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Adore Her

From Quil's perspective, as their children go through the tumultuous adolescence that nearly destroyed him and Claire, a decision must be made. But it doesn't rest in his hands. Part of the For Her series.

well, here 'tis. read the prequels first, plz.

8. Chapter 8

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“Huh. That’s what I thought.”

“Guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. You see too much, kiddo.”

“Maybe just enough.”

That’s true. In a house full of so many secrets, it probably took his bizarre level of intuition to even get by.

“Leah, I want to tell you something,” he said, and I smiled, proud. It wasn’t easy to tell someone what he was about to say. I was glad he was doing it, though. I knew it would work out for him.

“You can tell me anything.” Her voice was uncharacteristically warm.

“I… I love you. Like, I’m in love with you. I think you’re the most wonderful, beautiful, alive person I know and I want you to know that, Leah.”

I could hear her sigh. Trust Leah to find a problem with her imprint loving her. She always was a pessimist. “I’m sixty-four,” she complained.

“I promise, you don’t look it.”

She laughed, but only for a second before she found another problem.“I’m a werewolf.”

“I don’t really care.”

“I have a broken heart.”

“I’ll help heal it.”

Claire whispered into my ear, “He’s his father’s son,” and I beamed.

“I’m a bitch,” Leah continued. Quil laughed.

“I’m used to it.”

“I can’t have children.”

“We’ll adopt.”


He cut her off. “Leah, I don’t care, okay? I really, honestly don’t. I’m sure you have a thousand reasons, a thousand excuses, so you won’t have to put yourself at risk, so you won’t ever have to trust another person. I’m sure you’re prepared to argue with me about this forever. The thing is, you’re afraid. You’re afraid I’m going to leave you like he did, and I’m not. I’m sixteen years old, yeah, so what? My mom was two when my dad imprinted on her, and I know perfectly well that everyone expected them to end up together. Hell, my dad was sixteen when he imprinted! In our family, age is a number. Nothing more. I look the same age as you, and I feel older… I’ve lived my whole life in this tiny little town but my entire family is werewolves and even though I didn’t know it, it ages a fellow.

“I’m not saying that I’m going to be perfect, because I’m not. I’m just saying that I won’t leave you. I’ve known you my entire life, Leah. I know you think I can change, but I’ve always loved you. From the day I was born you were there for me. I can’t imagine wanting someone else more than I want you.”

She sighed. “He used to say that, too.”

“I wonder how mad Mom would be if I strangled Sam in his sleep tonight.”

“Don’t, please. Murder comes back to bite you in the ass when you’re older, take your parents as an example.”


“I’ll explain later.”

“The thing is, Leah, I’m not going to imprint. I’m not a werewolf, and even… it goes both ways. It has to. I’ve always loved you more than anyone else in my life, and now I just feel like I need more kinds of love in my life. And I’m in love with you, I really am, and I wish you’d believe me. I wish you’d let yourself love me.”

“Someone’s a little bit cocky,” she teased.

“I have to be, or you would have crushed my ego before I turned six, Leah.”


“But you’re getting off-topic. Do you love me?”

She muttered under her breath. I was sure it was profane. “You know the answer to that question.”

“Yeah. I think I do.”

Silence. I smiled at Claire. “I think we should go on down before they do anything we’d object strenuously to.”

“I think that’s a good idea.”