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Bella's Bet

This is the two scenes from Breaking Dawn regarding Bella's Bet with Emmett rewritten from Emmett's POV. It includes references to Emmett's teasing, Charlie's departure, the challenge ("Oooo scary") as well as the actual arm wrestling match. It stays very close to Bella's POV.

August Fan Fiction Challenge – 1446 words This is technically two scenes (Scene 1 takes place in the Cullen’s great room and Scene 2 takes place outdoors “near the river”) from Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn. Chapter 26, Shiny pages 517 – 521. The characters and Twilight Universe are hers. ***************************************************

1. Bella's Bet

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August Fan Fiction Challenge

Bella’s Bet



“Damn it!” I muttered to Rose.  “How dense can a guy be?  Charlie’s been living like a monk for way too long.”

Bella and Charlie were lingering over goodbyes at the front door.  Everyone could hear his stomach rumbling.  Yet, he seemed to think that all of this could disappear in the wind, as mist in the morning, if he should leave.  Bella was very reassuring.  Yes!  He invited himself back tomorrow.  I’ll have another shot.

Bella waited in the doorway as Charlie got into the cruiser and drove down the access road. 

I’ll admit that I was frustrated.  It wasn’t the warm blood scent or the wet squishing of his heart in the sectional next to me during the games and the post-game shows.  I was used to that, what with school and Bella hanging around so much during the last year.  That was no sweat, in a manner of speaking.

How could anyone be that oblivious to the rising level of sexual innuendo, about his only daughter even, that I hammered him with all day?  I did just about everything except put “honeymoon” video clips on the big screen.  Sure, it was fun to see Bella writhe, blushless of course.  She’s always easy to tease.  And Edward, he’s used to me.  I could practically hear him roll his eyes every time I let off a zinger.  Esme probably didn’t approve.  It wasn’t “kind”.  I carefully didn’t check.  But Charlie was truly oblivious.  His steady heart rate, lack of facial response, even the smallest of twitches, and other involuntary reactions showed no embarrassment at all.  No need to even ask Edward, though that might have been almost as much fun.

“Wow,” Bella congratulated herself.

Edward flashed to her side.  “You took the word right out of my mouth.”

“Edward, I did it!”

“You did.  You were unbelievable.  All that worrying over being a newborn, and then you skip it altogether.”  He chuckled.

“I’m not even sure she’s really a vampire, let alone a newborn,”  I called out from under the stairs.  “She’s too tame.”

From her glare, - How do women do that? – Bella was recalling, with the perfect clarity of her new vampire mind, all of double entendre and flat out bawdy comments I’d made in front of Charlie.  Remembering them myself, I was about to laugh when she snarled at me.

“Oooo, scary,” I laughed.

Bella hissed and disturbed Nessie.  After a moment she sniffed and touched Bella’s face.

“Charlie will be back tomorrow,” She assured her.

“Excellent,” I enthused.  Rosalie laughed with me this time.

“Not brilliant, Emmett,” Edward said with his “you-are-an-idiot” voice.  He took Nessie from Bella.

“What do you mean?”


“It’s a little dense, don’t you think, to antagonize the strongest vampire in the house?”

He caught me off guard.  I snorted.  “Please!

“Bella,” he started.  I was suddenly alert. “ … do you remember a few months ago, I asked you to do me a favor once you were immortal?”

It must have been an as-yet-uncatalogued human memory.  There was a discernable pause before she gasped, “Oh!”

Alice suddenly saw something funny, very funny from her long and hearty laugh.  What ever was happening, it drew wolfboy out of the kitchen mid-meal.

“What?” I, perhaps more gruffly than intended, asked.

“Really?” Bella asked Edward.

“Trust me,” he said.

“Emmett, how do you feel about a little bet?”

I jumped up.  This was going to be fun!  “Awesome.  Bring it.”  Maybe a little looming will enhance my edge.  She seemed a bit unsure.

 “Unless you’re too afraid … ?” I chivied.

Bella stiffened.  “You.  Me.  Arm-wrestling.  Dining room table.  Now.”

