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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

12. 22nd November: Thursday

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22.11 Thursday

Again, Edward didn’t come. I had had a faint hope this would be the day we would explain everything to each other, but it looked like it would be impossible. I wasn’t going to phone him; in my opinion these kinds of things should be solved face to face. Maybe he didn’t want to know me any more?

You may think I would be the one not wanting to meet him, but it was quite the opposite. No matter how angry I was at him I was still very in love with him. And even if he killed hundreds of people for my sake, I probably still would. I doubt I could escape this feeling now…

I went to school by bus. Engrossed in my grim thoughts, I nearly missed my stop. All my class was in front of the school. It surprised me; I didn’t know about any trip.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I came to them.

The girls looked strangely at me. “Don’t you know? It’s the History teacher’s funeral today.”

“I wasn’t at school yesterday, I couldn’t know.” I reminded them. “Everyone from school is going there?”

“Of course not!” Joanne snorted. “There wouldn’t be enough space for so many people. Our class was told to go.”

I wondered why it was our class that was ordered to go to the funeral; we hadn’t even been the History teacher’s class. We went to the cemetery on foot. The funeral lasted exceptionally long. Many people wanted to say goodbye to the teacher for the last time with a formal speech; too many for my liking. Besides, these kind of ceremonies always used to bore me. When everybody was crying, I couldn’t.

After the ceremony ended, my classmates went in some direction; they had had to plan it earlier. Before I knew it, we were in the hospital. Isa! I thought. I overtook everyone and burst into the room as the first. What I saw froze me, though I had known what I should expect. However, Isa in a hospital… Somehow I couldn’t have imagined that.

It was so common; a pale body lying under a starched quilt. A clean bandage on her head, hair spilling on a pillow from underneath it. A calm sleeping face, slightly scratched. A drip’s pipe sticking from the bandaged hand. A common hospital picture, and I’d seen many people in hospital; even my mom and great-grandma. However, it was this sight that shocked me the most. I realized with great force that it was my fault that my best friend was lying there, unconscious. Sure, not only and not primarily, but this was enough.

Anger was becoming to overpower me again. Why had this happened? Why had I been bringing everyone bad luck? If I hadn’t met Edward all this wouldn’t have happened! Why hadn’t he just killed me at once? Why had he got angry the day before yesterday? Why did he leave me alone a moment like that?

I felt tears coming to my eyes. I gritted my teeth. I had fairly enough of all of this! I saw Monique sitting on a chair in front of me. She was crying loudly like a small kid, lying on Isa’s legs. Pissed off, I kicked her so hard that she fell of the chair. I went out of the room vigorously. The girls were stepping aside to make me space to pass by, terrified.

I wanted to run out of the hospital but I stopped as I saw Isa’s ex-boyfriend next to the door. He was arguing with a woman who had to be White’s mother. My anger grew bigger.

“What do you want here?!” I screamed at him not paying attention to nurses looking daggers at me. He was a bastard who had betrayed her; he didn’t deserve to even lick her shoes clean!

Lukas turned around. He seemed to remember me because he looked pleadingly at me. “I want to see Isa.” His voice was trembling.

“Isa’s unconscious.” I said with malice.

“I know but… I have to apologize to her. I didn’t want to… It wouldn’t leave me alone… I was driving too fast… I’ve just received my driving license…”

It took me a while to put this entire chaotic stammer together. And then it hit me. HE was the one who had damaged Isa, not Edward! I felt as if the ice that had been freezing my inside was melting. I was tottering slightly while exiting the building. Not thinking of what I was doing I went to my home by bus. My head was blank, only one thought were bouncing in my brain: It wasn’t Edward, it wasn’t Edward.

I entered the apartment half-conscious. I peeked into the kitchen and suddenly anger was back. Edward was sitting beside the table as if nothing had happened! I ran to my room, slamming the door shut without a greeting. I turned around and froze from shock at what I saw in front of me. All inside was filled with red roses: they were on cabinets, on the desk, the coach, the floor… everywhere!

I rather felt than heard that Edward had entered the room. He laid his hands on my shoulders but didn’t embrace me.

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly. “You were right. I shouldn’t have done that.”

It’s a pity you realized it so late. I thought with bitterness.

“Forgive me that I haven’t come sooner.” He continued. “But… I was afraid you’d reject me.”

With this sentence he surprised me. I had thought he hadn’t talked to me because he had been mad at me. And so it appeared that he had been thinking exactly the same! I turned around and looked at him; I saw sadness and regret in his eyes.

“And I’m sorry for my burst of anger. I have never been in situation like that before… But this doesn’t excuse me. I shouldn’t have reacted that way. I’m so sorry.” He wasn’t looking in my eyes but that was exactly why I knew he was telling the truth.

Anger, relief and joy were still fighting in my head. And finally, anger lost. I lifted my hand up and touched his cold cheek. He looked in my eyes.

“You’re forgiven.” I smiled at him and he smiled back. Because of this smile, because of these eyes, I couldn’t be angry with him.

Gently, uneasily, he took me in his arms and hugged me. “I’m sorry.” He whispered suddenly.

He had already apologized for everything he’d done so I guessed he’d read my memories. He felt sorry for me ‘cause I worried for Isa. “It’s okay.” I said resting my head on his shoulder. “She’ll pull through it.” I was comforting me rather than him. He seemed to notice it because he hugged me tighter.

“Everything will be all right.” He whispered in my hair.

We were standing like that for a while, enjoying our closeness and the calmness. But I knew this peacefulness had to end; my mom was coming back home soon.

“So now you have to clear my room of all these roses. Mom wouldn’t be very happy to see this ‘mess’.” Finally, I stated light-heartedly.

Edward burst out with laughter. “Your wish is my command, princess.” He said kissing my forehead.

Before I could notice (this vampire speed is very useful, isn’t it?), all roses were picked in one huge bunch, which we finally managed to put into slightly-too-small vase. It stood in my room, which started to smell incredibly because of its presence. When Edward left I was just lying there, intoxicated with the scent.