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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

16. 26th November: Monday

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26.11 Monday

Actually, I don’t know what woke me up. The sleep just left me suddenly and I opened my eyes. It took me a while to recognize where I was, like my brain was working on a low revolution. I’m in my room, that’s for sure, but how did I end up here? It remained an unsolved mystery for me. I peeked at the clock; it was 11:32. The word ‘school’ appeared in my mind but I didn’t completely know why. What day is today? Sunday? No, wait… Sunday was yesterday, I think… Why don’t I remember it then? I tried to recollect yesterday’s events, from the very beginning. Jacob’s apology on the IM, a walk with Edward, ‘the Eddie’s Bar’… And then…

Suddenly, my brain clicked into place. ‘The Lieutenant’s Bar’! The memory of that place was full of black holes that I couldn’t fill. However, what I could recall was enough for me to make a decision of not showing myself in public for the rest of my life.

One thing I knew for sure: I was just suffering from a so called ‘hangover’. And what’s the best hangover cure? Sleep it off! I turned my head to find myself a more comfortable position and immediately groaned loudly. Jolting my skull was an unbelievable pain I hadn’t ever felt before. It was like I had been battering my head against a wall methodically all night long. Generally, my whole body hurt, but what was happening with my head… was indescribable.

I tried to rise to search for some painkillers in the kitchen. Instantly, nausea hit me. Fighting the sickness with all my will-power, I slowly, holding the walls for support, moved to find some merciful remedy. Only when I tried to open my mouth did I realize how dry it was. My tongue seemed to be a wooden block and I desperately needed something to drink. No, not just something; something that contained water. Never again any alcohol! I thought to myself, just like probably thousands of people before me. I dragged myself to the table, grabbed a carton of juice and quickly drank up all of its contains. When there wasn’t even a drop left, I felt a little better; if you could call ‘better’ a state of pounding head and shaking limbs. I started to rummage about in the cupboards in search for some corpse reviver, but even after half an hour of hunting, I found nothing. Slightly broken, I got my corpse back up to my room, groaning quietly in pain.

As soon as I walked past the threshold of my sanctuary I noticed how much it stank inside! The smell reminded me of the old men rooting through garbage containers at the housing development. Gross! The worst part was that I was stinky too! I felt my stomach turning in protest and I hurried to open a window, greeting a gust of fresh air with gratitude; it soothed my headache and my rebelling guts. I was standing like that for a while, breathing deeply, feeling the cold wind freezing my lungs. What luck do I have that my parents aren’t home, I thought with relief. They would probably kill me if they saw me now…

When I was so cold that I started to shake, I went to the bathroom to wash yesterday’s cover off of me. Deciding to take a long, relaxing bath instead of a simple shower, I reached for the knob. After alternating water temperature I poured a cap of Vanilla and Cream Bath Oil into the tube. I stepped inside as it filled with bubbles. The foaming surface rose quickly, engulfing me almost whole, lulling me into sleepy unconsciousness. However, I couldn’t really fall asleep; not with one face constantly haunting my mind. And it wasn’t an image of the bald body-builder that had menaced my life after I had destroyed his precious outfit. It was the Barbie at his side that occupied my thoughts.

I couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong with her, but there was something about her that was making my stomach turn with a bad feeling. And apparently, she was dangerous; though I still didn’t know how that could be. However, it wasn’t the hypothetical threat she held over me that bothered me; what was more important was that Edward seemed to know her quite well. Actually, they seemed to have once been together. I was telling myself that I shouldn’t worry over something that trivial. After all, my situation was better than my vampire’s had been only a few days ago; HE had acted as if he hadn’t liked his ex. But after years of feeling self-conscious and unattractive to men it was only a natural reaction on my side, was it not?

Finally deciding to use my usual weapon and ask my boyfriend about it with all the power of honesty I had, I washed myself quickly and stepped out of the tub. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. That took me off guard and I almost landed on my butt, shrieking after slipping on the smooth marble floor, managing to catch the sink at the last moment.

