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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

13. 23rd November: Friday

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23.11. Friday

As I was walking towards the bus stop, I didn’t see Edward‘s car below the apartment building. This surprised me; we had explained everything to each other after all. Maybe something has happened? I thought. I knew Edward was a vampire and I shouldn’t be worried because there probably weren’t many things that could really hurt him, but I was always thinking about the worst case scenario at times like this. But before I started to become REALLY worried, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. I turned around and saw my boyfriend leaning nonchalantly against a white Mercedes. I ran happily to him, instantly forgetting about my paranoia.

“You’ve got a new car!” I said examining the vehicle. It wasn’t as exceptional as the Porsche but I liked it.

“The other one is being fixed.” Edward explained. It surely had to be fixed; it didn’t look so nice with broken steering wheel and a dent in the hood. Poor pretty car, I contributed to its suffering, I mourned its beauty as if it was a living thing.

We got into the car and pulled out.

“I want to visit Isa after my classes today.” I declared uneasily after a moment of silence. I didn’t feel very safe touching the subject connected with our argument in the car. Who knew how he would react this time?

To my great relief, he just smiled at me. “We’ll visit her then.”

I smiled back at him. I was glad he was going to be with me in the hospital this time. I wasn’t sure if I could stand the sight again alone; his presence would calm me.

In school it appeared that I wasn’t the only one who was worrying about Isa. Kate and Monique also wanted to see her.

“What about going together then?” I suggested. “And you could meet Edward by the way.” During all this time they didn’t have a chance to be charmed by my vampire. I almost felt bad for them. Almost.

Monique’s eyes twinkled. “With great pleasure!” she squealed bouncing up and down with excitement. She looked like a mentally handicapped five-year-old.

“I can’t today.” Kate saddened. “Our group is finishing lessons earlier than yours.”

I frowned. It wasn’t a great pleasure to be accompanied by the weirdo. However, I had to lay it on the line now.

After our classes we went out together. I was doing my best not to let anyone figure out that she was with me. I was dodging in the crowd rushing out of this prison called the school. I noticed Edward and headed quickly toward him leaving Monique far behind. I stood on my tiptoes and pecked his cheek hoping he’d read my memories. My hopes seemed to come true because he chuckled.

The Dustbin Kid joined us after a while. I introduced them to each other; Edward shook her hand with reserve. He frowned, appealed, apparently seeing her memories. She didn’t notice it; or didn’t want to notice. We got in the car. I was filled with gratitude for the fact that Monique was sitting on backseat, so I didn’t have to look at her.

There weren’t many people beside Isa’s room today; to tell the truth no one even noticed our presence. I entered the room first…

And stopped in half-step, shocked. White was conscious! She was watching some stupid game show on TV and giggling. She noticed me and smiled at me happily. Bandages were almost everywhere on her body but she didn’t seem to feel very bad. She waved her hand cheerfully.

“You’ve woken up!” Monique squeaked in such a high voice I heard ringing in my ears and she bounced at Isa. Terror was mixed with disgust on White’s face, matching my own expression. I heard Edward laughing quietly behind me.

“How are you?” I asked matter-of-factly.

“Better,” she answered with a smile. A suspicious one. I looked around the room to find a reason of her state, and I didn’t miscalculate. On a night table, I saw a red rose in a dirty glass.

“From whom?” I asked suspiciously pointing at the flower.

Isa, who was just greeting with Edward, giggled. “Lukas.”

I was so shocked that I was just standing there, immobilized for a while. Finally, I let my anger free. “That bastard was here?! And you let him in?!” Did she want a repeat of the situation from nearly a year ago? I couldn’t believe she forgave him so easily, after what he’d done.

“Don’t jump into conclusions!” White was indignant.

I snorted. “That he’s a nitwit not worth half a second of your attention is a fact stated scientifically! He’s hurt you twice already!”

“He didn’t want to do that, it was an accident!” she protested energetically.

“When he betrayed you last year, it was an accident too, huh?!”

Isa went crimson.

Edward suddenly grabbed my hand; I didn’t even notice he was beside me. “You shouldn’t irritate her,” he muttered.

“I’m just trying to make her aware that she’s making a great mistake forgiving that idiotic blindworm! How many times is she going to allow him to hurt her?!”

“Oh, so you consider there’s some limit, right?” White broke in. “Like in this childlike game; you tempt three times and you drop out?”

“You simply act completely unreliably! But well, if you wanna believe in masochistic tendencies…” I shrugged theatrically.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a while. Isa was glaring at me with angry twinkles in her eyes. Monique was peeking uneasily at me and her, as if she was watching some table tennis game. I couldn’t see Edward’s face because he was standing a step behind me. However, he was squeezing my hand so hard it hurt.

