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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

15. 25th November: Sunday

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25.11 Sunday

As I woke up in the morning, I was in an unusually good mood. During the whole previous evening, Edward had been ‘paying back his debt’ and I could expect him to pay another installement today. I had also managed to avert a quarrel between my current and former boyfriend; a quarrel that might have turned deadly for both of them. It made me very self-satisfied.

I made my daily morning activities humming Beseech’s Innerlane. I sat in front of my laptop to check if I had any messages on my deviantArt account. Two journals, five deviations, nothing interesting. I was just going to turn off the computer and then...


The message window appeared with a strange sound.


i’m sorry

Oh no, my dear. I saved your ungrateful butt and I’m putting an end to this story here. I won’t be accommodat ing to you ever again. It’s became too much for a simple apology to settle the matter.









On the hedgehog’s snout! What an irritating guy! Yeah, it surely was kinda... nice apology but I was still too much under the influence of the previous day’s events to talk with Jacob.


please, forgive me

Irritating. Ignore.

I turned off the laptop just in time: I heard a quiet knock on the door. Edward greeted me with a happy smile. He looked unbelievably jubilant and his good mood was contagious.

“So what are we gonna do today?” he asked gaily.

It’d been a long time since I saw him like that; I couldn’t resist a laugh.

“Let’s get drunk, I’ve never done it before,” I said half-jokingly. To tell the truth, I was expecting him to burst out laughing at this flippant request. However, I truly wanted to try this. White had told me about drinking with her friends so many times. Recently, even my old friend, who was always the best, polite student, had gotten drunk after a concert of her dancing group. I was really curious to what it’s like. And I had enough of listening about something I know nearly nothing of. Besides, if I’m going under, I should reach the bottom! I thought contrarily.

To my astonishment Edward, instead of treating my request as a joke or forbidding it, grinned only. “Good idea for the night, but what are we gonna do till then?”

I was so shocked that I completely lost my track of thought. “I dunno...” I mumbled.

The vampire chuckled gently. “How about a walk?”

“Why not.” I shrugged, a little disappointed, ‘cause we couldn’t do our ‘financial matter’ in public. Or rather I didn’t tolerate such behavior. Those couples kissing on each park bench... No privacy and no respect for innocent people wanting a calm, relaxing walk!

Edward, of course saw my face and chuckled quietly. “I have a surprise for you,” he said supposedly casually. He knew exactly what he was doing; my curiosity was being awoken. Now I could even go to Prague on foot, only to get to know what he had prepared for me.

I dressed up warmly (Edward made sure I wore my coat) and we went outside to greet a huge dark cloud and cold wind. At times like this, I didn’t know whether I should be glad or the opposite. On the one side, all I wanted to do during such weather was to get back to the warmth and drink some hot tea. But on the other, if it was sunny I couldn’t meet with Edward (at least not during the day ;)). Moist mist that was hovering in the air settled down on my hair, making it twist into messy curls. We were walking down a dirty sidewalk hand in hand (this form of showing affection in public I tolerated). Trees were loosing remnants of their leaves, which became golden rustling carpet by our feet. Naked branches were aiming gloomily at the steel-grey sky. So gloomy... I thought with dread. The mood started to slowly influence me. I glanced quickly at Edward. He was already looking at me and he smiled happily as our gazes locked. What a contrast! My mood instantly brightened and I smiled back. Looking at my vampire instead of the path, I broke the saint rule of all klutzes: Watch your feet. Of course I tripped over the uneven surface. Luckily, my glorious boyfriend caught me by the waist before I fell on my face. He laughed soundly as I caught my balance back.

“It’s one more thing that makes you similar to Bella...”

But if I were Bella I would have blushed crimson by now and I didn’t do this because my complexion wasn’t prone to blushing. Instead, I became outraged. “It was not my fault! The sidewalk attacked me.”

The vampire laughed louder as an answer. However, I was too proud of my old ideals to become offended; it was childish and pointless. I noticed that we were heading towards my school instead. I was becoming impatient.

“Where’s the surprise?” I sounded like a whining child and Edward snickered again.

“Not much farther.”

We crossed the park and I saw a fenced construction site at the edge of it in front of the school. It was about 40 square meters big and it already had a brickwork.

“Here it is. The surprise.” Edward smiled and pointed out towards the rectangle.

“Eee...” I stammered not knowing what to say. “And what is it actually?”

“A brickwork so far. And soon to be ‘The Eddie’s Bar’.” He laughed. “During the day it would attend to people, and after dusk to vampires. You will have a place to eat a tasty dinner finally.” He winked at me knowingly.

We had a cafeteria at school but meals there were so horrible that I didn’t want to eat anything. However, I didn’t know if I should be very happy about the current situation. It was obvious that after twilight, the meal would consist of unlucky people who would happen to choose that particular bar to have a drink in. A ‘Bloody Mary’ would be meant literally there...

