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Vampire Heart

Have you ever imagined how it would be like to find your own Edward? Because I have. And THIS came out. R&R No Bella and Cullens here.

The special vampire kind I use in this story was created by Stephenie Meyer. The characters are entirely mine. This story is only Twilight-related. :)

8. 17th November: Saturday

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17.11 Saturday

I woke up but I didn’t open my eyes, so I could remember my beautiful dream. What was it about? Oh, yeah, Edward who had seemed to feel the same way I was feeling. I sighed, comparing my dream vision to the real life. If it could be true…

Wait, what if it WAS true? I opened my eyes rapidly and sat up in my bed. It was dark, so I couldn’t see anything at first. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the dark, I saw the vampire sitting on the armchair, glorious as always. My heart twitched.

“What’s up?” He smiled at me cheerfully. I was just opening my mouth to answer but he stopped me with a gesture. “Wait, I’ll check by myself.” In one moment he was beside me, leaning over my neck. He took a deep breath. “Yeah, the scent is becoming normal again,” He muttered and unexpectedly pressed me to him. “So appetizing…”

He was holding me in his arms for some time. I was afraid to even say something not to disturb the moment. I even tried to breathe slower. Only my heart was too loud; its sound seemed to fill the whole room. I leaned my head against his shoulder breathing in his exceptional, sweet smell.

The sky behind the window was slowly brightening. Finally, Edward let me out and kissed my forehead. He stood up silently and went to the door.

“Don’t go,” I begged sounding like a whimsical child.

He chuckled quietly. “You’re kinda whiney today,” He smiled mischievously. “I’ll be back. I’ll go hunting, change and return to torment your mother a little with my presence,” He joked. As he saw relief on my face, he added with laughter: “You have one hour to put yourself in order, you dying girl!” Then he disappeared behind the door. For a while I was wondering if I should take offence for this ‘dying girl’ comment, but I realized I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut for too long.

I peeked at the clock: it was 9 o’clock a.m. already. I didn’t hear any noises from the rest of the apartment; it seemed that everyone was still asleep. It was strange, especially considering that my sister Caroline usually got up at about 7. I went out of my room, grabbing some clothes on my way. I peeked into my sister’s room; she was lying on her bed and mumbling something incoherent while manipulating with her dolls. It was nothing unusual for my mom to sleep long while Carol was occupied like that.

I quickly tried to make myself look like a person. After I was done, I looked in the mirror. I didn’t look as bad as for someone who was lying in bed with a fever all day. I was just analyzing my reflection when I heard a loud grumble. That strange noise was coming from my stomach. That was when I realized how hungry I was. I hadn’t eaten anything for so long! I dashed to the refrigerator to prepare a nourishing meal for myself. I was rummaging about between shelves when my mom came.

“You look much better now,” She judged my appearance. “In fact, you look quite healthy.”

Instead of answering I sent her a critical look. “You better go dress up.” She raised one eyebrow at me. I rolled my eyes. “Edward is probably going to visit me. We didn’t see each other yesterday after all…” I twisted the facts just a little. Mother clearly cheered up. She liked him, it was easy to see. And I was very glad it was so. She cheerfully dashed to the bathroom.

I tidied my room biting my sandwiches. I was ready a great deal before the time. I sat on the couch and started to read a book. I wasn’t completely able to concentrate, though. I caught myself on reading the same sentence several times. ‘The Turks were more interested in the Balkans and conquest of Hungary than in conflict with Poland. They couldn’t control plundering raids of their fiefs…’ I can’t control my heartbeat when he’s near me… ‘They couldn’t control plundering raids of their fiefs…” I have an impression Edward plundered all my strong will and stoicism… ‘…raids of their fiefs, Crimean Tatars, who were looting Polish lands and abducting the population…’ He’s fairly the Tatar, who abducted my heart. ‘The Turks were more interested in the Balkans and conquest of Hungary…’ I wonder if he’s truly interested in me… Maybe it’s only a trick to make me relax my vigilance?

Enough! I thought, throwing the book. I didn’t completely have much of a head for learning history; too many questions and uncertainties were bothering me. I started to walk restlessly back and forth through my room. I peeked at the clock. Edward was late. It was unlike him. I just started to worry when I heard a doorbell. I sprang out of the room like a rocket and opened the door to see my angel standing behind it and smiling cheerfully at me.