“Isabel?” I heard Edward’s voice on the other side of the door. He sounded worried, probably because of the scary noise I’d made. “You okay there?”

“Yeah,” I groaned pulling myself to my feet. “I’ll be out in a minute,” I called and grabbed the towel to dry myself of the dripping water and prevent any other falls. I dressed quickly, made all the other necessary daily activities and rushed out of the room, only to be met with the sight of an angry boyfriend standing next to my bed, which I noticed was already made.

“Why did you have your window open?” he scolded, folding his arms on his chest. “The room was freezing!”

I shrugged. “I needed some fresh air.” It felt embarrassing to admit to him that I couldn’t have stood the smell; though I knew he would notice it anyway with his annoying power. It was impossible to avoid touching him and every time we made contact, he shamelessly took advantage of the opportunity to read my reminiscences. I just had to deal with the fact that he knew me probably better that I did, considering my poor human memory. And he knew all of me; also physically, I observed. I almost blushed at the thought and quickly pushed it aside not to cause any suspicions with my nervous state.

I had more important matters to discuss now. Taking into consideration Edward’s bad temper, I had to be gentle and careful with this, but also sufficiently demanding to force the information out of him. I needed to make him confess. Do not make him suspicious, I was making important notes in my head. Do not irritate him. Do not go straight forward with your theory. He’s a man; do not try to dominate him. And the most important: he’s a man that can easily take your life; do not give him a chance to. It sounded like I was preparing to an eye-to-eye confrontation with some dangerous animal; and though my boyfriend certainly wasn’t an animal, he was even more dangerous than one.

I smiled innocently at him (at least I hoped it was innocent) and crossed the hall to hug him gently. My headache dismissed as soon as my forehead touched the vampire’s cold shirt and I was grateful for that; I could finally think more effectively. He put his arms around me and I felt his cheek at the top of my head.

“Are you really okay? No headache, nausea?” he asked softly.

“A little,” I lied smoothly; though not smoothly enough for him because he could probably feel now how I was before he had came here.

He sighed. “I’m sorry for yesterday. I shouldn’t have let you drink that much.”

My head snapped up instantly and I looked warily into his eyes. “It’s not your fault, Edward! It was my own decision to get myself drunk and I am to take full responsibility for that!” He tried to say something but I put my finger to his lips to silence him. “You know that I’m right so please don’t argue with me.” He said nothing but still looked guilty. I sighed, frustrated.

However, it may be a perfect time to bring up the main topic of this conversation… I thought. “Speaking of yesterday…” I started, nervously playing with a collar of his shirt. “I was thinking… about this girl we met there… Eve was her name, right?” I sneaked a peak at his expression; he looked cautious now. Something was up.

“What about her?” he asked, clearly uncomfortable.

“You seemed to know her well. And I just wondered… who she is.” He didn’t answer. Looking somewhere on the right, he narrowed his brows and his lips formed a straight line. Not good. But I had to know! I decided to just spill it out. “Is she your ex?”

His head shot in my direction; his eyes were wide, brimmed with shock and slight anger. “What?! Hell, no!!!” he yelled; I winced at his rage. Crap, I broke one of my rules: I irritated him. “What made you think that?!”

“I don’t know,” I mumbled. “It just seemed to fit. She knew so much about you and… and… she called you honey-bunny…” My voice was getting softer and softer, the last word coming out as a whisper.

I was waiting for some reply from him, for him to tell me I was right all along or just yell at me, but nothing came. Just as I was getting impatient, I felt shaking of his chest next to me. I looked at him and blinked, surprised. He was holding back laughter! When he saw my face, he snapped and burst into laughter. “Oh, Isabel…” he breathed in between chuckles. I pursed my lips and turned away from him; he was laughing at me! Edward just hugged me closer to him, crushing my embarrassed self to his torso. When his fits finally subsided, he put his face in my hair.

“You’re so cute when you’re jealous,” he murmured sweetly in my ear.