Suddenly, my stomach rumbled loudly, betraying that I hadn’t eaten any breakfast.

“You seem to be hungry.” Edward grinned.

I spread my hands in a ‘not-my-fault’ gesture. The vampire chuckled, grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction we had come from. He led me to ‘The Gate Café’ restaurant and ordered a loosened duck with cranberries without even asking my opinion. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“You and Isa wanted to give it a try, didn’t you?” he said innocently.

“Half-jokingly... What if they bring the whole duck?”

“You don’t have to eat everything.” He shrugged. “Don’t worry; you’re not the one who’s paying for this.”

I sighed. A waste is equally as bad when you do it with your money as when you use someone else’s.

Thankfully, the duck wasn’t whole. But I couldn’t fit everything in my not-so-big stomach anyway. None the less, I satisfied my curiosity: never again any ducks. I was working hard on eating the dinner and I didn’t even noticed when it got late. I finished my meal in a hurry, not wanting to miss my new soon-to-come drinking experience. When we left the building it was quite dark already. To my surprise a familiar Mercedes was waiting for us in the parking lot. I didn’t ask how it had gotten in here. I knew I should get used to these kind of surprises; this was just one of many advantages of having a vampire as a boyfriend.

Edward drove us to the suburbs, to some place I had never been. We stopped in front of a bar. A stag’s skull with its antler was hanging over the door, the sign underneath was saying that this was ‘The Lieutenant’s Bar’. We entered it in silence. I was a little hesitant; I had never been in this kind of place before. The inside was interesting. It was black and green and looked like a forester’s house. On the right there was a counter with a TV on it and tall stools beside. On the left, simple tables were surrounded by wooden benches. Show-cases were standing at the walls, full of stuffed animals. Long climbing plants were hanging in the corners. On the opposite side of the entrance was a WC door; a sheet of paper pinned to it was teaching monkeys from a bush some culture (‘It’s not a jungle on equator, flush the toilet and close the door.’).

I choose the table in the corner, as far away as I could from some strange boozers drinking beer. After a while a fat, ugly bartender was making his way among the chairs towards us with some difficulties.

“What?” he asked unpolitely when he succeeded in reaching our table.

I had given the subject of my order a lot of thought, so I answered without hesitation. “Vodka with apple juice, please.”

“On the way,” the man grunted and walked away.

I took a look at Edward, who was staring at me with a strange smirk.

“What?” I asked innocently.

“As far as I know you haven’t drunk,” he said, amused.

I shrugged. “White used to say it’s good.”

The bartender was back with a bottle of a quarter of a liter of transparent fluid and a carton of apple juice, two glasses and two tumblers.

“Drink and bon appetite,” he mumbled with a bad accent and quickly went away.

I looked at all these things sceptically. Is he sure this is the right way to drinking it? I used to be certain that vodka and juice should be in one glass... Well, the man was a bartender after all, he should know better than me, shouldn’t he?

I brushed any contemplations and inhibitions aside and started to drink. But to tell the truth, I didn’t really know how to drink alcohol... So I started quickly, glass after glass. The vampire was looking at me, more and more amused, as if I was some experiment.

“Whatchya lookin’ at?” I scolded him, but he only chuckled.

Something started to hum in my head, louder and louder. I felt so weightless that I was sure I could fly in that moment. I opened my mouth to share this thought with my boyfriend, but my lips got out of control. I was babbling and babbling, stopping only to pour another glass of vodka down my throat. I completely couldn’t control the words that were coming from me. The bar started to spin strangely in fron of my eyes.

I don’t remember much of what happened after that. There are some flashes of images that I can’t fit together. For example, I remember that I stated that the gross bartender was as handsome as Brad Pitt and that I just had to get his phone number. Of course, as soon as I was a little more conscious I threw the number, written on an eye-scorching pink napkin, away. Edward only laughed quietly and ordered a Malibu. Another flash is me singing some hit in a duel with a small radio which was standing on a counter. Three second later than the original. And in broken English. This time, my vampire forcefully pulled me to our table, muttering “What a bummer.” under his breath.

But the worst started when, after some round, I suddenly felt nauseous. Unthinkingly, I grabbed a hood of a sweatshirt that belonged to the boy sitting next-table and... Whoosh! Let’s just say that the huge hood was exactly the size of a loosened duck, Malibu and vodka. Cranberries stuck in my nose, gross. The bald skater started to swear and wanted to attack me. He grasped my arms, his hands like pincers, and then... Whoosh! Puke landed on his feet together with cranberries. Thankfully, Edward intervened in this moment (he was previously outside for a reason unknown to me). He started to apologize to the man and he even gave him 500 zlotys as a compensation for the sweatshirt and shoes. The skate calmed clearly. He took the sweatshirt off and went to the bathroom to clean his shoes.

