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Personal Sun

They all prevail on her, all the people she loves, to make the right choice. Will she? A chaptered fic to explore the options Bella had at the end of Eclipse a little more fully. If she looks both ways... who does she choose?

so i was rereading eclipse with my newly j/b shipping eyes (don't kill me!) and i decided bella really chose edward without thinking hard enough about it. also, as my friends at SortOfBeautiful would say, the universe ships Jacob/Bella. so i thought the universe should have a little chat with bells about that. no, i do not know how the story will end yet. it may be e/b or j/b. sort of depends on what my reviewers want.

3. Rosalie

Rating 5/5   Word Count 535   Review this Chapter

“Bella, can I talk to you?” Rosalie says softly. Her voice rings like a bell and I’m struck yet again with how incredibly, bizarrely beautiful she is. It’s remarkable. Worth dying for, the transformation a price I’d pay for that alone, that face. I’d deserve Edward, if I looked like that.

“Yeah. Of course.”

She sits beside me on the steps behind the Cullen house. I steal glances at her entrancing face, while she looks out over the grass, the rolling hills flower-covered in the distance, spots of purple and white and yellow and green.

“I know I talked to you about this once already.”

“I don’t mind. If you want to go over it again. I’d like to get to know you better.” Before we’re sisters for all eternity.

“Well… the thing is, you don’t know what you’re giving up. Before, I can see why you didn’t take my advice. You only saw the way you feel about my brother. It was eclipsing everything else. Just blackening the whole sky, till you could see nothing but him. It was beautiful while it lasted but it’s gone, Bella. The sun’s coming out. You can see again. See reason. I want you to.”

“What do you mean?” I am slightly confused. English nerd or not, I’ve never been the hugest fan of elaborate metaphors, and Rosalie is mixing them like crazy right now. It’s giving me a headache.

“You can have everything. Both sides of the story. You can have your parents and a future. Go to college and get a job. Pretty babies and a nice house. And you can have the other side of the coin too, that incredible fairytale romance you think is worth throwing everything away for. Don’t you see that? Now that you’ve realized that you love him… there’s another option.”

I shake my head. “I can’t break Edward’s heart.”

“Why not? He broke yours.” That tactic obviously doesn’t work, so she shakes her head. “Bella, I’m his sister, and I want what’s best for him. He will never forgive himself if you choose him. He doesn’t want to spend eternity with you. He loves you, don’t doubt that, but he can’t bear the thought of changing you.”

He has a soul,” I hiss.

“I’m not going to argue theology, Bella. I just want you to know how he feels. Edward’s almost as stubborn as I am. He won’t change, not even for you. He won’t forgive himself, if you change.”

I sigh heavily. She just continues.

“And you could really have it all. Your werewolf friend… he reminds me of Emmett, you know. Big and bright and funny. Em fixed me when I was broken, when the trauma of the change and of… of what happened right before it had totally destroyed me. Jacob fixed you, when Edward left you bleeding. There’s definitely a parallel. And I got more of a happily-ever-after than I ever hoped for… but you can get even more. Everyone wants it for you. You just have to take it.”

She turned to look at me for a few hopeful seconds. Then she stood.

“You’re probably getting hungry. Edward wanted to take you out to lunch.”