DANG! I hid my face in the fabric of his shirt in extreme mortification; I felt my cheeks getting hot, though they probably weren’t really red. My boyfriend snickered once more and then sighed.

“She’s just someone I wish we would never see again,” he whispered.

I closed my arms tightly around him and nestled into his shoulder. His last statement was enough for my worries to disappear.

After some time of this cuddling, Edward pulled away. I looked at him questioningly and he grinned. “We can’t waste all day like that, can we?” I shrugged at this; I was definitely up for such a waste of time as long as they were his arms holding me. He didn’t even kiss me today and he wanted to stop already!

As if on cue, he leaned in and pecked my lips. “If you feel better now, I would like to try something,” he said with a mysterious smirk on his face. I nodded hesitantly, not sure what was going on his mind. Was it at all safe to agree to his ideas? But then I saw his smoldering eyes; those two pools of pure fire. When he looked at me like that I could deny him nothing.

Surprisingly, he led me to the kitchen. There were already loads of things on the table and on top of them was lying a red book. The vampire lifted the little volume in his hand to show me the cover.

“A cook book?” I raised an eyebrow at him. “Do you plan on actually cooking in your bar?”

“What’s left to do during the time I’m not with you?” He shrugged, still smiling widely. He looked like a little boy about to receive the biggest present of all lying under the Christmas tree, and his childish enthusiasm made me giggle. “But I don’t want to set the house on fire, so you have to help me.”

“Be rational, Edward! I can’t cook! I plus kitchen equals a total disaster! It’s more probable for ME to set something on fire!”

“If this ‘something’ is an oven, then it’ll be a good sign.” He winked at me, joking.

“No way am I doing this.” I shook my head furiously. “Anything I’ll make won’t be edible. Besides, I’ll make a whole lot of mess. And I’ll cut myself.”

Edward caught my head in his hands to immobilize it and spoke softly: “I wouldn’t let that happen.” He kissed my forehead. “And any mess made I will clean up in a blink of an eye. You’re here only to help me, you won’t be making it alone. I’ll do most of the job. Your duty is to watch over me so that I’ll make everything right.” He winked.

The day of apocalypse came… “Okay then…” I sighed, resigned.

The vampire smiled even wider at my answer and kissed my forehead again.

“But let’s make something for beginners; I don’t want to be in this country tonight if we destroy the kitchen.”

“You’re just trying to duck out of it ‘cause you’re chicken,” he teased.

“What?! I am not!” I yelled, offended.

“Are too.”

“Am not!”

“Are too.”

“Am not!!” He was going to continue this childish argument but I cut him short: “And stop acting like a friggin’ kid!” That sufficiently closed his mouth. “Okay now, give me that book. I’ll choose something reasonable,” I growled.

“Actually, I’ve already chosen a suitable recipe…” My boyfriend smirked and handed me the tome, opened on a specific page. I took it and instantly snorted. It was the Mushroom Ravioli! I should have guessed! I thought, amused. Oh well, I suppose since I’m Bella in this story, I should also give it a try.

However, as I was reading the recipe my eyes were getting wider and wider. “’1/4 cup of sliced shiitake and oyster mushrooms, 1/2 cup of sliced cremini and white button mushrooms, 2 sliced garlic cloves, 1/4 cup of butter, 1/4 teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper, 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon of onion and garlic powder, 1/8 cup of beef broth, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 cup of ricotta cheese, 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese, 1/2 cup of coarsely chopped mixed mushrooms…’ Where will we get all that from, now?!”

“I have already bought everything.” He tapped the shopping bags, which were lying on the table.

I shook my head with incredulity; he really thought this through. I could do nothing more than go along with his crazy idea. “So we have…” I took a look at the clock, “about three hours before my parents arrive. Let’s get this over with and quick!” I rolled my sleeves up to my elbows and we set to work.

The first thing to do was the filling. I turned the oven on and put the suitable amount of butter on the frying pan, luckily not burning myself in the process. When the butter melted, I added olive oil. Then, Edward placed mushrooms on the hot liquid. I peeked into the book.

