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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

14. 24th November: Saturday

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24.11 Saturday

I had a restless sleep: some uneasy visions, which I didn’t remember now, were haunting me. However, I could, without a doubt, remember they included Edward and – strangely – Jacob. Strange things, I thought as I was standing up in the morning.

Mom peeked into my room; her eyes were gleaming, and her face was flushed with emotions. “We’re leaving!” she announced in a cheerful voice.

My parents had been preparing for a trip to SPA for two days. They had received two tickets by mail. It had surprised them; they hadn’t entered any competition nor have they some so generous member of their family. They had been searching through all relatives and friends but still had found no clue of who had sent them those tickets. However, as they had confirmed authenticity of them they had became overcome with euphoria. They hadn’t went anywhere far together for so long they probably had forgotten what it was like to live just with each other, without a disturbing presence of kids. Well, when you have two children who need constant attention (as my parents seem to think) you don’t have time for holidays. You don’t have money for them as well.

This time they hadn’t hesitated long about using this rare chance to take a rest from me and my little sister. Caroline had been sent to Grandma’s. But I, as my mom had said, ‘am old enough to survive here for myself these few days’. I was extremely glad about it, for a few reasons. Firstly, I loved to stay home like that. I was feeling kind of free then: no duties, no one to tell me what to do, eating when I was hungry, and sleeping when tired. Besides, I was a lazy person; I liked mostly to just lay and do nothing, and I didn’t get to do this much while my parents were around. Secondly, I wouldn’t need to be in my sister’s presence for some time. As for a six-year-old she used to be very annoying! And last but not least, I wouldn’t want to be away from Edward for long. I grew accustomed to his presence in my life. He was like drugs: you think you have everything under control and then you realize that you’re addicted. Not that I tried drugs, but anyway.

So, my parents were leaving this morning and I was alone till Monday evening. Relatively alone, in fact.

Just as the blue Opel Astra kombi disappeared around the corner, I heard a quiet knock. I wasn’t surprised to see Edward behind the door, though he usually came later. What surprised me was that his strange behavior didn’t vanish. In fact it even kind of got stronger. He wore a mask of kindness but his eyes were cold and impenetrable; there was no longer a hypnotizing sea of fire in them.

We sat on my sofa. I decided to talk with him about his recent change in behavior. It still could be dangerous, but this time the only person in danger was me. At least our arguments wouldn’t make any damage to someone outside.

“Edward, what’s the matter? Since yesterday you’ve been kinda… out of yourself.”

He was looking in space silently but I could bet he wasn’t really seeing. He seemed to be lost in thought.

“Edward…?” I tried to focus his attention on me.

“Isabel…” he finally started slowly in a lifeless voice. “How many times do you think one has to tempt to drop out?”

“Huh?” I didn’t know what he meant at that moment.

“What’s your mistake limit? How many of them till you say ‘farewell’?”

Suddenly, I remembered yesterday conversation in the hospital and sentences shouted out by Isa. I was surprised he let such stupidity bother him even a slightest bit. Besides, his mistakes weren’t so bad they had to be a death sentence to a relationship; or to our relationship to be precise, for I wasn’t sure if there was any other couple as us for real. He wasn’t cheating on me, for crying out loud! Or was he…? The thought came to me, too terrifying to consider so I pushed it aside.

“I don’t think there’s some set limit,” I growled while standing up, trying to make myself calm.

He grasped my hand but quickly backed out. “It seems that he hasn’t exceeded it yet…” he whispered, more to himself than to me.

I didn’t know what he meant at first but then I remembered my talk yesterday with Jake. I don’t know why he was bringing my ex in this conversation. He was nothing more than a friend now so ‘the limits’ didn’t involve him. I shrugged. “He apologized.”

“I also did,” Edward pointed out.

“And who said I still hold something against you?” I was starting to get really irritated. He was just being ridiculous!

He looked carefully at me; his mask disappeared and I saw worry in his eyes. “How many times was it?” he asked.

“What?” I didn’t understand, again. I would have to teach him to talk straighter. Who said that men’s minds are simple and don’t get allusions?!

“How many times did I hurt you?”

Great, he’s going to be difficult. “I dunno. I didn’t count.” I shrugged. Ugh, this came out as if it was a lot of it.

Edward stood up and started walking around the room, his expression hard.

