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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

10. 20th November: Tuesday

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20.11 Tuesday

As I arrived at school I noticed there was a strange grim air there. I headed to a classroom where I had my first lesson trying to catch something that would explain the mood. I was listening carefully to quiet conversations around me. I didn’t have very sensitive ears so I didn’t hear much. However, what I heard intrigued me more.

“…she was as white as paper!...”

“…they say that there was no blood in her body…”

“…no fingerprints…”

“…it was a vampire!” Dominica squealed. I was already with my classmates.

“Don’t be ridiculous! There’s no such thing as vampires.” Joanne snorted. I could hardly hide a smirk of knowledge that formed on my face. Little they knew about it, and certainly shouldn’t have known.

“It’s easy to say for you, you haven’t seen this!” Domi showed her displeasure. “It definitely looked like the job of some ‘supernatural forces’!”

It sounded like all of them had watched some incredible document or horror movie so far. However, something in their voices bothered me.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

The girls didn’t answer but pointed at the room 21. I looked in the direction and noticed it was fenced with a white-red police ribbon. Why hadn’t I noticed the police’s presence at school earlier? I’m stuck in my own world…

The door was slightly open. I walked closer and peeked through a chink. Inside, two policemen were leaning over something that was lying on the floor. Something… or someone? I looked closer cursing my short-sight. It took me a while to recognize the shape, but as soon as I did I covered my mouth with my hand in shock. It was my History teacher. Pale as paper, with a terrified grimace on her face, she was lying dead and arched in a strange pose, as if she had been trying to cover herself from something. On her neck was a wound which looked like it was made with very sharp teeth. But there was no trace of dried blood.

All of a sudden, a policeman appeared in front of me. He looked daggers at me and shut the door closed in front of my face, making me spring back with shock. I turned around to the girls.

“Did you see what happened?” I asked Dominica.

She shook her head. “When I came, she was already lying there. Horrible thing. Who could have done something like that?”

Today, all lessons were cancelled. We went away from school in grim moods. Though not many of us used to like that teacher, all of us felt sorry for her. No one wanted to admit it aloud, but we were overpowered by grave fear. The criminal had attacked, the monster. Moreover, he did it in the public place, in school. No one could feel safe anywhere. The murderer wasn’t a normal person…

Isa’s voice brought me to the Earth. “Oh, another idiot with a rose.” She growled with dismay.

I looked around and saw that guy. He was standing beside one of the trees, near a curb, his back facing us. Suddenly, as if he felt our look, he turned around and my heart jumped. It was Edward. He looked so glorious with the red rose in his hands as he smiled happily at me…

“Oops!” White commented on her blunder. “Sorry, Isa.”

But I didn’t listen to her any more. I didn’t even say goodbye; I walked quickly towards my angel. He pecked my cheek as a greeting and gave me the flower. There wasn’t any important event this day; the gift was for no occasion. It was so nice of him… I put my nose into the rose; both the flower and my boyfriend smelled incredibly. We immediately got in the car.

“Do you like my gift?” Edward asked.

“It’s lovely, thank you.” I smiled inside the petals. “It smells wonderfully.”

He smiled. “And the other one?”

“Other one?” I was surprised.

Abruptly, I associated the facts. The history teacher! Our conversation yesterday about her… And today her pale body lying on the floor… The mark of teeth on her neck… ‘…it was a vampire!’ I heard Dominica’s quiet voice in my head.

“It was you…” I whispered surprised with my discovery.

Edward grinned with satisfaction. However, I was anything but happy. “How could you?!” I shouted at him. He looked shocked at me. “Why have you done this?” I asked accusingly, but in calmer voice.

“You didn’t like her, did you?” he muttered.

He’d done it only because of me! He had killed a person for me, as a gift. And it hadn’t even been necessary! So I was partly responsible for my teacher’s death. Hadn’t he thought how would I feel with it?

“It didn’t entitle you to take her life!” I growled. “I would never allow you to do such things!”

His face congealed suddenly. “You’re not to tell me who I can kill and who not!” he screamed and hit the steering wheel so hard his fist got through it as if it was made of butter. The car jolted. Something hit the hood but Edward didn’t stop the vehicle.

“What was that?” I asked, scared.

“Apparently, some idiot had a death wish.” The vampire growled. He was looking straight forward at the road, but I was sure he wasn’t really looking. His brow was furrowed, he looked extremely angry.

“You’re not going to stop?” I was afraid about the life of the person we had hit.

The vampire snorted irritated but said nothing. I didn’t insist so as not to irritate him more. It was the first time I saw him so furious; it was frightening me.

He immediately dropped me off at my apartment building and drew away without a goodbye. As I walked to my room no one said a word to me; it was good, otherwise I could leave some corpses. Anger and fear were churning inside of me. I reconsidered phoning Edward and clearing all things up, but finally my anger won over me. If I had phoned I would shout at him and it was the last thing to make the situation better. I sat offended in front of the TV. I was watching stupid programs all evening, only partly thinking about them. No one asked me why I wasn’t in school.