“Cover them up. We have to wait for them to release their juices.”

The entire time the vampire was looking intently on the transparent lid. I decided not to interfere while fire was included; it was a sure way for me to hurt myself so I only gave my boyfriend instructions and watched him cooking. He was concentrated on his task, careful not to miss anything; he looked like the man of the house. Finally, he removed the pan from the fire and I joined him in blending cheese with the mixture after it cooled down.

The funniest part was making dough. We smeared the countertop, the floor and even walls with flour, eggs and the sticky mass. Not to mention ourselves. My clothes were totally ruined, as were Edward’s! Not caring about this, we were chasing each other around the table (him at human speed to allow me to win sometimes) and trying to make even more mess, touching our faces and hair until we were all sticky and felt as if we were plastered. The apartment was shaking with our loud irrepressible laughter. Never before in my life had I had so much fun.

It took us some time to finish kneading the dough with our constant jokes, but we finally managed to do it. We were a little hurried then with filling the ravioli; there was only a little time left for us to finish and clean up that disorder before my parents were back. To prevent any problems with spilled blood, the vampire was the one to cut the filled sheets of dough into nice squares.

The finished pieces were waiting on the table, drying, giving us an hour to clean ourselves before cooking. Edward ran to his house to change in some other clothes. I probably shouldn’t have, but I worried that despite his vampire speed, someone would see him and cause panic in the city, and consequently put my boyfriend in real danger. I redressed and washed myself quickly, but he was still faster than me; when I went out of the bathroom he was already back, looking refreshed. He smirked at me.

“Now you go watch TV and relax, and I’m going back to the kitchen.” He led me to the living room.

“What for?” I was confused. “There’s nothing to do, the ravioli’s drying now.”

“Someone has to tidy up the chaos we made.” He chuckled.

Holy shit! I totally forgot about that! “I’ll help you!” I demanded rather than offered.

“Oh no, my dear. You’re staying here.” He forced me to sit in the armchair. “I promised to do this and so I will.” Then, he disappeared.

I tried to feel comfortable reclining in my seat, but I couldn’t. How could I sit there doing nothing while my boyfriend was doing one hell of a job? And the fact that I was the main cause for the need of his work wasn’t helping at all!

I didn’t have to fidget there too much. It took about fifteen minutes for Edward to get back, still clean and perfect as always. Well, almost always, I corrected in my mind reminding myself of his recent state of disarray.

“Don’t tell me you’re done because I won’t believe you.” I stood up to check what he’d done. He just shrugged as I passed him heading to the kitchen. As soon as I entered the room my jaw dropped. All was shiny and clean! When I last was there, all was covered in white and creamy spots and splatters, but after just a quarter in his hands it looked like new! This man was unbelievable.

“Wow,” was all I managed to stutter.

“I told you I’ll do it in a blink of an eye.” He sounded offended. “You should have more faith in me.”

“I will.” I nodded, quite impressed by his housework skills.

It was high time to finish the ravioli. Edward was making some special sauce, which left me alone with the dangerous boiling water. After 15 minutes, I carefully took the ravioli out of the pot with a skimmer and left it to dry; at the same time Edward finished his work.

In the same second, the front door opened and my parents entered the apartment.

“Isabel!” my mother called to check on me like she always did; I rolled my eyes at her predictability.

“Go see them, I’ll prepare the meal,” Edward whispered to me, smiling. I sighed and rushed to great my parents.

“Hi!” I said smugly, leaning into a wall, waiting for them to hang their coats. They seemed happy and still flush from the emotions their little trip caused. They acted almost like teenagers; I’d never seen them like that.

“Hi! Were there any problems?” my mother tried to go back to her usual annoying parental state.

“No… Should there have been any?” I raised one eyebrow in confusion. I wouldn’t want her to know what happened, especially not about missing school because of a hangover. These were the two most delicate topics. She was very touchy when it came to my school; it was connected with something along the lines of ‘the care of a child’s education’ but it didn’t change the fact that she was overreacting. And alcohol was even higher on her list of forbidden things. She was always telling me that I have to be careful of this ‘devil’s creation’; alcoholism was in my genes from my two grandfathers, so in her opinion it was highly probable for me to follow their fates.

