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I'm So Glad

What if things would've taken a different turn in the meadow at the end of Eclipse like Edward meant them to, when he was finally going to give Bella what she had wanted for so long? What if things would've taken a different turn after that all together? The wedding isn't far off for Edward and Bella, and they are faced with surprises they never thought possible, but they stay together through it all and end up being so very glad of everything they are given.

This is my take of what would've happened if Edward and Bella had made love in the meadow at the very end of Eclipse, and not in the beginning of BD, or waited until they were married. And stuff that happens afterwards. And also-this is something that bugs me about BD (even though I LOVED it)-I hate that Bella is only pregnant for like, a month. Just because Renesmee is half-human and half-vampire dosen't mean Bella couldn't have had a nine month pregnancy. Does anybody else think that? That didn't make sense to me. Yes, I know Renesmee grew quickly, but that was after she was born. I don't know. That's my stand on that. Enjoy! I don't own anything Twilight, Stephenie Meyer does! This plot is just my idea!

1. Perfect blend, masculine

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“I love you. I want you. Right now.”

I heard Edward’s words, knowing he meant them. My eyebrows came together and lifted, moved by what he was telling me, by what his eyes alone were telling me.

“You do?” I asked, feeling silly for asking, those being the first words that came to my mind, hardly able to think at all. This wasn’t the first time Edward had let me know that he wanted me in this way, but he’d never been this forward about his desires, this urgent.

“Of course I do,” Edward said, his face softening as he laughed quietly. His hand went to my waist as I sat up so my face was close to his. “I want nothing more than to hold you, be close to you, and give you pleasure.”

He smiled, one of happiness and reassurance. My heart stopped and then started up again at a mile a minute.

I was faced with a dilemma. A part of me wanted to wait until the wedding, which was the right thing to do. That part of me was comforted by knowing that Edward would wait, too. Another part of me want to say passionately “Take me now! Do with me what you will, I am yours!” to Edward. But, instead I said, “Edward, can I have something?”

“Anything.” He said, still smiling, shaking his head as if no request would be too big or too grand for him to grant me.

“My ring?” I asked hopefully, looking up at him. Edward then reached into his pocket and took out the sparkling ring. He looked at it for a moment, shifting it at different angles. He took my left hand and then finally met my gaze.

“May I?” He asked.

“Of course.” I replied in a barely audible whisper. I watched as he slid the ring on my finger, which I knew he took pleasure in. I took my hand back and pushed the ring farther back into place even though I knew it was secure. Now it was my turn to smile. I didn’t meet Edward’s gaze as his hand came to my cheek and caressed it.

I continued to look at the ring. It wasn’t just a symbol of Edward’s love for me; it was a symbol of Edward himself. It was also a reminder that I was willing to do anything for him, happy to do anything he wished of me. I looked up at him.

“I want to make you happy, too.” My hand held his at my face. He flashed me his crooked smile that could get me to do anything, and I smiled back. He came closer to me, wrapping his arm around my waist as his face went to my neck. My hand went to the back of his neck as I nuzzled my cheek against his hair. Then I noticed he wasn’t kissing me, but simply resting on my shoulder, his face gently pressed into my throat. Was he having second thoughts?

With his arm still around me, he pulled back to look at me, searching my eyes. He was looking for any doubt, uncertainty, or fear. I, of course felt none of those. Not even close. Then he finally voiced what he was thinking, not knowing my thoughts.

“Bella, are you sure you want to do this? If your desire is to wait then I will-” I gently silenced him by putting a finger to his lips.

“Edward,” I began, touching his face with both my hands, my fingertips lightly grazing his skin. My eyes followed my movements along his strong, defined jaw line. So masculine. Just like every other part of his body. I shook my head, focusing. I was already getting lost in this. And I was loving it. “I want to do this.” The knuckles of my left hand went across his cheek. “I want to make love to my fiancé.”

He took my hand in his, knowing that I was certain, that this is what I wanted.

“Then I will be happy to give my fiancée what she wishes.”

Edward was serious for a moment, but then grinned when I smiled. He kissed me then, his lips glad. He was glad to give me what I wanted, glad to be, like he’d phrased it earlier, giving me pleasure. But I could tell he was looking forward to this, too, not dreading it like he once had, his mind stuck on thinking that he could hurt me. Or kill me. It made me proud of him; That he realized his strength-not for my benefit, but so Edward could stop making himself miserable by the negative, ridiculous notion that he was a monster, which he did not want to be. This, right now, his hands on my face, kissing me, both of knowing what we were about to do, it meant to be a sensual, pleasurable experience was just another sign that he was not a monster. He may be a vampire, but he was also a man, as he’d once put it. And just like any other man, Edward had the desire to be with and please his woman, which was me.

To give me some time to breath, Edward rested his forehead to mine. He soon kissed me again, one gentle kiss before his lips moved down to my neck. My arms dropped as Edward moved to sit behind me. His arms went around me to pull me close, so my back was against his chest. His face pulled back, and then I felt him remove the headband that was in my hair. My eyes closed as he smoothed my hair and moved it all over my shoulder, giving him full access to my neck, which he brushed his fingers along, giving a shiver that ran down my spine, not from the cold, but from desire.