This was going to be sooo easy.  And no, I didn’t have any qualms about taking advantage of my little sister.  Though my grin probably made me look like a silly fool, it was for a great cause!

“Er, Bella,” Alice said quickly, “I think Esme is fairly fond of that table.  It’s an antique.”

Esme probably would prefer a change of venue.  It works for me.  I knew the ideal spot.

“No problem,” I said as I grinned at her.  “Right this way, Bella.”

The entire family, including the masticating wolfboy, trailed me to the riverside.  Apparently, they all saw the same entertainment value in the challenge as I did.  Should I go easy on her?  No way!  I almost giggled in anticipation.  I went up to one of the boulders that we used as an alternate launching spot for crossing the river.  It was about the right height and looked solid enough to take a little vampire abuse.

I placed my elbow on the rock and waved to Bella.  I gave her my best come-hither leer.  I don’t think she noticed.

She was obviously nervous again as I flexed and, I’ll admit it, made a bit of a display of my muscles.  Intimidation was working, but she was trying to keep a calm face.  I’m not certain why she was doing this; she must have been really angry about my teasing Charlie, and her and Edward, all day.  I don’t even understand why Edward was encouraging her.  Even if she has newborn strength, I didn’t have any problems with Victoria’s newborns four months ago.  What makes him think, I’d have a problem with this now?

Bella eyed my biceps.  She couldn’t totally hide her doubts as she set her elbow against the stone.

Bella laid out the bet.  “Okay, Emmett.  I win, and you cannot say one more word about my sex life to anyone, not even Rose.  No allusions, no innuendos – no nothing.”

This was serious.  I squinted at her.  And grinned.  “Deal.  I win, and it’s going to get a lot worse.”

Bella hesitated.  Yes, little sister, you are going to very much regret this ill-advised bet.

“You gonna back down so easy, little sister?” I dared.  “Not much wild about you, is there?”  Time for another dig.  “I bet that cottage doesn’t have a scratch.”  I laughed.  “Did Edward tell you how many houses Rose and I smashed?”

Bella ground her teeth and grabbed my hand.  Hers was crushably dainty in mine.  “One, two – “

I didn’t wait for her.  “Three,” I said off rhythm.  I grunted as I shoved against her hand.

Nothing happened.

Oh, I could feel the force I was using.  It should have been enough to snap her wrist against the rock.  Enough to crack the rock to dust.  Even enough to flip her if she wasn’t braced, and enough to snap her arm off if she was.  But nothing happened.  I cranked it up.  Nothing happened.  I shifted a bit to try and get a little back or leg into it.  But nothing happened.  I reached down, focused and gave her everything I had.  And nothing happened.

Bella didn’t seem to be trying.  She didn’t even seem to be paying attention.  Besides being distracted, she seemed to relax a bit and loosen up.  Tension streamed out of her.

I may have grunted again.  I could feel my face distort as I strained against her hand.  I was tempted to check to see if it was supported by a steel frame work.  I would have had better success against the steel.

Bella seemed to lose another degree of interest in the, so far, no contest.  Then she flexed.  I lost an inch.

She laughed.  Apparently, she found this entertaining.  I growled.  It sounded thin and wispy to me.

Well, she was just as gracious in victory as I would have been, probably.

“Just keep your mouth shut,”

Then she smashed my hand into the boulder.  It cracked and a huge chunk fell on my foot.  Much to the amusement of all – I heard them.  Hands over the mouth don’t do much to smother massive guffaws.

I was ticked.  To vent a bit, I kicked the offending rock across the river.  Its jagged edges sliced a small maple in half before it was brought to a stop by the base of a big fir, which it toppled.

My stance was probably a bit aggressive as I turned and looked Bella in the eye.  “Rematch.  Tomorrow.”

“It’s not going to wear off that fast,” She told me.  “Maybe you ought to give it a month.”

I growled, showing teeth.  Yeah, definitely aggressive.  “Tomorrow.”

“Hey, whatever makes you happy, big brother.”

As I turned to leave, I couldn’t help it.  I had to lash out at something.  I smashed the granite, sending a spatter of flakes and dust into the air and onto the ground.  It may have been a bit childish, but I was frustrated – still.