“Let me count.” He lifted his fingers to counting; it all looked as if he had planned this conversation. “Firstly, I wanted to kill you.” He straightened first finger. I was opening my mouth to break in but he didn’t let me get a word edgewise. “But it’s not worth mentioning, these thing happen,” he chafed. “Then,” he unbent his second finger, “I rejected you, causing you pain. I was egoistically minding my own business and I was making this worse. I almost caused your death then!” I remembered when I almost fell from the speeding car. He had been so angry then… “There’s also the History teacher matter.” He counted three. “Argument in the car.” That made four already. “And how many times I’ve made you sad.” He lowered his arms apathetically and shook his head, “I can’t even count…”

I was looking at him, mouth open but not able to say a word. He glanced at me sadly. “Tell me how many chances I have left. It will be fairer.”

I took a deep breath to make a long speech about how stupid it all was, but words stuck in my throat. So I only shook my head with a heavy sight. He was so silly sometimes, like he couldn’t understand that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing; he was a vampire after all, with no human memories moreover, it would surely take some time to work this relationship out.

But Edward understood my gesture wrong. “I see,” he whispered and I heard pain in his voice. “I’m sorry.”

Before I could say something or even blink, he wasn’t there.

There was no sense in shouting after him; I knew he could be far away already. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and typed his number. No one answered. I tried again, with same result. I threw my phone on the sofa angrily. How could he think my patience for him had any limit? Had I ever given him any hint? Why had the one conversation in the hospital sowed such doubts in his mind? And why couldn’t he have listened to what I had had to say? He had just run away with his frustrations!

I collapsed on the chair, resigned. First of all, I had to calm down. I switched my laptop on and turned on the music. Jonathan Davis’ aggressive but extraordinary voice distracted me and cut me off from the outside world.

This place inside my mind, a place I like to hide.

You don’t know the chances. What if I should die?!

A place inside my brain, another kind of pain.

You don’t know the chances. I’m so blind!

I went to the place inside MY mind, closing it for a while and making it blank. Thinking only about the music. Focusing on the voice, then each of the instruments alone. I tried to make my breathing match the rhythm of the song.

Suddenly, a conversation window popped out in front of my eyes, snapping me out of my trance.



I sighed. Fine, maybe I would have some good time meanwhile, before I try to call Edward again, I thought. This would distract me enough.




why did you leave without a goodbye yesterday?


internet just cut itself off. it happens sometimes here


too bad

None of us wrote anything for a while. The Windows Player started to play my favorite KoRn song: Freak on a Leash.


whatcha doing?


listening to music


still hard sounds? :D


that is?




hell yeah! :D

I was surprised he remembered. I felt ashamed that I knew so little about him, though we had been a couple.


have some time today?

I stiffened. What was going on? He wanted to go on a date or was he just joking?


depends on what for

Diplomacy is the rule, I thought to myself.


i thought we may meet somewhere in the city centre. if you don’t mind of course


do you have any concrete idea?


not much. i thought maybe we can walk a little, talk…

I hesitated. Did I want to renew this familiarity that much? What if he still felt something for me? After all I had Edward now; would it be fair towards him? But what if it’s over with Edward? A quiet voice sounded in my head. What if he won’t want to listen to my explanations? I shuddered at the thought. It’s impossible! I said to myself. He’s not like that!

I peeked at the screen and noticed a new message.


i’ll understand if you don’t want to

Nobody said it would be a rerun of the last time, I thought. I will give him to understand that we’re only friends and it should be okay.




what about 4?


great. where?


i’ll call for you :D see ya

His nickname blinked as unapproachable. I was a little surprised; was it possible that he had been waiting only to make an appointment with me? It seemed so unbelievable. I brushed the thought aside and called Edward again; without success. I was calling every half an hour but he didn’t answer. It started getting late and I had to prepare for my ‘date’ with Jacob.

It was four o’clock exactly when the intercom rung. I rushed out of my apartment grabbing some things on my way and forgetting others. As I came downstairs I was met by a doubtless surprise. Jake really had changed a lot in this two and a half year. As I could say without measuring he was about seven feet tall; with my five feet six inches I had to raise my head pretty much to look in his face. His muscles were nearly as big as ones of a body-builder’s and he was very tan. His hair was lighter than I remembered and became reddish; probably because of the sun. He must have been working hard this summer…

“Hey!” he greeted me cheerfully. “You’ve changed pretty much!”

His smile was so warm I just couldn’t help but return it.

“Hi. You too have changed. VERY much in fact.”

He laughed. “We better go.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me after him. This gesture surprised me; Jake never had been so courageous. His skin was incredibly hot, like he had a fever. I tried to broke my palm free but his hold was too strong. Willy-nilly, I dragged after him. He seemed to be in a rush and I wondered what he had planned for us to do.

