he was sure I wouldn’t shout.

“Good girl.” I was wrong. His voice was more unusual than Linkin Park’s vocalist’s. It was deep and musical, with a lot of tones.

The kidnapper’s gaze inspected me. I saw fascination and incredulity on his face. “Well, well, well.” Finally, he shook his head with reflection.

His behavior was at least strange. He should just do what he wanted and go away. Meanwhile, he seemed to have a great fun with only watching me. Maybe he’s some kind of a cruel nut who wants to play with human life and is going to torture me? I thought. It was very probable as he was looking like a child thinking what to do with his new toy; take to pieces or trample.

I should start to be scared, I should actually shout for help and take to my heels, but I couldn’t. Not because of shock – it faded away a while ago. Simply, the dead can’t be scared, and I had been dead for a long time in my own eyes. A stupor I had been living with didn’t let me experience any strong emotions. I had been living from day to day, next to the world. Life hadn’t been satisfying to me. I had accepted the death a long time ago. No, not accepted it; I desired it.

Suddenly, I felt his nose on my neck. I trembled, surprised. I didn’t even notice when he leaned in! So it was option b)? I definitely didn’t like it. The guy inhaled deeply, surely sniffing at my skin. His nose was unnaturally cold. The darkhaired man went back to a squat, so I was finally able to look at his face. I tried to read it so I could know what he was going to do. Inoticed with surprise that his eyes were almost completely black now.

“Well, well, well.” he repeated with regard, his voice a little husky. All of a sudden, he laughed loudly.“What an irony.” he said looking at me strangely. “The person who poses as a vampire will be killed by one.” That statement surprised me. How could he know that I was sometimes joking, calling myself a vamp? Had he spied on me? “You do have some vampire features, indeed... Pale skin, sharp fangs...” he smiled wide showing snowwhite straight teeth. Very sharp ones. “And some superhuman powers.” He bent over me unexpectedly. “Can you tell me what I’m gonna do now?"

I guessed he meant my welldeveloped intuition – my feelings were always right. I decided to check something. Not that I was very interested in what my aggressor was going to do with me. Simply a conversation with a murderer seemed to be quite an interesting experience for me. A murderer? If it was so, then why didn’t I feel death breathing down my neck? “You won’t kill me now...” I answered slowly. “But...” I shook my head with thought. “That’s strange...”

The man was looking at me fascinated. “What do you feel?”

I was lost in thoughts. It was something I hadn’t experienced so far. Emotions, big emotions. Neither fear nor anger, however. Then what? I didn’t know any other strong impressions. I shook my head, resigned.“I don’t know what it is.”

He seemed disappointed. “You don’t control your power properly yet.” He said with rebuke. “However, maybe it’s better as it is…” he smiled mischievously.

Half a second later I felt something cold pressing my mouth. Just after a while, I noticed they were the boy’s lips. I smelt a strange, sweet smell, unfamiliar to anything I knew. I was dizzy, my stomach did a somersault. “M… Delicious.” The darkhaired guy licked his lips when he finally unglued them from me. “La tua cantante…"

Finally, I was able to associate the facts. I had had an impression that my torturer’s look, his features and statements reminded me of something from the very beginning. Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. A tale about a romance between a girl and a vampire. But was it possible that I had experienced my first kiss with a bloodsucker?

The guy was looking attentively at me. He probably saw understanding on my face and smiled with satisfaction. Had I already told that he had an incredible smile? “I can see that you already know who I am.” he seemed amused. I nodded. At the same time I felt an unfamiliar sensation somewhere around my heart. Excitement. My life became interesting at least. The conversation with the vampire was fulfilling my need of uniqueness completely. I could feel that this wouldn’t be the end…

The darkhaired man sat in front of me on the floor. “I was hunting nearby at the very moment,” He started in a talkative voice “when I smelled your scent. I have always heard that 'the singers' are exceptional., and I must admit that I’m not disappointed.”

“If my blood attracts you then why haven’t you drunk it yet?” I asked with pure curiosity.

In one moment he was on his legs bending over me. He was moving nimbly and quickly, like a cat. “You’ve intrigued me.” he stated with regard. “By the way, though I know it’s not proper, I just love playing with my meal.” His tone was now sinister.

I giggled. It threw him off the track.

“Aren’t you afraid of me at all?” He asked gloomily.

“Nope.” I told him with satisfaction. “On the contrary. I’m glad there’s finally something interesting happening in my life.” I said, with more honestly than I intended, hypnotized by his irises, which were now changing their color back to red. He got clearly sulky.

“It’s a pity. I like when my victims scream and beg me to save their lives…”

“I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

He looked at me attentively. “Don’t think I’ll leave it like that.” He grunted. He stood erect and said with a grand voice: “I will watch you. Be on your guard.” And then he just disappeared.

Excitement, which had been filling my heart for a while, completely faded away. I suppose it will appear as a delusion when I get home, I thought, Or I will wake up soon. I stepped over a window frame and dragged myself to my home, resigned.