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Adore Her

From Quil's perspective, as their children go through the tumultuous adolescence that nearly destroyed him and Claire, a decision must be made. But it doesn't rest in his hands. Part of the For Her series.

well, here 'tis. read the prequels first, plz.

7. Chapter 7

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“Oh. You too?”

Leah made an inconclusive noise. It sounded like she was strangling a cry of disbelief or fury or something.


“Yeah. I’m the only girl wolf in the history of ever.”

Even though we’re upstairs, I could imagine perfectly the frozen look on her face, like she’s raging against an invisible injustice, angry at someone and not quite sure who. That probably only makes it worse.


“That doesn’t freak you out?”

“Listen, Leah.” He paused. Claire probably couldn’t, but I could hear the sharp intake of his breath as he tried to calm down. “I know you’ve probably been planning for me to reject you because of this for years. Most likely why you haven’t told me before now?”


“But you didn’t factor one thing into your little freakout. My dad is a wolf. Like you. And even if I could dislike you, Leah, it’s my dad. I’ve grown up with you and him, I can’t imagine life without you. It’s all right.”

“You’re not scared?”

“No. Not at all. Thing is… what’s the staring thing about? You know, like Mom and Dad.”

“I didn’t know I was quite so obvious about it,” I whispered to Claire, and she rolled her eyes.

“Sweetie, complete strangers have come up to me on more than one occasion and told me how obviously and ridiculously my husband is in love with me.”

“Really? That’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Yeah.” She kissed my cheek and then rested her head on my shoulder as Leah finally found words to explain it.

“Well, it’s called imprinting. And it happens to some- not all- of us, though it seems to suddenly be a lot more common. I don’t know why. The pack’s big, too, though most of us have stopped phasing- changing, I mean. Your dad imprinted on your mom… the first time you see the person you’re meant to be with, you imprint on them. It just means you know you’d do anything for them. I was getting married to Sam.”

“My uncle Sam?

This appeared to shock him a little. I could hear disbelief in his voice, which was a pleasant change. And here I’d started thinking he knew everything.

“Yeah. We went out all through high school. And then I brought my cousin Emily up to help with the wedding, and he imprinted on her. Left me for my best friend. My sister.”

“And that’s why you couldn’t tell me before. Trust issues?” There’s a laugh in his voice.

“Pretty much. So anyway, I phased. I wasn’t supposed to, girls aren’t supposed to be wolves, but I did. I killed my own father, Quil. He had a heart attack when I changed in front of him. Then the first thing I saw was Sam’s mind- we can read each others’ thoughts while we’re phased- and he was…”

“Thinking about Emily?”

“Yeah.” A bitter laugh. “It hurt. They all hated me, the whole pack. I was bitchy, I was mean, I lashed out against anyone who tried to help me because my heart was broken. For thirty years.

“And then…”

“I imprinted.”


She sighed, trying to stall. I braced myself for the response. “You.”