She shrugged. “Oh, I don’t know. You could have gotten drunk for all I know! You’re quite unpredictable sometimes.”

Sixth sense, would you call it? Maybe my abilities were also genetically inherited? Sometimes I couldn’t help but think that.

“What do you think?! Do I look like some old drunkard with a nose like a cauliflower?!” I called in an offended voice. Lying was one of my many talents. I think I should have actually become an actress with my well-trained skills. I don’t know what I’d have done if I was so much like Bella also in this area; my parents would probably want to kill me at least once a week, which would make my already hard life a real torture.

Mom was going to say something unpleasant, judging by her expression, but I cut her short. “Come on, we’ve made dinner. Hurry up before it gets cold.” I marched towards the kitchen, looking over my shoulder to check if they were following me. They glanced at each other, shock evident on their faces. I smirked inwardly. Ha! They obviously hadn’t expected me to do anything so extreme while they had been away. But to tell the truth, I wouldn’t have either.

The ravioli was waiting for us on the table, artistically decorated with the sauce and some herbs (another thing that made me and Edward fit perfectly – he had an artistic sense). When my parents saw what we made, without destroying the room, their mouths hit the floor. And I’m not exaggerating. Okay, maybe a little.

“You made this?” my dad asked Edward. I knew exactly what he was insinuating.

“WE made it, dad,” I said crossing my arms over my chest. I’d done almost as much of the job as Edward, I deserved a bit of respect, dammit! They had so little faith in me!

Again that scared look! I wouldn’t try to give them poisoned food, for god’s sake! I’m not stupid! Where would I take money from if I’d killed them?

The tension in the air was almost tangible as they sat by the table and prepared themselves for ‘the dinner of doom’. I couldn’t blame them, really; my latest cooking achievements hadn’t been fabulous, to say the least. It’s a shame to admit, but the only thing I was able to do properly were sandwiches. And even while making those I was sometimes able to cut myself. Yes, I was actually THAT horrible. I was also nervous watching my parents take their first bites of the food; and the fact that I hadn’t checked if it was edible wasn’t helping at all. So when their expressions changed from hesitant to pleasantly shocked, I breathed with relief.

“It’s good!” my father said in disbelief.

“See! And you didn’t want to believe it!” I pretended to be offended but had a huge smile on my face which gave me away. I took my own plate and ate it all in a short while. It was REALLY good! Who would have thought that some food I had touched in the making process with my cursed clumsy hands would be THAT good?

When we finished, Edward helped me washing the dishes while my parents went to look through the photos they’d made. I peeked at the clock and my smile faded; it was getting late.

“It’s late. I should go,” the vampire said as if he could read my mind. Or was it me who was sending a mental message to him? Sometimes I couldn’t help but to believe that with the way my thoughts corresponded with others’.

“Don’t go yet.” I pouted looking at him with the puppy-dog eyes that, according to my friend, Megan, was making me look irresistibly cute.

My boyfriend only chuckled and led me to the hall; or rather dragged me there, because I stubbornly didn’t want to move. I wasn’t ready for him to go yet. No matter how long he’d be with me, I still didn’t have enough of him. I wondered if I ever would. He was the force that held me to the Earth; without him I would loose myself in my mind, close myself in my own world, trapped within the walls of my imagination. I had been already close to that state when he’d found me.

I forgot all about my pouting when he kissed me. It was just a soft series of pecks, but the amount of love behind them made my head swim. Automatically, I put my arms around his neck, before a sudden noise from the living room shook me out of my dazed state, reminding me of my parents, who could catch us any minute making out in the doorway. It would bring no good.

“Let’s move it outside,” I whispered as I unglued myself from his lips.

