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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

3. 18th October: Thursday

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18.10 Thursday

When I was rushing to the bus stop, the sight of the black Porsche parked in front of the gateway surprised me. Edward was grinning light-heartedly from the inside of it. He motioned to me to come up to him. I got in the car obediently.

“Good mornin’! How was your sleep?” He greeted me cheerfully.

“You’re gonna pick me up to and from school every day?” I asked, ignoring his interest in my sleep.

“Do you mind?” He didn’t sound like he really cared.

“My parents will finally get interested in the owner of the black sport car, who picks up their daughter.”

“It’s obvious.” I saw amusement in his eyes.

“And I don’t know what to tell them if they ask. I know nothing about you. I mean, I don’t know the official version. Or perhaps I hafta tell them the truth...?”

He looked at me carefully, surely evaluating if I could do that. “My name’s Edward Favors, I’m 20. I’m doing a degree in English at a local university.”

“And how long have you been 20?” I now got interested.

He grinned. “A while.” He answered quoting bookish Edward.

We arrived at the school. I was going to get out of the car, but he stopped me, grabbing my hand.

“I’m taking you to ‘the Sweetshop from Maple-street’ after your classes. I didn’t have enough time to learn anything about you, though I’ve promised.”

I looked at him skeptically. I saw real curiosity in his ruby eyes. Was he really interested in his meal-to-be?

Meditations about the vampire’s motivations took over me through all my morning lessons. I managed to avoid the girls for a couple of breaks, but they finally caught me in the hallway.

“How was your date?” Isa winked at me knowingly.

“Goody.” I answered outdistanced. I had to be on my guard not to spill the beans too much. I often don’t think about the consequences before I opened my mouth. It makes my life so much more difficult.

“Could you be a little more precise? What were you two doin’?”

“We were buying a coat.” I could tell them that much.

My two friends seemed disappointed. However, they quickly found another topic to discuss.

“What is he like?” Kat got interested.

“Handsome.” I didn’t know whether Isa answered the question instead of me or simply stated her own opinion.

That was not the word for it! Even ‘exceptionally handsome’ wouldn’t fully express his charm. I didn’t say it aloud of course, not only because of my sensation-seeking friends. I thanked fortune that ‘my’ Edward couldn’t read minds like the bookish one. However, the girls had to read something from my face ‘cause they giggled.

“So…” Isa started carefully. “What are your plans with him?”

“Plans?” I tried to concentrate on the talk but the vision of the vampire’s angelic face made it effectively impossible.

Isa rolled her eyes with disapproval. “Plans, plans. Are you already together?”

I snorted. “Yeah, sure, after 3 days of knowing each other.” My voice was full of sarcasm.

“You have to do your best then.”

I shrugged. “As far as I know it’s the guy’s job to try to fawn upon a girl. I’ve never seen a girl ask a guy to go out.”

The girls became gloomy as they saw my lack of interest. Ha! They surely hoped for acting as matchmakers! They may not count on that! Also because ‘the candidate’ was going to take my life in the not-too-distant future.

“But just take a look. He has a car…” White started to enumerate; she hoped she would talk some sense into me with reasonable arguments “Long hair, gorgeous smile, eyes… And he’s probably rich as hell. It’s exactly like your ideal guy!”

Oh, if you knew how right you are…I thought.

“Then what’s the matter?” She looked at me strangely.

Dammit! Did I say it aloud?!

Fortunately, the bell rang this instant, rescuing me from making up a credible lie. I was sitting next to Moniq during a History lesson; she thankfully wasn’t acquainted with my private life. As soon as the favorable bell, telling the end of my lessons, rang again, I scrambled off my chair and reached the door first. Irritated glances of the History teacher and my two friends were following me. I took it easy, put on my coat in a blink of an eye and sprang out of the school. Edward was already waiting for me in his car. He was smiling encouragingly and leaning nonchalantly on the open pane. I took a deep breath and moved towards him feeling troubles in the air.

“Hello!” Edward greeted me as I got in the car. “How are things?”

“Hi.” I growled.

He looked at me questionably. I held out my hand without a word. Come what may, I don’t care anymore! The vampire closed his eyes watching my memories. His face stiffened. Why do I always have to be right? He let go of my hand rapidly as if it burnt him. I was looking at my knees. I felt like a kid who received a note for a fight with a classmate, and is going to be punished by a parent. We were driving in silence for some time. I didn’t have the courage to say anything, or even look at his face to check if he’s mad. Finally, he sighed.

“I guarantee that I’m less of your ideal guy than you think.” I couldn’t read anything from his voice.

I felt my cheeks getting red. You’re telling me that, and so what? I thought. I still see it differently. For the first time, I met someone exactly like my artistically inflated vision. I was simply fascinated; at least I hoped so. It will pass. I was explaining to myself. I was a sworn feminist after all, I couldn’t fall in love. Especially not with my torturer-to-be.

Wait a sec; it was him, after all, who had told me that if I wanted my life to be more interesting, I should leave all my standards and feminism alone! I looked at him courageously. He surely saw something in my face expression because he became sulky again. He looked at the road.

“It’s starting to get out of control…” He muttered so quietly I wasn’t sure I heard him well.

Suddenly, he stopped the car. I looked through the window. We were below my apartment building.

“You said we’d go…”

“But we won’t!” He snarled and then sighted. “Go now. Your mom’s waiting.” He said in calmer voice.

I went home, sullen. When I looked up at my window I saw mom’s face. So I got what I deserved. I thought, thinking of my mother as well as Edward. As I entered my apartment mom was already standing in a hall with a menacing face.

“Whose car was that?” She asked suspiciously.

I looked daggers at her. “That’s none of your business.” I growled, knowing that I was only making my situation worse. I didn’t mind any more.

“It’s exactly my business! It’s some boy, right?!”

“If you already know, why are you asking?” I touched my temple; I was starting to have a headache. I moved towards my room.

“Wait here, young lady!” Mother stopped me. “I think we need to talk!”

I looked at her with disapproval. “If you’re gonna have that ‘talk’ with me, then you should know school has already done it.”

She snorted impatiently. “Who’s that boy?”

“Edward Favors, 20 years old. He’s doing a degree in English at our local university.” I recited obediently the formula Edward told me in the morning. Mom was slightly surprised with my sincere and consistent answer.

“How long have you known each other?” She asked, calmer.

I shrugged. “Some time.” She looked at me skeptically. “I dunno, I didn’t count.” If only she knew it was less than three days she would surely get mad.

“If you fail school because of him…”

I rolled my eyes. Always the same. “Mom, calm down! I’ll cope with it.”

Thankfully, she didn’t order me to describe him in detail like my friends had done. If she did I’d surely get nuts.