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Rosalie's actions in Breaking Dawn are considered atrocious by some. But how would they react if they truly understood her motives? This is Rosalie's chance to tell her story. Warning: while the first two chapters can stand on their own, without spoilers, the rest of the fic will have major Breaking Dawn Spoilers.

Story Notes:Disclaimer: I don’t own Twilight, Rosalie, Bella, Emmett, or really anything except some of the cool phrasing that I might steal for my own use someday… Nah. Stephenie Meyer owns it all.

6. Chapter 6

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The airport was crowded with hundreds of humans, rushing back and forth. Rosalie and Emmett met up with the rest of the family at the gateway towards the private landing wing.

“They’ll be here any minute,” Rosalie heard Jasper whisper to Alice.

“I <i>know</i> that,” she said crossly. “I just can’t <i>see</i> it.”

“They’re coming,” Esme announced. Her normally cheerful face was devoid of happiness, looking drawn and pained.

Rosalie turned, and she could see Bella and Edward coming down the walkway. Bella was leaning against Edward, one hand against her stomach, which held an unmistakable bump. They moved through security, when Bella pushed away from Edward, insisting that she could walk to meet her family on her own two legs. Edward looked ready to argue, but Bella walked past him. That’s when she saw all of the Cullens.

Emmett and Rosalie had purposefully moved apart from the rest of the family, and when Bella suddenly broke into a run, it was Rosalie who ran forward to meet her as the rest stared, stunned.

Hugging a human was more awkward than Rosalie expected. She could feel Bella’s pulse, hear her heartbeat… It was very tempting, for the merest fraction of a second, to tear into her, as all of them felt whenever they got close to her. It was purely a physical response, and Edward understood that none of them would ever attempt to hurt her. Then Rosalie heard another sound, a rhythmic thumping, something that did not belong with Bella.

The baby. The baby had a heartbeat. Rosalie lost all desire to do anything but remain right there. She was going to protect this baby with her life. She would keep her promise to Bella- this child would live.

Rosalie held on a little longer than she should have. It almost felt as if the heartbeat was coming from her own stomach that way. Bella was more patient with her than Rosalie deserved, not pulling back until Rosalie moved away, slightly embarrassed.

“I can hear him,” Rosalie said softly. “The heartbeat.” She didn’t know when she had accepted Bella’s usage of “him”. Perhaps during the phone call? It was better than “it”, or “the fetus”, anyway.

“No!” Edward cried, and then lowered his voice as people stared at him from the noise. Rosalie, very slowly and deliberately, moved in front of Bella, keeping herself between her and Edward. It was almost painful, as though she were cutting them away from each other.

“No, Bella, you can’t. I can’t lose you!”

Bella turned to look at him. “I won’t die, Edward. But I won’t let our child die in my place. No happy ending is worth that.”

Emmett placed a hand on Edward’s shoulder. Edward whipped away from the touch. “Don’t touch me,” he hissed, his eyes turning hard. “You can’t keep me from my wife.”

Emmett let his hand drop.

“Don’t do this,” Edward pleaded with her, ignoring Rosalie. “Please.”

“I’m sorry,” Bella whispered.

“Carlisle, you know it will kill her,” Edward said, searching for allies as Emmett and Rosalie stood between him and Bella. “Don’t let them do this.”

But Esme stepped forward before Carlisle could answer. “It’s Bella’s choice, Edward. No matter how much it may hurt you, this is her choice, not yours. You cannot insist that she make the decision you want. I will not let you take that away from her.”

“Esme?” he asked. “You’re siding with Rosalie?”

“It isn’t an easy thing to lose a child, Edward,” Esme answered softly. “It killed me.”

Edward’s eyes snapped with anger again. “It’s not a child, it’s an <i>it</i>. And <i>it</i> is killing her. Please…”

“We’ll discuss this later, in the privacy of our own home, Edward,” Carlisle broke in.

“You’re siding with her.”

Carlisle ignored the accusation. “Later, Edward.” His voice was firm, allowing no argument.

Rosalie brushed Bella’s arm. “Let’s go.” She and Bella walked away from the rest of the family, ignoring Edward’s terrified stare following them.

Before they reached the BMW, Alice stopped them. “I know what you’re doing,” she said to Rosalie. “I can’t believe you would risk his life again. Do you want to destroy this family? Do you want Edward to die?”

“Look at the choices, Alice. Either way, something happens. Bella is left broken, for eternity, or Edward is left alone. It will kill them both, either way.”

“I can’t <i>look</i> at the choices, Rosalie. I can’t see them. Just tell me you’ve thought this through more than when you called Edward and nearly killed him.” Alice’s voice was both tired and frustrated.

Rosalie looked away. Alice was being cruel, but she was also right.

Bella interrupted them. “I asked her to help me, Alice. This is me. If you have a problem with Rose’s actions, then you need to bring it up with me.”

Rosalie started. Bella was defending her. Not only that, but she had become fierce about this child, protecting a life that could not defend itself. And she had called her Rose.

Alice gaped at Bella. “Have you even thought of what this will mean for Edward?”

“I’ve thought about it.” Bella’s voice was grim and determined.

“Do you even understand what this will do? You’ll die, Bella.”

“I’ve been close to death before. This isn’t any different.”

“Yes, it is,” Alice insisted. “Even if the… if it survives, Edward won’t. He will follow you into death. And what kind of life is that for a child?”

“I won’t die. I can survive this.”

“You can’t be sure.”

“Neither can you.” They stared at each other, neither giving up ground.

Rosalie opened the driver side door. “Are you coming with us, Alice? Because you need to get in the back if you are.” She had no intention of letting Alice anywhere near Bella.

Alice obeyed, and all three of them got into the M3. “I can’t see that you’ll survive, Bella,” she said quietly. “I’m frightened. I don’t want to lose you, and I don’t want to lose my brother. I can’t be certain that it won’t end like that. This is more than you and Edward, Bella. This affects everyone.”

Bella nodded, a tired smile on her face. “I know.”

No one spoke for the rest of the ride to the Cullen house. There was nothing more to say.