Edward continued to kiss my neck as he slowly removed my jacket. When that was off, his arms went around my waist, and I brought my fingers down to intertwine with his. His lips went from my neck up to my ear. Simultaneously, his hands easily escaped my grip and went down to the hem of my top. I obliged and raised my arms as Edward slipped my shirt off. His arms went back around me, his hands on my stomach. My hands went to the hem of his shirt and he took it off.

Now our skin was touching, but it wasn’t enough. I was lost in the feeling of his perfect chest against me as he tugged my bra strap down to my arm and kissed my shoulder. Then, one by one remaining articles of clothing came off of us, slowly though, both of us enjoying this experience. All of it. I also couldn’t help but notice that each of Edward’s movements was deliberate, each kiss and caress was careful and gentle. I hoped he realized that he was good at this, giving me pleasure while being tender and gentle at the same time.

Soon, I was lying back with Edward hovering over me. I felt the pressure of his body against mine, but it was not too much to bear. We’d been like this before, but not this close. Right now, we were hiding nothing from each other, each letting the other see what we’d never gotten to see until now. I was his and he was mine.

Edward’s eyes followed his hand as it moved up slowly from my naval to in between my breasts and stopping to rest at my throat. He looked at me then, and I knew what he was thinking: He was giving me a chance to say no, to say that I wanted to wait until the wedding. Part of him wanted me to say this, but I knew that it was only a small part. He wanted me, he wanted me now, and I was going to give him just that.

“Do you need a minute?” I asked in between breaths, just in case he needed to prepare himself, just like I was preparing myself, going through all the common sense knowledge in my head. Such as if you expect the worst, it won’t be a pleasant experience. I assumed it was the same for Edward, though not in the same sense.

He shrugged.

“But from you sounds of it, you do.”

I blushed, and Edward touched my face, his smile and eyes soft. We looked into each others eyes and then he kissed me gently, his hand going to my waist. But I noticed that he seemed tense, like there was a worry that he was trying to conceal. Then I figured it out. In order for him to relax, I needed to relax. He was in control, but he wasn’t moving forward because of how tense I was. Because of how nervous I was.

I touched his face lightly with my hand, and he brought his face up to look at me. Both our breathing was accelerated, so his breath washed over me and I took in his delicious scent, breathing it in deep. I then pushed him down to my throat, and he kissed it once, softly, and then his nose skimmed up to my jaw, where he placed another kiss.

It worked. Every-and I mean every muscle went limp for him then. Edward’s hand went down to my hip and he gently kissed my eyelid and then my lips. I was relaxed, and he took this as my sign that I was fully ready. I was relaxed, but still I gasped against Edward’s lips when I felt him press inside of me.

I gripped his shoulders, and he went deeper slowly. My head went back and I sighed and found that I was breathing quickly. Edward’s hand traveled up from my hip to my waist to finally to caress my neck. My arm went around him and my hand pressed into his back, my other hand went to his neck as well. That was when I opened my eyes to look into his, only to find him looking down at my face.

“Is this alright?” He asked in a clear voice. I wanted to feel him move into me again, so I didn’t make him wait for my answer.

“Yes, Edward, yes. This is alright. Oh, Edward.” I leaned up and kissed him, my arms going around him and his arm going behind my back.

He moved again, deeper this time. My fingers were in his hair as we kissed, and Edward ran his through mine. Soon, our bodies were moving together in a steady, wonderfully natural rhythm that grew as it went on, grew into surges of pleasure-just as Edward had promised. I knew that he was just as new to this as I was, which meant-for the most part we went into this with the same emotions, but would we come out of it feeling the same? Was I pleasing Edward nearly as much as he was pleasing me?

I knew I shouldn’t be having these thoughts. Edward bent down and kissed my neck. My lips went to his shoulder and I lifted his head and kissed underneath his chin. He kissed my mouth again, more fiercely now. I held tightly to him as his hand went from my arm to waist. His pace began to hasten, though not to make it end but to show how comfortable he was and how comfortable he knew I was. He was still being gentle though. I whispered and sighed his name into his ear often. I wanted him to know that he was pleasing me, loving how he was making me feel.

Then, something was building inside of me, like nothing I’d ever felt before. I clung to Edward as tight as ever, on the brink of uttermost pleasure, and he responded by holding me close and pressing me to him. I threw my head back and gasped, Edward’s name the main sound coming out of my mouth. Quickly though, I brought myself back up and kissed him. I was one with Edward, and I didn’t want it to end. But it did, the peak had came and passed for us both. Now we were just trying to catch our breath.

Edward touched my face and looked into my eyes, his own gleaming, full of love and triumph. His hand went to the side of my face, and mine went to touch his cheek. I smiled up at him and he laughed quietly, kissing me. I closed my eyes as he slowly pulled out of me and laid next me, pulling me close to him. I was so warm that I didn’t care that there was nothing separating us. In fact, I loved it. I soon opened my eyes when I heard Edward’s voice.