“Your steps are softer than a butterfly’s dance indeed…” He stated ironically.

I really felt like falling on his neck but I restrained myself. Mostly because of my mom standing behind me like the Shogun’s spy.

“Don’t stand in the doorway, you’re making a draught!” She grumbled instead of greeting and disappeared in her room. She seemed to find herself not pretty enough for his seeing. I must admit I was feeling the same.

We went to my room; me first, then Edward behind me. I didn’t hear the door close but after a while I felt his arms sneaking around me from behind in embrace.

“You missed me?” He whispered cheerfully in my ear.

My heart beat harder but I managed to calm myself. I had to ask a few important questions first. “It’s some kind of trick, isn’t it?”

“What trick?” He seemed surprised.

“How should I know?! Maybe you’ll tell me?!” I exploded. “Maybe a ploy that would help you to kill me? Or maybe you just wanna have more fun?”

He turned me around so I would face him and he looked into my eyes. I proudly returned his glance. He looked a little irate.

“How many times should I repeat it to you yet?” He asked with reproach. “I don’t feel like killing you now. Do you understand?! Not at all!”

It clashed with all the things he had been intensively persuading me as far as a few days earlier. I didn’t hesitate to inform him about it. “But a few days ago you said…”

“It doesn’t matter!” He interrupted. “I wasn’t sure then. I didn’t know what my feelings were. Or rather I didn’t want to know. I tried to push them away from me, to protect myself… But I don’t care anymore.” He cupped my face in his both hands. “Now the only thing I care about is you.”

It sounded so sincere but I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to. If he were to lie to me and then leave me I couldn’t stand it.

“You don’t believe me?” He asked sadly. I lowered my eyes and he sighed. “It’s no wonder,” He stated gloomily. “The monster that once said that he’ll kill you, suddenly declare you his love! No one would believe it.”

“You’re not a monster!” I protested eagerly, not able to think of any other response. For me you’re an angel… I finished off in my head, not daring to say it aloud.

He smiled sadly. “Of course I am. I hunt people. I feed with their blood. I don’t even need to do my best: my scent attracts them! Do you remember what Cullen had showed Bella in the round meadow?”

I nodded, I remembered it clearly. The bookish Edward showed his real strength and speed, without any inhibitions, to his beloved.

“Then you know what a monster I am…” ‘My’ Edward finished off quietly.

“The fact that you’re stronger and faster than any normal human doesn’t mean that you’re a monster!” I showed my displeasure. “Just look at Superman!”

That worked. He burst into a loud laughter and shook his head in astonishment. “I’ve never heard someone comparing a vampire to Superman!”

I smiled with satisfaction. “See how exceptional I am?” I mocked.

“No doubt to that.”

I sighed, resigned. It was time for the most painful part of the conversation. I freed my face from his hands and sat on the coach. He followed looking at me carefully.

‘It’s a pity you don’t match him…’ The words had never left my head since my talk with Alice. I knew it even too much. I wasn’t worth him; I didn’t deserve so much happiness.

“Edward, why do you do all this?”

“What ‘all this’?”

“Well… everything.” He looked at me questionably. “Oh, this… and that…” He rose one eyebrow up. I gulped. I completely couldn’t express myself. Words, which I wanted to say, I hadn’t ever used in a conversation. To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure if I even knew how to say them. “Well…” I took a deep breath. “You hug me and k-kiss me… You’re so… tender… Why?”

“What a stupid question! Because I love you!”

It was the second time I heard those words from a boy, but this time my reaction was much more different. My face turned red (which is not so easy to make), my heart beat faster. He had said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world…

“But… someone like me?”

He cupped my face again. He looked at me carefully. He guessed what I meant. “For me, you’re the most wonderful girl in the world,” He said with determination.

My head spun. Did this world go crazy? It didn’t make any sense! Oh, irony! The angel fell in love with a frog!

“You still don’t believe me?” My angel asked sadly.

“But it’s really hard to believe…” I mumbled.

He sighed. “I’ll convince you, you’ll see!” He warned me.

I couldn’t wait to see it.