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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

5. 2nd November: Friday

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2.11 Friday

Next two weeks passed in routine, though this time was not tiring. In the mornings Edward was picking me up for school. Classes were extremely boring, so I was killing time sketching my vampire’s face in manga style in each notebook. After school he was picking me up again and we were going to confectioner’s to talk. It wasn’t monotonous; each time it was another one. I hadn’t known there were so many confectioners’ places in our city.

Just as he promised, Edward was bombarding me with questions. He was asking me how I had felt in different moments of my life and what I was thinking. I didn’t remember much but I tried to answer him as truly and precisely as I could. After some time I was getting irritated, what constantly evoked bursts of laughter. My mom was already used to the black car and its mysterious owner, whom she had never seen. That’s what I had thought until one Friday morning.

I was preparing breakfast as she walked into the kitchen. She had just woken up and she was in her night gown still. She started to make herself a coffee.

“When will I finally meet your boyfriend?” She asked, as if she didn’t really mind, but I heard reproach in her voice.

I frowned. “He’s not my boyfriend, mom. We’re only dating.”

“Then it’s high time for him to ask you to go out!” She was indignant. “You meet every day!”

I sighed while reaching into the fridge for a cucumber. Edward would be angry again as he would see this.

“Bring him here today.” She announced categorically and simply left with her cup.

I was so surprised that I was still standing there with a cucumber in one hand and a knife in the other for some time. Finally, I recovered and returned to making sandwiches. Preparing for school took me longer this morning because I wanted to delay meeting Edward. It may seem strange, but he was getting very… unpleasant at times like this. He had a specific vision about our predator-prey relationship and wanted nothing to destroy it.

Again I was leading up to Edward’s car like for a beheading, but I was completely wrong. When he saw my memories he just laughed at my reaction and then got lost in thoughts.

“Hmm… Maybe I really should… It’s already over two weeks, it actually could seem a little strange…” He was muttering quietly to himself. Suddenly, he giggled. “And I will gladly see how your friends would react to the news.” He looked at me strangely.

“So, we’re a couple now, am I right?” I mumbled trying to hide my joy. It was totally not like him! Was he bi-polar or something?

He probably saw my happiness anyway and looked at me gloomily. “Don’t forget about the promise!” He said.

That’s what he called what I had said in ‘the Maple-street’s’. ‘The promise’. Though I hadn’t really promised anything. If I had, I would have broken it the next minute when I realized my true feelings. And since that time those feelings hadn’t weakened at all.

“What about the trip?” I asked, also to change the subject.

He smiled wide. “Everything’s settled. I’m going with you on Thursday.”

I was pleased. Maybe during these few romantic hours in the theatre he would change his mind? I didn’t count on that too much. Edward was really true to his word (and stubborn), but who knows… This hope was lifting my spirits.

In the school, the girls found me without my help to ask me about any news.

“We’re a couple now.” I announced trying to keep my voice calm.

“Dammit, girl!” Isa shouted with respect. “Such a handsome guy!”

I giggled. Someone standing behind me also giggled. It was Alice. “Yeah, he’s fairly good. It’s a pity you don’t match him.” She laid caustically and walked away roaring with laughter.

And then it shot me. Edward didn’t want me to fall in love with him not only because I was to be his pray. He didn’t see any chance to return my feelings. Because I was too ordinary. No, that’s not the word for it. I was simply ugly. I weighed too much. I didn’t wear makeup and fashionable clothes. However, it was better now with my weight. I was so occupied with thinking about Edward that I often forgot to eat. Trousers, which had fitted perfectly not very long ago, were now so loose I had to use a belt. It was consoling, but only slightly. I wasn’t worthy of being loved by someone like Edward anyway. In this one moment all my hopes disappeared. Now all faces I saw seemed to grimace at me with mocking smiles.

I was so gloomy that when I got into the car after school Edward didn’t even greet me. He just took my hand immediately. He snorted irritated after a while. “What impudence!” I guessed he meant Alice’s comment. His outburst didn’t make me feel better though. Suddenly, I felt his cold lips on my forehead. I stiffened.

“Take it easy.” He whispered. “Don’t let them throw you off your balance.”

My heart jumped. What am I gonna do? I thought in panic. What should I do when he’s sending me such contradictory signals?!

I tried to focus my attention on something else. “What are we gonna do today?” I asked.

The vampire looked at me strangely. “You’re due to meet me with your mom… You forgot?”

It completely got out of my head because of all of this. I groaned and hid my face in my hands. Could this day be any worse?

“Calm down, it’ll turn out all right.” Edward comforted me by stroking my head. This gesture consoled me better than any word could do.

We left the car in front of the gateway and headed up the stairs. Mom seemed to be watching us through a window because as I opened the door, she was already waiting in the hallway. Edward was an embodiment of a true gentleman. He greeted her kissing the back of her hand. The old-fashioned gesture surprised her. She seemed to be struck by it. Then there was a dinner. I was a little worried about my mom complaining of my boyfriend’s appetite but to my surprise he ate everything. I could only imagine how hard it was for him to eat human food. He was even politely chatting with my mother! I was becoming more and more confident, to be sure at the end, that she was charmed. She invited him for Saturday’s dinner.

When Edward left I was alone with my gloomy thoughts. I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Alice was right. I completely didn’t match such an angel. I surely wasn’t pretty, even as my complexion had became quite well (probably because of HIS presence. I was in better mood each time I saw him and this is said to improve beauty). My hair was living its own life so it was sticking in every direction. It couldn’t decide whether it’s straight or curly. I stood on the scales to kill myself with my weight. It wasn’t so bad; to tell the truth it was much better. I was consoling myself. However, the anxiety remained.