I looked into his glowing, golden eyes and I could see happiness there, but also anxiousness. I ran a hand through his hair, and then stopped behind his ear. I now laughed quietly and then smiled.

“Oh, Edward, it was wonderful. Better than I could’ve imagined. And because you were the one, you are the one. It was amazing.” I shook my head, feeling those weren’t the right words, not being able to explain how I was feeling.

“Then you should know, that I feel the same. There never seem to be words for any experience that I share with you, because you are my life. But this,” He explained, gently caressing my waist as I laid on my side, “has to be by far the best.”

“Really? The best?”

“The very best.”

“I love you.”

“And I love you.”

He bent down and kissed me once and then rested his head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. My arms went around him and I stroked his hair. We laid silently together for a moment, but then Edward looked up at me, his eyes full of curiosity,

“Honestly, though, you feel well? I didn’t hurt you?” He asked as if he was sure that he had.

I sighed. Edward would ruin the mood by asking that question, and when I thought about it, I wasn’t surprised that he had.

“No, Edward, you didn’t hurt me. Not at all. I mean, I might be a little sore tonight and tomorrow morning, but that’s normal, isn’t it?” I blushed, my heart rate speeding up. To further darken my blush, Edward laughed. I could tell he was relieved, but that did nothing to dull my humiliation. He was also amused.

“Oh, Bella,” He was still laughing, “Yes, it’s normal.”

“You would know, what with your degree in medicine.” I rolled my eyes.

“Two degrees, actually, which-admit it come in handy, don’t they? With all the bumps and bruises you inflict on yourself.”

I covered my face, the fire in my cheeks not wanting to fade. Edward pulled my hands down effortlessly.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Bella. You have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“You make it sound like I do.” I said, bringing out a pout.

“I’m just stating a fact. But,” He turned my face to look at him, “I’m sorry I embarrassed you.”

I couldn’t doubt his sincerity, it being so clear in his eyes. I touched his face and leaned up and kissed him. I didn’t open my eyes as I leaned my head on his chest and his arm went around me. We stayed like that for what seemed like a long time, but then it started to rain. Maybe if I would’ve been dressed I wouldn’t have minded the rain, but I wasn’t. So, Edward and I both got dressed quickly and we went back to the Cullen house. We were standing in the driveway when Edward asked, “Would you like to go inside to get some fresh clothes, or would you like me to take you home?”

“Take me home, if you don’t mind.”

During the drive to my house, Edward had one hand on the steering wheel and one intertwined with my left hand. He was often twirling my ring. He then looked at it for a moment.

“When do you want to tell Charlie?” He asked casually. Sure, news like this was very casual. Uh-huh.

“Not tonight. But, how about tomorrow? I just want to get it over with. You will be with me, won’t you, Edward?”

He laughed a little at the panic-y tone my voice had taken toward the end there.

“Of course I’ll be there.” He said with his crooked smile, allowing relief to wash over me. I leaned my head back on the seat.

“Bella, love, you look tired.” Edward noted. I turned toward him and raised an eyebrow.

“Shouldn’t I be, after this afternoon?” I asked, stroking his ego.

He laughed quietly and raised his eyebrows.

“Well, I suppose you should be.” We both smiled, and then kissed before I got out of the car, Edward assuring me that he would come back tonight.

When the Volvo was out of sight, I went into the empty house. Charlie wasn’t here, but I didn’t feel like explaining everything to him right now. I felt like taking a shower, eating, and then waiting for Edward. And that’s what I did. I felt good after taking a warm shower, though my muscles were already relaxed. I did some stuff around the house, like laundry until Charlie got home and then we ate dinner.

I was soon upstairs in my room, thinking (The first thing I‘d done when returning to my room was put my ring back on-I didn‘t want to think of what Charlie’s reaction would be if he noticed this diamond on my wedding finger). Thinking about today and how wonderful it was. Edward had given me what I wanted: Him. Though, I knew that he had wanted me too, so we’d both gotten what we’d wanted this afternoon. Now, Edward would be getting his ultimate desire, that being me as his wife. Of course I was happy to be marrying Edward, nothing would please me more, but I was confused as to why he wanted to marry me so badly. I felt (obviously not now, since I’d agreed to marry him) that we didn’t need that. I already knew that he was my life and I couldn’t and wouldn’t live without him. I felt that we didn’t need a ceremony to prove or solidify this fact. But, I loved Edward, and there was no way to resist him, especially after today.

I was tired and almost asleep when I felt a strong, gentle arm go around me.

“You’re late.” I mumbled to Edward without opening my eyes.

“I’m sorry, love, did I wake you?” He said. I rolled over to my other side so my face was pressed against his chest. His scent relaxed and calmed me even more-if that was possible.

“No, I was just about to fall asleep anyway. But I can now that you’re here.”

Edward chuckled and pulled me closer to him, kissing softly my forehead and then ever so tenderly my lips, as if I already asleep, which I practically was. Truly, I was exhausted after today. Not being able to sleep afterwards was most of it, being outside and then to have it start raining. And then coming home and having to do things around the house. But everything was alright now, because now I could fall asleep in Edward’s loving, gentle, and protective arms. And that’s exactly what I did.