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Rosalie's actions in Breaking Dawn are considered atrocious by some. But how would they react if they truly understood her motives? This is Rosalie's chance to tell her story. Warning: while the first two chapters can stand on their own, without spoilers, the rest of the fic will have major Breaking Dawn Spoilers.

Story Notes:Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight, Rosalie, Bella, Emmett, or really anything except some of the cool phrasing that I might steal for my own use someday… Nah. Stephenie Meyer owns it all.

3. Chapter 3

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Carlisle called everyone in to the dining room. Something was wrong. He never needed to call a meeting like this unless something had happened. Rosalie was concerned, like the rest of her family as they all walked into the room, moving as a complete unit. These discussions tended to pull them into emergency mode; there were too many times meetings like this had signaled a sudden change. Someone slipped up, and they were leaving. Or this had something to do with Bella. She had become a major part of their lives. It was dangerous to have a human so close, even one that the family trusted.

Alice walked in front of Rosalie before she suddenly stopped, making Rosalie go around her. Alice was unaware, her eyes searching for a time that was not the present. “Their future is gone,” she whispered. “They disappeared…”

Everyone was silent until Carlisle cleared his throat, purely out of habit. Their gaze immediately fixed on him.

“You know why,” Alice stated, turning her eyes on Carlisle. “Why can’t I see them?”

“Edward and Bella are on their way home. There were… unexpected complications.” Carlisle was hesitant as he spoke, something not normal for him, and everyone collectively held their breath.

Rosalie wondered why he was avoiding the point of the conversation. This was only making everything worse. The tension in the room escalated until Jasper cut through it with a rush of calmness.

She glanced around the room. Alice was leaning against Jasper, her eyes shut tight as she attempted to see what was happening. Jasper’s eyes were tender as he looked down at her, but he was also worried. Esme looked tired, echoing Carlisle. She moved forward, placing her hand on his.

Emmett went very still, and then turned to look at Rosalie. He looked terrified, but only so that Rosalie would know. It wasn’t fear for himself, but for the rest of them. For her. Rosalie hated that expression; she’d caused it too much. She moved closer to him on the couch, so that they were touching as much as possible, pressing into him.

Carlisle paused, sighed, and shook his head. His eyes found Esme before he spoke, and Rosalie felt a sudden thrill of premonition. This was bad.

“Bella is pregnant.”

Rosalie froze in shock. She hadn’t been expecting this. Maybe that Edward had accidently killed Bella and then Edward had tried to kill himself. That would have broken Esme’s heart, hurt all of them, really. But this? This was impossible. This was so much worse. Rosalie felt as though she couldn’t breathe. “What?”

Esme’s eyes lit up and she leaned forward. “They’re having a baby?” It was hard for Rosalie to hear the joy in her voice. This was not something to be joyful about, not according to the look on Carlisle’s face. He looked older than she had ever seen him.

Carlisle closed his eyes. “It’s going to kill her, Esme. We have to make a choice. Bella or the fetus.”

How could she? This, Rosalie could not forgive. How could Bella choose to throw away everything Rosalie had ever wanted? And like this… To destroy a child… Not even throwing away, now. This was murdering her dream.

The fetus. Rosalie bristled at the term, growing even angrier. How could he call it a fetus? It was a baby, a life, a life that Rosalie would have killed for. And it was unfair that Bella, the girl who had always claimed that Edward was enough, that she didn’t want children, would have this chance. Esme would have done anything to have this. Rosalie would have gone to any lengths. And Bella, the girl who didn’t need a baby, the girl who didn’t deserve to have a child, was pregnant.

Jasper looked at her, sending out a calculated measure of calm towards her, and she relaxed a bit more.

“Oh,” Esme whispered. “Oh.” She fell back against the chair she was sitting in. “Bella wouldn’t survive? Are you sure?”

“Fairly sure,” Carlisle answered. “No one ever has. There is… there is always a chance, but it’s very slim.”

“It isn’t possible,” Emmett said. “It can’t be. There must be some mistake.” His hands tightened around Rosalie’s, in an attempt to offer comfort. She clung to him, although it didn’t make much of a difference to the aching emptiness inside.

“Apparently, it is possible. She appears to be well along in her first trimester.”

Emmett swore. Rosalie focused on making her face cold and emotionless. Anything else was too difficult.

“I can’t see them,” Alice said. “I can’t see them coming back…” She sounded lost. Rosalie felt lost, as well, as if she was drowning in the revelations Carlisle had given them.

“They’ll be at the airport tomorrow morning. It’s alright, Alice, you don’t need to keep looking for them.”

“What cars will we be taking?” Rosalie asked, finally trusting her voice. “I want to meet them at the airport, as I’m sure everyone else does. I want to see this for myself.” She did want to see it. She also wanted to hurt Bella like nothing else. All it would take was a few well calculated words to make her see what she was giving up, what she was destroying. It had been a long time since Rosalie had laid aside her vengeance, but this was different. This was killing her inside. She could feel herself withering away, stripped of anything but jealousy and anger. This was more than the petty envy of before.

“We’ll take my Mercedes and Edward’s Volvo. It might make him more comfortable to be in a vehicle he knows well,” Carlisle answered.

Rosalie almost snorted. Edward didn’t care about cars, he never had. Choosing one over another was not going to make much of a difference. She felt a sudden stab of pity for him. It couldn’t be easy to know that the one you loved was in danger. She did care about her family, and Edward was a part of it. She just didn’t like the changes Bella had brought with her. Even this newest change was hard to accept.

“I’ll drive the M3; it’ll leave space for luggage,” Rosalie suggested.

Carlisle nodded, but said nothing to dismiss them. Rosalie hoped it was because he was having second thoughts. If she was feeling tortured by this new information, then so should he. Esme was silent as well, moving next to Carlisle, sorrow in her eyes.

Emmett brushed his lips against her hair. “Rose,” he whispered.

“I’ll need to hunt before they come back,” she said. This was their code. When Rosalie needed to be alone, she went hunting by herself. It was a time when she could let her instincts take over and mute the pain until she was finished, making it easier to deal with later.

Emmett moved back to look at her. “Are you certain?” he asked. He still looked nervous, and Rosalie was afraid she knew why.

Rosalie nodded. “I’m not running,” she promised. “I’ll come back.”

Emmett relaxed visibly. “I’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready,” he said quietly.

Rosalie smiled and touched his hand. “Thank you, Emmett.” And then she walked past him towards the outside. As she did, she mouthed the words, “I don’t deserve you,” so only he could hear. And then she ran out the door before he could deny her statement.