After the excesses of alcohol left my stomach I was a little more conscious, though I felt awful. The bartender run to us and started to shout something, increasing my headache. The vampire gave him a hundred, took a rag from him and started to clean. All of a sudden, I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned around, almost falling on my face, and saw a tall, anorexic-looking and extremely pale long-haired blonde. She had strange, violet eyes and was dressed with the most fashionable clothes.

“Eddie, I’ll take her on the fresh air so she would cool down a little,” she told Edward, her voice like bells, but he didn’t seem to notice her; he was arguing with the bartender.

The woman led me outside holding me by my elbow. It was quite hard to walk, the floor seemed extremely uneven, and the walls were spinning like crazy. When we were finally in front of the building, I leaned against a wall heavily.

I was just opening my mouth to ask the blonde who she was and how did she know Edward, but instead of words, puke left them: straight on the girl’s white sneakers. Luckily, she had better reflex than the bald guy and jumped aside just in time. She shook her head in incredulity.

“It’s a shame there’s no who-would-puke-on-the-greatest-amount-of-shoes contest. You would surely win. You’ve completely destroyed Mati’s shoes.” Though I still wasn’t very mentally competent, I managed to join the name ‘Mati’ with the skate whose sweatshirt and sneakers had been victims of my sickness. I also assumed that he was this girl’s boyfriend. “Was it the first time you drank alcohol? Don’t you know that you shouldn’t mix? When you drink vodka, drink vodka. Not vodka and wine and liquor.” She took me all in, from head to toe, with a cinical glance. “Gosh, how old are you?!” she shouted suddenly. “Since when has Eddie liked younger ones? He used to fall for mature women.”

How does she know this?! Was bouncing in my head. I wanted to ask her, but again I was stopped by puke. My head spun and I lost my balance stumbling over my own feet and almost landing in the disgusting puddle.

“You’re such a klutz, aren’t you?” The chick seemed amused. “You probably don’t remember how many times you fell tonight. The one when you tumbled onto the bartender carrying a jar of cucumbers was great.” She laughed at the memory.

I frowned, but I’m not sure if it was a reaction to her words or acrobatic tricks of my stomach.

“What are you doing to her?!” Edward’s voice thundered. He’d just left the pub, probably looking for me.

“Me?” the blondie faked astonishment.

“No, me,” the vampire growled caustically making his way toward us quickly.

“No worries, honey-bun, nothing. Anyway, it wasn’t me who got her drunk in the first place,” she answered with a sarcastic smile.

Edward didn’t respond but took me by the elbow instead. Grateful, I put all my weight on him because the sidewalk was just threatening me that it would jump up and attack my face. The boy walked me to his car and sat me on the passenger seat with my legs outside. For a second the world spinned again, my stomach with it. I groaned. The vampire towed me forward forcefully; I was now hanging like a rag doll and if he wasn’t holding my arm I would have surely fallen down. I felt his other hand brushing my hair aside and then the cold marble landed gently on my neck. Because of his skin temperature it coud easily replace any ice-bag. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, begging my stomach not to turn inside out again.

“By the way, Eddie, since when have you been tanking teeny-boppers up?” the girl’s voice so near me made me start; she was moving without a sound.

“Shut up, Eve!” Edward growled. “Mind your own business.” He sounded so menacingly that even I was a little afraid.

“Easy, honey-bunny, no worries.” Eve raised her hands up in surrender but moved closer to me.

My boyfriend stood between us as if he wanted to protect me. Protect me from what? From this anorexic Barbie? “You will regret it, Eve!...” he growled.

That was when ‘Mati’ walked out of the pub impetuously.

“You’re threatening my doll?” The muscle-man got ready to fight. Edward on the other hand, clearly relaxed. Was it possible that this Eve was a greater threat than a hooligan on steroids? Or maybe it was just my alcohol-intoxicated brain playing with me?

“Aren’t you too old for playing dolls?” the vampire joked maliciously.

“You... you...” the slaphead stuttered; apparently his IQ was too low for him to even come up with a comeback.

Suddenly, Eve gently laid her hand on his shoulder. “Let’s go,” she said looking into his eyes.

And the big, tough guy, like a little kitten, followed his mistress. Edward’s eyes followed their departure. Where do they know each other from? Was echoing in my head.

The vampire bent over me, looking in my face. “Better?” he asked tenderly. “Can we go or will you ralph up again?”

I was feeling a little better but would it be enough to live through the drive? However, I wanted to get out of that place and be in my warm, soft bed as soon as possible. So I nodded and pushed my inert body fully into the car. I collapsed on the seat, feeling vibrations of the engine being switched on. The last thing I remember is the feeling of Edward’s cold lips on my temple.