We went among the old buildings of the railway station. Memories came. Over five weeks. It was over five weeks since I’d met Edward here. Who would have thought then that I would be alive now?

Suddenly, Jacob stopped. Engrossed in my thoughts I didn’t notice it until I hit his back. I took a look at him; he looked as if he was debating about something, hesitating.

“I’m sorry,” he said not looking at me. “I don’t want this, believe me, but I don’t have a choice.

Before I could put his words together, he gagged my mouth with his huge hand, trapped me deadly tight in his arms and carried me to one of the empty buildings. I had never been in this particular one; it had been always closed. However, Jacob didn’t care about door; he nimbly jumped through a window frame. He stopped his race only on the last floor, where he let me free.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I yelled as soon as I could talk again.

Jake looked at me gloomily, all his previous cheerfulness gone and forgotten. “Do you realize who your boyfriend is?” he asked crossing his arms on his chest.

A cold shiver ran down my spine. He knows?!

“As far as I know he’s a student,” I said carelessly saving a poker face and thanking my lying abilities. Nothing good will come of this if he knows.

He shook his head, irritated. “That’s not what I mean. How much did he tell you about himself? Did he tell you about his… problems with heart? Do you know about his… diet?”

For someone not initiated, these questions might have sounded innocent, but I knew exactly what the subtle allusions meant.

“Certainly, I know,” I hissed through clenched teeth. He shouldn’t know. It’s dangerous. For both of them.

He sighed with relief. “Good. So I can be honest with you.” He sat on a floor and motioned to me to do the same. I followed unwillingly.

“I’m sorry I have to tell you this way, but… your vampire is going to be liquidated.”

I was looking foolishly, not understanding his words. I didn’t want to understand. My vampire boyfriend liquidated? Not possible. However, fright and despair were slowly creeping into my heart.

“W-why?” I asked in slightly trembling voice.

“We can’t let a bloodsucker be rampant on our territory.” Jake growled, clearly disgusted with the fact that I was worrying about a monster. The monster I was in love with. How easy it was to admit this in a crisis situation!

I tried to pull myself together, not letting emotions overwhelm me. Then something in his statement hit me. “On your territory?” I repeated slowly.

He looked at me carefully. He seemed to try to tell me something with his eyes.

“Is it some kind of a gang? Like the Van Hellsing’s one?” I asked.

Jacob snorted. “Humans are no real danger for vampires.”

“Then… what are you?” My voice trembled. First time of my life I was so afraid. Not about me, really; I somehow knew he didn’t want to hurt me. It was Edward who was in great danger.

Jake opened his mouth but closed it immediately, as if words were too big to come through his throat. He shook his head resigned. “You have to know it! What’s vampire’s greatest enemy? Think!”

Vampire’s greatest enemy? Suddenly, all pieces fitted together.

“Werewolf…” I whispered, terrified.

He smiled in relief. But his jaw dropped immediately; he was looking at me with more and more worry. Blood fled from my face, my hands started to shake. I clenched them on my thighs what only caused to move trembling to my arms. Because of fear, I couldn’t breathe normally.

“Hey, Isa, what’s wrong with you?” Jake asked uneasily. His voice sounded far away for me.

Werewolves. The whole gang. They wanted to destroy Edward. If real werewolves were like the ones in S. Meyer’s book, then my boyfriend didn’t have a slightest chance.

“You can’t… you can’t kill him…” I groaned.

“In fact, we can’t, indeed. He’s already dead.”

I laughed hysterically. Quickly, my laugher turned into a sob. I wasn’t the kind of always-crying person, really, there wasn’t much that could make me cry. I always thought crying is for weaklings. But this time I simply couldn’t help myself. The very thought of loosing Edward, in the final meaning of this word, was scaring me to death. I couldn’t stand that happening.

Jacob put his hands on my shoulders. “Isa… You’re not telling me you’re sorry for this monster, are you?”

I sobbed louder.

“He kills people!”

“I don’t care!” I shouted tearing myself out of his grasp.

He pressed his lips in straight line. “You don’t care? If it was your mother or sister you wouldn’t care either?”

“No,” I whispered. And it was true. If he killed me I would forgive him still; because it was what was natural to him.

We were sitting in a silence for a while. The only sounds were sobs shaking my body every now and then.

“So I will have nothing to regret,” the werewolf muttered finally.

I looked questioningly at him through tear-filled eyes.

“If you’re so blinded it will be even better when you’ll experience some shock,” he hissed. “Maybe it will help you look at the world soberly.”

“What shock?” I asked, my voice still shaky.

“You thought I’ve led you here only to tell you that we had passed the judgment?” he grumbled. “It would have been better to write it in the messenger in that case. I wouldn’t have to watch your cries at least.”

