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Emmetts new love

Rosealie was destroyed by the Voltouri. Poor Emmett has suffered day and night. one day Alice 'see's' something and sends him to a concert where he'll meet some one new. Some one, Diffrent..

The idea for this came from a dream I had a few night ago.. no, I'm copying S.M. but it is how it came around, so... I hope ya like it!!

3. The car ride

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Piper Bridgett McKenzie's POV

“COME ONPIPER!! WE'RE GOING TO BELATE!!!"Kathryn yelled from the bottom of the stairwell. We still had plenty of time, of course, but she always had to be wherever we were going early.

I slung my purse over my shoulder and grabbed my suitcase. Katheryn, with hands on hips, was tapping her foot at me when I came down the stairs.

“Where's Kyle? I thought he never left your side.”

“He's out already, you know how he loves his jeep.” She rolled her eyes.

“Pathetic,” I agreed.

Kyle actually got out and helped me secure my suitcase to the back of the camo-coloured jeep.

Before we left, I had to run back and say good bye to my little friends. I ran to the barn, and opened the door so fast I scared my baby! I pulled Ding into a warm hug, “I'm going to miss you,” I whispered into the little goat's ear. “And I'm going to miss all the rest of you, too,” I said to the other goat, the horse, the chickens and the pig. Ding dinged his little bell at me as I left.

I started running back towered the jeep. I looked at my garden as I ran past. I stopped in my tracks. I absolutely had to pick some green beans to eat on the way.

When I was finally inside the jeep, Katheryn was complaining on and on about how much time I had taken up. Kyle rolled his eyes at me in the rear view mirror, and I nodded in agreement.

“Ya know,” Kyle said with his heavy Scottish accent, “I've nevar understood, why ya eat food. I mean don't get me wrong, some of it is alright. But you eat it all the time.”

Kyle lived in Scotland all his life, but visited America when he was younger. That's how he'd met Katheryn and me. I, myself, was born in Scotland--my mom was American, and my dad was Scottish. They had decided to move to America when I was 10. I had friends and didn't want to, but as soon as I got there and started going to school, I met Katheryn...or really she met me. She's been my friend ever since.

“I don't know Kyle, I guess I've just never lost my taste for it. I know, I know, you're thinking I'm the only vampyre who lives MOSTLY on food instead of people,” I started to raise my voice. “But I don't care! It's who I am, its how I am, Its the way I was brought up! I. DONT. CARE!”

I banged my head against the window.

“Hey!” Kyle exclaimed. “Don't break the glass!” I sighed.

I dug my MP3 player out from the bottom of my bag and turned it on. The song it started at (or that I stopped at last) was “Fine Line” by The Trade. The Trade was actually the whole point of this trip. Katheryn has actually met them, and keeps contact with them so she told them we were coming.

I stared out the window, watching the landscape fly by. The mountains of Arizona were beautiful in the sun rise. I was always up to see it. We sleep at night, but only when we are weak. Normally we only sleep for a few hours.

The next song made me jump, since I didn't remember downloading it.

“Katheryn! I really wish you'd let me know when you download stuff. What song is this?”

I held out the headphone. She listened to it for a few seconds, then said “Saosin- You're not alone. I thought it'd be good for you since you always seem... lost, like you're the only person who knows you. You'll find someone, I know you will. I didn't think I would until I met Kyle! In fact, I was just like--”

“Just stop, okay??” I yelled. She shut up instantly. I closed my eyes, for what seemed like a minuet, but when I opened my eyes we were already to the border of California. Just another hour or two more till we could eat, lie down, rest or, whatever, till tonight.