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Emmetts new love

Rosealie was destroyed by the Voltouri. Poor Emmett has suffered day and night. one day Alice 'see's' something and sends him to a concert where he'll meet some one new. Some one, Diffrent..

The idea for this came from a dream I had a few night ago.. no, I'm copying S.M. but it is how it came around, so... I hope ya like it!!

1. Guitar hero, and whining

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Emmett’s POV

"DIE!!!" I yelled as I shot the nazi’s captain. Since the Volturi had destroyed Rose, this was all I did. Play video games. 24/7. I’ve never met a girl I didn’t want to eat, besides Rose (besides, I couldn’t eat her anyway). I’ve felt so... alone, since it happened. But, I never let it show, even though I can’t hide it from Jasper. Or probably Edward either, since he can read minds, so he could hear Jasper wondering...

But anyway, I finished killing all of the Nazis and decided I was bored. So I tried going outside, but only got more depressed from the lonely sound of the wind. Then I tried talking to Edward, but only got upset when all Edward was doing was either not paying attention or talking non-stop about Bella... UG! It’s creepy and SO un-fair, that my "brothers" have their matches, when I lost my one-and-only to the damn Volturi. I don’t think I’ll ever find another that will fill that now empty place in my heart.

So I just decided to go to Port Angeles. Wander around, try to act... normal. I had to change before I went, though. I don’t think the people there would too happy if I want around without a shirt! So I put on an ARMY shirt (maybe people would think I’m a soldier because of my size), and my darkest pair of sunglasses--Ray Bans of course. Rosalie's BMW M3 stood out in the dark garage. I use it all the time because it’s the only thing I have left of hers (since Alice stole all of her clothes, and fixed them to make them fit herself) It still drew attention. Hmm... Maybe I should have used Bella s truck. Then again, maybe not.

Port Angeles had some new stores opening, so I went into one of them. Some kind of... clothing store. Oh, of course, it has to be that store!! Damn!! The first thing I see! A redish/purpleish top with GOOD CHARLOTTE’S logo for "The Chronicles of Life and Death" CD cover. The same shirt Rose loved to wear (witch seems weird, since she had all of those "fancy" clothes). And it was her favorite band, too. I sighed, and went to the "guys" section. There I found a pair of dark blue jeans (witch was rather hard to find since I’m so ‘big’), and 5 shirts--three had skulls on them, and the other two were just solid colors. I left there and went to a different new-store, but this time (HA HA! YES!) it was a video game store, where they had "GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR" on sale for only 80.00!!! Oh, of course I just had to get it! I was running low on expert levels of "Guitar Hero 3" anyway.

After an hour of looking around, reading almost all of the game titles, I got bored beyond bored and went back home, only to find Bella in the arms of Edward on the sofa. I did like Bella’s shirt though-- "BETWEEN THE TREES", the To Write love On Her Arms tour w/ Skillet, Relint k, Stellar Kart, Switchfoot, and a million other bands.

For once, Bella was OK. But Edward on the other hand... GRR! As soon Edward saw what I had in my hands (*cough* GUITAR HERO WOTLD TOUR *cough*) immediately his eyes lit up. So he literally dumped his oh-so-wonderful-Bella off his lap, ran up to me, grabbed the game in one hand and my arm in the other, and dragged me up to my room to set it up. Down stairs, I could hear Alice comforting Bella, who was crying and whining about "Stupid, game crazy, ‘Guitar Hero’ loving, vampires!" Same ‘ol Bella. Whining is what she does best I think... but Alice seemed to be a help to her, so I guess that’s was good for her. It was just worse for me. Yet little did I know what would happen the next day...