Ouch. That hurt.

“Then why have you led me here?” Better word would be rather ‘kidnapped’.

Jacob shrugged. “You’re a lure.”

“Lure?” I repeated slowly. I had just enough of asking this one or two-words questions; why couldn’t men just say everything that need to be said?!

“Yeah. After all, he’s your boyfriend, right? He should call for you soon. We’ve left a clear trail for him to follow.”

I felt such huge relief that I burst out laughing. They were waiting for Edward to come here for me? They would need to be veeeery patient in that case… I was laughing long and still couldn’t stop; kind of hysterical reaction. Jake was looking at me as if I was crazy. And maybe I was: crazy with joy. Finally, I managed to calm down.

“What’s going on?” he asked suspiciously.

“I’m afraid your plan will fail,” I answered cheerfully.

“What? How?”

“Like that.” Even I was surprised by my calmness. “Edward’s not coming here.” And I could sing to heavens with joy because of this, I thought. What a luck we had had an argument today of all days! And to think that I was so broken down then! Now there couldn’t be any better news for me.

Jacob got pale and jumped on his legs.

“What do you mean by ‘not coming here’?!” he yelled.

“He doesn’t talk to me,” I explained happily, what seemed absurd along with my words. “I don’t think he’d care about where I am now…” I trailed off and stiffened looking at my ex, who was now shaking like jelly. His teeth were clenched with anger, eyes throwing thunders. His trembling was increasing. I knew exactly what it meant; after a while he would change into a wolf. Deadly dangerous beast, big as a van, incredibly quick and strong, with huge sharp teeth. Able to defeat a vampire, not to mention crushing a little human like me.

Slowly, I started to crawl backward to a wall behind me. My hand met a piece of glass; I hissed in pain and turned my head to examine the injuries. In that exact moment I heard a loud snap. I looked at Jake, but in the place where he had once been standing was now a huge reddish wolf. The creature roared and headed towards me. I should run away but fright paralyzed me. Besides, I wouldn’t have a slightest chance to escape. Hypnotized, I was glaring in wolf’s eyes, which were also eyes of my ex-boyfriend and friend. But I couldn’t see him there now.

Suddenly, something moving too fast for me to see jumped through a window. It flew at the werewolf throwing him at a wall with so much force the floor trembled. Before I could blink, Edward was beside me. He took me in his arms, like a little child, and hugged. I sighed in contentment and nestled into his shoulder; I suddenly felt very safe. However, he set me down in the furthest corner of the room soon. The furthest from the beast that was just getting up from the floor.

And then, fear shot me again. And this time, just as the first, I didn’t fear for myself but for my vampire.

“Edward, it’s a trap!”

He smiled comfortingly and stroked my head. “Calm down. There’s no trap.”

“But there is!” I shouted, desperate. “The rest of the gang of werewolves should be here in no time!”

He shook his head, smile still plastered to his face. “There are no werewolves now. Except for this one.”

“But…” I started, but then the realization of the meaning of his words hit me. There are no werewolves NOW.

Edward smiled wider at me as he saw understanding in my eyes. Then he turned to face Jake. He stood so he could protect me from an attack with his own body.

“Your plan wasn’t very wise. All of them were standing near each other, on the wrong side of the building…” He shook his head with disapproval. “It allowed me to kill each one quietly, walking on leeward. It didn’t even take me much time. That’s what happens when laymen get to work…”

Jacob bared his teeth at these (no doubt insulting for him) words. He attacked so fast I couldn’t even shout. However, Edward took it easy; I heard a loud crash and the wolf hit the wall again. The vampire seemed to have great fun. His opponent was on his paws in an instant. This time, though, he was composed; he was observing the pale figure intently, preparing for his next, surely more effective, attack. I had known it earlier but now I realized it for sure as I saw it on my own eyes; they were predators and mortal enemies. Only one of them could make it through this fight alive. I couldn’t let it happen.

“Stop!” I shouted, though I wasn’t really expecting any of them to resign that easily. I knew I would have to make some play…

They both looked at me surprised.

“You can’t fight, it can’t be the only way.” Gosh, it sounded like a line from some second-class romance…

Edward shook his head sadly. “I can’t let him live. He wanted to hurt you, he could’ve even killed you, if I didn’t come.”

“But he wasn’t himself then!” I protested.

“If I don’t kill him, he will kill me.”

I couldn’t argue with the truth of these words. I turned to the other opponent.

“Jake, please!”

The wolf snorted and rolled his eyes. It made me sure I was on a wild-goose chase. I had to try though.

