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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

6. 15th November: Thursday

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15.11 Thursday

Finally, Thursday came; the day of the trip. It was cold outside and it would be even colder in Majdanek where we were going. However, it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm. I was going to show everyone, especially Alice, how much I matched Edward.

I wore a warm polar sweater but I found it too ugly so I replaced it with a little cooler black one. I made my eyelashes up (what I’d been doing scrupulously for some time) and put on earrings. Instead of the warm coat from Edward, I wore a short, but also warm, (as I thought) jacket. I had a scarf on my neck, but I resigned from a cap; it might ruin my hair that was arranged with great difficulty (I finally managed to straighten it).

Prepared like that, I daringly met my boyfriend, who was waiting for me in the car.

“You look nice.” He complimented me as I had sat down. I looked through the window not to let him see a smirk of satisfaction on my face.

We arrived at the place of the meeting perfectly on time. Edward left his car in the parking lot in front of the school; we were going to be back in the night and he promised my mom to get me back home. As we made our way to my classmates, the bus had been already checked by the police and ready for us to get on. We had to sit in the front of the bus because of my occasional and capricious travel sickness. While in our drive we didn’t talk much. We shared a pair of earphones listening to music, humming our favorite songs from time to time. The music was what we both loved most.

The driver had turned the heating on so it was getting hotter. I relaxed. I was just falling asleep when I heard Edward groan hardly. I peeked at him. His eyes were dark from thirst, though he apparently had been hunting tonight. “What’s wrong?” I asked, worried.

He looked at me and smiled weakly. “In high temperature your scent is more intensive.”

I hadn’t thought about that. “Should I change my seat? Is it very hard for you?” I asked, concerned.

He snorted. “At such moment you’re thinking about me instead of yourself. You’re incredible!”

I ignored the sarcasm in his voice. “Should I change my seat?” I repeated.

He shook his head with a smirk. “I can handle it. I should get used to this. Luckily, we didn’t sit in the back; it’s far hotter back there now.”

For the rest of our drive I was peeking at him worriedly from time to time. Slowly, his eyes were brightening. He managed to regain control.

Finally, we arrived at Majdanek. As we went off, I regretted my decision to dress pretty not warm at once. It was cold as hell and the frosty wind was blowing mercilessly. I shuddered. It was Edward this time that peeked worriedly at me. “You okay?” He asked.

“Sure.” I answered courageously. I had to show I was worth him, didn’t I?

However, the longer we were walking the more I regretted it. I started to get a runny nose. Thankfully, I had a pack of tissues with me, so I could blow my nose discreetly when I thought Edward wasn’t looking. Then the shivering started, and I finally lost my voice. By the time we got to the bus I was pretty sure I would pay for this journey with the flu. And because all of this, I hadn’t been paying attention to what the guide had been saying at all.

Edward no longer pretended not to notice my illness. He asked the driver if we could stay in the warm bus while the rest of our group would be visiting the castle and the Old Town. He even bought me a warming cup of coffee with rum in the shopping center.

“And what was all this for?” He was shaking his head with disapproval.

In the theatre I barely watched the play. My eyes stung and it wasn’t because of my illness. I could hardly restrain tears of bitterness. I met a total defeat. Not only didn’t I prove my value but I also made myself look like the very picture of misery because of my own stupidity. However, I tried to get through my anguish with pride. I wasn’t going to involuntarily burst into tears and completely waste all my efforts.

On our way back, I didn’t notice Edward had any problems with thirst, though it was much hotter (what I subconsciously greeted with gratitude). I thought he was controlling himself that well. I was going to praise him when he suddenly wrinkled his nose. “You smell strangely.” He stated pensively.


“Somewhat… different.”

I didn’t ask more. I began to look out of the window instead. It was dark outside and trees were ‘moving’ fast in front of my eyes. Before I realized, I was sleeping like a child. A cool touch on my cheek woke me up; it was Edward’s hand. It turned out that I had been sleeping with my head resting on his shoulder.

“We’re almost there.” He informed me.

All of a sudden, he frowned and touched my forehead with his palm. It was as cold as ice. “You have a fever!” He hissed. I wondered how he could tell, while he was so cold.

As we arrived, he quickly got me in the car. He drove me home peeking at me worriedly every now and then.

“Take some medicine and go to sleep. Heal until tomorrow!” He shouted at me as I got out.

As I reached my room I collapsed on my bed, not thinking about his recommendation. I partly fulfilled it though; as soon as my head touched the pillow, I fell asleep.