I was only answered with his mischievous grin before he pulled me out the door and down the stairs. The whole time, he was holding me steadily in his arms, kissing my face, so I didn’t even noticed when we reached the front door of the building. As soon as the realization of what this meant came, I clung to Edward for dear life, clutching him tightly by the waist.

“I’m guessing you won’t let me go if I ask nicely,” he asked, a smile obvious in his voice.

“Mmhmmm…” I hummed unintelligibly in his shirt as an answer. He laughed but held me tighter to him. He put his face in the crook of my neck, inhaling deeply.

“I think I can wait five more minutes…” he murmured into my throat, his cold breath making me shiver. I sighed when he started trailing feather-light kisses along my neck. Occasionally, I would stand on my tip-toes to leave a few of my own on his skin. I was just wondering if I could make vampire a hickey when I heard someone clearing his throat loudly behind us. I spun around to see my neighbor looking at us with a mix of annoyance, disgust and amusement.

“Would you mind not canoodling on the way out? Some people actually want to walk there.”

Oh. My. God. This made me REALLY blush! How could Edward not hear this man coming?! Apparently, he was too preoccupied to pay attention to the surroundings… I should have been pleased that I had this kind of effect on him, but at the time the only thing I was able to think about was the utter mortification. I felt so humiliated that I could have just curled up and die. You would have thought that I would be more worried about the previous night’s events, but I didn’t remember them much so I didn’t actually know what to worry about. Besides, I didn’t know the people that had seen me there, and here my own neighbor saw me! My ‘no PDA’ rule had been just torn to shreds…

The man made his way past us and out the door. As soon as he was out of sight, I banged my head on my boyfriend’s chest so hard it actually hurt and hid my tomato-red face in his shirt. He put his hands gently on my shoulders, soothing the stress.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear him coming,” he spoke apologetically. “I wasn’t listening. Next time I’ll pay more attention.”

“There will be no next time,” I said strongly, raising my head. I felt him tense and his arms dropped.

“I-I’m really sorry, I…”

“There will be no next time…” I repeated, louder this time to cut his worried babbling, “Because next time we will choose a better place.” I looked up in time to see the tension on his face disappear and his mouth forming a small smile. “What did you think I’d meant?” I asked rhetorically, knowing the answer well enough and showing him with my voice that it was stupid of him. I wouldn’t want to ditch him for something so silly and meaningless, for all vampires’ sakes!

I pecked his lips and quickly pulled away to avoid being caught by another neighbor. That was when I noticed it – a small envelope sticking out of my mail box. I felt a prick of annoyance; couldn’t the postman have been more careful?! Anyone could have taken and read that! Grumbling some invectives about Polish Post Office under my breath, I snatched the blue paper out of the box. The series of profanities stopped short as I saw that there was no stamp on the letter; it couldn’t have been sent by mail. Someone put it there alone. There was my name written in black swinging letters, slightly too small for my liking, on the top of the envelope. It couldn’t have been an anonymous threatening letter; it was handwritten. Hesitantly, I opened it. Inside, there was a piece of blue paper with only two sentences written in the same style as my name on the cover.

I’ve finally found you, my love.

It’s time for me to fulfill my promise.

Nothing more, no signature. I turned the sheet but there was nothing to be found.

“What do you have there?” I heard my boyfriend’s cheerful voice behind me. Using my bewilderment caused by the strange message to his advantage, he stole the letter from my hands. I let him read it, knowing he’d see it through my memories with his next touch anyway. With him in my life, I would never have much of a personal space so I just had to cope with it, even though it sometimes annoyed the hell out of me.

At that time, I had more important things on my mind that my privacy, or lack thereof. What was the note supposed to mean? Who was the author and about what promise was he writing? And why the hell did he call me HIS LOVE?!

I heard Edward’s sharp intake of breath and spun around to face him. He was still looking at the blue paper and I noticed shock and incredulity crossing his face.


When he lifted his head, his expression was blank, but what I saw in his eyes made my breath hitch and my heart drop. They were completely black, like two coals. I knew this look. It wasn’t the bloodlust that caused the change; it was rage.

Oh, shit. I am in trouble.