“Oh, you’re impossible! Men!” I made the last word sound as if it was the worst curse. I stood up and looked daggers at them. Then, I just walked out of the room, pretending to be offended. They were glaring at me, speechless. Ha! They obviously weren’t expecting that! Part bring-them-out-of-their-fighting-trance of my plan complete!

“Isabel, you have got to be kidding…” Edward stammered.

“If you want to kill each other, then I don’t want to look at either of you!” I shouted as I was walking down the stairs. I hoped they would understand the true meaning of this threat.

I was heading down not looking back and trying not to listen to any sounds from upstairs. I was dizzy from fear, I felt nausea. I was doing my best to concentrate on my breathing. As I reached the last step, I sat and hid my face in my hands. By bringing my plan into action I had deprived myself of opportunity of watching how the situation would develop. As much as I wanted to know what would happen, I was sick to the stomach at the idea of watching them fight to death. How long shall I sit there shivering with anxiety about their lives? I thought.

One of them was a vampire, the other one a werewolf. One was the man of my life, the other an old friend. Though both of them had hurt me, I still cared about them. I couldn’t give either of them up. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. Damn, again I am crying! Stupid mythical creatures…

“Isabel…” I heard Edward whispering suddenly behind me.

“Where’s Jake?” I asked quickly not looking back at him. I wanted to be over it quickly.

“He went back home.”

I turned around and gazed at him, shocked. In fact, I was expecting them to fight no matter what; it seemed just natural. Edward was looking at me sadly, apologetically; he wasn’t lying.

“You’ve reconciled?”

“I would rather call it ‘the truce at an indefinite time’.” He smiled sourly.

He sat uneasily beside me. Gently, he wiped tears away from my face with his cold fingers. “I’m sorry. I hurt you again. Now I have a debit side.” He frowned.

“You should have started to pay off the debt instead of running away. Next time I’ll send the tax department after you.” I attempted to lighten the mood a little. It worked; he chuckled quietly but then sighed.

“I’m so sorry. I’m such an idiot.”

“I won’t deny that,” I muttered, being too direct again. “I was beside myself and you wouldn’t even pick up the phone!”

He became sulky. “I forgot my cell,” he mumbled.

“What?!” I stared at him with my eyes wide open. He, a vampire with perfect memory, forgot his cell phone?! Incredible.

“Only as I got home I saw how many unanswered calls I have from you. I realized then that I had had to get something wrong.”

“And how did you find me here?” Curiosity was eating me up.

“I returned to your place to apologize but you weren’t home. The door wasn’t closed and I started to worry.” Dang. I was in such a hurry that I forgot to close the door. And to take my phone… I wasn’t better than Edward… “I tried to grasp where you had gone. I saw an unclosed message window on the computer screen. I know I shouldn’t look at it, I’m sorry, but I was curious and anxious… I read part of a talk with a ‘cucamber’.” He frowned. “And I knew you had appointed. All I had to do then was find the trace.” He shrugged.

“And what about the werewolves?”

He smiled to himself. “They’d made a great mistake assuming that I don’t know about their existence. I’ve met werewolves once, while hunting in the Tatra Mountains, I know their scent. And I know how to easily get rid of them.”

“So Jake didn’t have the slightest chance against you…” I stated quite sadly staring at my knees. Though I didn’t know if I should be sad. If Jacob did have some chance, my boyfriend would probably get hurt and it was the last thing I wanted. But I didn’t want my friend to be hurt either. Why can’t life be simpler?

Edward lifted my chin gently and forced me to look in his eyes. “I won’t attack him until he does it first. And he will wait now till the werewolves have predominance again. Don’t worry.”

I nodded, just to humor him. If they might attack again there certainly was a need to worry. He noticed my uncertainty and closed my face in his hands.

“I don’t want to see sadness on your face caused by me again. I promise… I swear I won’t hurt you anymore.”

I smiled at him comfortingly. I didn’t believe he wouldn’t hurt me in the future, but I did believe he would try. And it was just enough for me.

“Would you give me… one more chance?” he asked with hope.

“As many as you want.”

He answered me with such a happy smile my heart fluttered.

“You said something about paying off the debt…” he muttered playing with a wisp of my hair. His smile was mischievous now, devious sparks glinted in his eyes.

“With interests.” I nodded.

“There would be a lot of this.” He stroked my cheek with his fingertips. His face seemed to get closer and closer.

“You could pay by installments.”

He smiled widely, white teeth glistened. “But firstly, an advance payment…” he murmured in my lips.

Then, he closed them with a long kiss.