“I only want to find my personal happiness finally.” Isa said, drawling. “You’re clever, because you’ve found yours. But if you think you can control me and tell me who I can date and who not, you’re completely wrong!”

What’s with people thinking I’m controlling them recently?! First Edward, now her… This thought only added fuel to the flames.

“You don’t know anything,” I growled. “You have no idea what…”

“I know enough to live my life on my own!” she broke in.

I frowned. She jumped to conclusions again; that wasn’t what I meant. I was just opening my mouth to explain it but she didn’t let me do it.

“You’re not my mother, Dammit!” she yelled. Suddenly, she threw a remote control at me; she could have hit if Edward didn’t catch it. “Get outta here! And don’t ya dare to get in my sight again!”

I boiled with rage. “As your highness wishes,” I hissed sarcastically. I turned on my heels and walked out.

I didn’t even look back until I was out of the hospital. I stopped there and leant against one of the pillars in the entrance. I sighed resting my head on a cold marble. It seemed it was not my lucky week. Isa still don’t believe in the power of my sub consciousness, but she’ll learn her lesson! I thought to tell the truth I hoped with all my might for my feelings to be wrong this one time. I just wanted to save her from experiencing last year event all over again; or from something even worse. And because of my stupid caring self I lost a person important to me AGAIN. Maybe I should stop being so caring?

I felt Edward laying his hand on my arm comfortingly, but he said nothing. He moved toward the car and I followed, dragging myself there.

“What about Monique?” I asked as we sat in the car.

“She said she’d walk to the bus stop,” he said lifelessly turning the engine on. His indifferent tone worried me.

“Are you mad at me?” I questioned him worriedly.

“No,” he answered watching the road.

We were driving in silence for some time. Edward didn’t look at me even once. I was sure he had lied about not being mad at me, but I had no idea what had irritated him so much. I didn’t think he was on Isa’s side so much. But what did I know? I didn’t know her memories after all. However, I was afraid to ask him what was going on, as not to provoke another unpleasant situation; and another accident.

Before I could notice, we were parking beside my apartment building. Because of Edward’s speeding, our car trips had always been short; too short for my liking. This time though, I was glad that we could interrupt the embarrassing silence.

“Will you come tomorrow?” I asked, hoping that he wasn’t so mad to refuse.

“If you want me to…” His lifelessness was starting to frighten me.

“So see ya tomorrow.” I smiled weakly and got out.

As I came home I couldn’t concentrate on anything; I was still worrying about Edward’s behavior. I was walking around the apartment trying to set to work, in vain. Finally, I sat in front of my laptop and started to draw with my tablet. I turned my messenger on. An announcement glimmered in the communicator. ‘Cucamber is available’. My ex-boyfriend, Jacob. I shook my head with incredulity. Why hadn’t I erased his number from my acquaintances here yet? It had already been two years since we talked, after all. Anyway, it didn’t matter; he was the one who stopped speaking to me. And I hadn’t had any reason to start a talk first.

I reached the pen to erase my ex-boyfriend’s number. Suddenly, a conversation window appeared on the screen.



I blinked a few times, confused, but the window stubbornly didn’t want to disappear.


u have some time?

I froze with my hands over the keyboard, unsure. Suspicious, guesses and doubts were swirling in my head. What had happened to him that he decided to speak to me after so long? Did he have an eye to the main chance or did he suddenly remind himself of my existence? Or maybe he was still anxious for me?

You won’t know until you find out, I thought to myself and typed an answer.


a little

I didn’t have to wait long for his answer.


i wanted to apologize


what for? that you haven’t said a word to me for over 2 years?


yup. I’m sorry


you have any excuse?


i can only blame irresponsibility :D


and what happened that you chose this day to remind yourself about me?

I peeked at the calendar; there wasn’t any event I had forgotten about.


i simply had no one to talk to :D

Was he still not likable? He should have changed since that time.


a girl left me. we’ve been together for 2 years

Oh. A girl. Who would have thought? Apparently, he had changed a lot. In only half-a-years time.

Jacob was talking more and more. He was telling me about his girlfriend and how much he missed her. He even sent me their photo (I had to admit that he did change A LOT; he grew into a real man and became huge). I let him talk, adding my comments and giving him psychological advice every now and then. Finally, we changed to general topics. I was answering coldly, still suspicious. Jake noticed it and apologized a few more times for his stupidity. I was slowly remembering how good talking with him had been, so free and cheerful. I’d never thought of him as someone more than a best friend. But he WAS my best friend, even now.

Suddenly, in the middle of our talk, the Internet simply stopped working. I pressed the ‘fix’ option lots of times but it didn’t want to work. Unfortunately, this turn of things was common here; the only thing I could do was wait. I didn’t think it would work until tomorrow. Willy-nilly, I turned the computer off and went to sleep.