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Shirley The Vampire Slayer

Shirley, a (Buffyverse) Slayer wannabe, has traced, through Quileute legends, "vampires" to La Push. Her time of preparation and training behind her, Shirley is ready to act.


3. Chapter 3 - Hunting Embry

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Shirley the Vampire Slayer

Shirley the Vampire Slayer

Chapter 3 - Hunting Embry [1377 words]

It was way too early when the phone rang.  "Thanks," came out as a gruff croak.  My body didn't want to, but I made my feet go to the floor and began getting ready for the day.  As I started with routine movements, my mind woke to the fact that this was the day.  In moments I was making tiny, little dancing steps across the room as I went from one task to another.  It was hard to stand in one spot while I washed or when I brushed my hair.  Today, I would become a slayer.  Today, I would destroy my first vampire.  Today, I will kill Embry Call.

My headlight showed a fine wind-driven mist as I slowly navigated through the dark, deserted streets of La Push.  I parked under an overhanging pine two houses down from the Call's place.  The house was dark and quiet.  A beat-up Dodge pickup huddled next to the kitchen stoop.

"WWBD?" I asked myself.  She wasn't big on subtlety.  Since I didn't know where Embry was, I'll let him come to me.  I walked through the wet grass and sat down on the front porch.

An hour later my butt was cold and sore from the damp concrete.  Every exposed piece of flesh was frozen, besides a few pieces that weren't exposed.  A radio went on in the back of the house.  When I stood to stretch my tightened muscles, I peeked through the window.  A faint light trickled down the hall from the back.  Even though it was a hour until sunrise, it was still time to leave.

As I walked back to the van, two tall, bare-chested young men walked out of the dark.  In spite of the cold, one wore only cut-off jeans and a pair of sneakers.  It was hard to tell the color, but the other wore dark sweat pants, a right shoe and a flip-flop.  Both had the hard sculpted bodies that professional body builders strive for but never attain.  Although clean shaven, their heads were covered with dark stubble.  While they had high cheek bones and dark eyes, their faces had hard, angular planes that were surprising for such young boys.  As I approached, I could feel on my face heat from their bodies as if I was standing next to a patio heater.  These vampires have recently fed.  I could tell.

Flip-flop gave me a cock-eyed grin and said, "Hi!"

"Hi."  I was within striking range.  "I'm looking for Embry Call."

Flip-flop's grin grew bigger.  "You've found me."

I let my stake fall into my palm.  I struck deep and turned to take on the other ... and found myself on my back staring up at Flip-flop.  He was holding his side.  Already blood was pouring between his fingers.  He was shaking with shock.

"What in the hell did you do that for?" he shouted.

I was dazed and confused.  He didn't disintegrate.  Does it have to be in the heart?  Meanwhile, the other vampire, Sneakers, was on his knees -- laughing?  Sneakers slowly toppled to his side, incapacitated by large whooping guffaws. 

Flip-flop shakes and vibrates like -- well, my van.  With a gigantic rip Flip-flop explodes into a huge ball of fur leaving shreds of dark cloth falling from the air.  A pulsating growl reverberated out of a long, tooth filled muzzle.  I got a dental assistant's view of teeth, tongue and tonsils, along with hot saliva dripped on my neck and cheek and the unmistakable scent of pepperoni (??) breath.  This gave new meaning to the term “woofer”.

"Embry, I guess that this means that you are not a vampire?"

Sneakers had quieted a bit, but, when he heard me, he went to his stomach howling and pounding on the street.  Tears streaked his face.

My stake was still in my hand.  My mind was saying, "Right there in the neck.  Take your second shot!"  But my body, especially my arm, wasn't having any part of it.  "We're staying right where we're at," reported my fingers to our brain.

I think the growling quieted before my hearing loss was permanent.  Sneakers got up and shoved Embry off me.

"Go have Sam check you over.”  He glanced at my stake.  “It looks like she got about four inches into you."  The creature swung his massive head back at me and growled again.  I stayed very still.

"Come on Embry, get out of here!"

Embry turned and, from the brief glance that I got, loped off into the dark.

Sneakers eyes followed him for a moment.  Then he stood over me and offered me a massive hand.  When I took it, he lifted me to my feet.  I was still woozy and confused.

"What was that?"

Sneakers ignored my question.  He took the stake from my loose grip and inspected it.  "Mmmm.  From the blood stains, I think you only got three inches into him."  He glanced at me.  "Don't worry about Embry.  He'll be alright."

"What was that?" I asked again.

"Not a vampire, that's for sure."  Disgust permeated his voice.  He flipped the stake into the undergrowth.

He grabbed my wrist and, in spite of my futile resistance, dragged me toward the house.  Flip-flop, what ever he was, may not have been a vampire, but Sneakers surely was.  Super strength; I am strong, I am trained.  I couldn’t move him or keep him from moving me.  Super speed; He blocked some of my best strikes.  Super endurance; I did make a few strikes that he ignored rather than blocked.  They were solid hits on cripple and kill points that should have felled a tree.  No effect.  As we reached Embry's kitchen door, Sneakers shifted his attention to the door. 

With my free hand, I pulled a squirt gun from my coat pocket.  As usual, the first pump resulted in a rather anemic stream of holy water.  But the second, third, fourth and fifth pumps gave fine hard jets against his side.  When Sneakers finished giving the door a couple of sharp raps, he took my squirt gun and tossed it on the roof.

“Crazy bitch!”

I was dumbfounded!  I expected Sneakers to be nothing but a bubbling mess to be hosed off of the porch.  At the very least, I expected his side and back to be a mass of painful welts, burns and blisters that would distract him enough for me to get out another stake and stab him.  Instead, he just stood there dripping.  I needed to think.

"Come in," said a soft female voice.  Sneakers pushed his way into the kitchen, into light and warmth.

"Oh, hello Jared.  Where’s Embry?" asked a matronly woman with a single loose braid, flecked with grey.  She tied the belt of her housecoat as she looked me over.

"He'll be along in a little while."  Jared smiled.  "He ran into a twig and got poked.  He needs to lick his wounds for a couple of minutes."

"Sometimes, you guys play too rough."

"Yeah, sometimes I think we do.  Can I use the phone?"

"Sure, help yourself."

Since my wrist went with him, I did too.  As my wrist slowly went numb, I couldn't help notice how hot his hand was.  And when we stopped, how warm his body was, in spite of being practically naked while out in the cold.

Jared picked up the receiver and dialed with one hand.  "Sam, this is Jared ... Yeah, for some reason she mistook Embry for one of the Cullens up in Forks. … That's right, a wooden stake."  He gave me a look of pity mixed with rolling eyes.  "I'll find out."  He covered the mouth piece with a massive mitt.  "Where are you staying?"

I answered, "The Resort" before I could bite my tongue. 

"The Resort. ... Okay, I'll meet you there."  He hung up.

"Are you going to answer my questions?"

"Mrs. Call, may I use one of Embry's t-shirts?"

"Answer my questions!  What was that thing out there?  That hairy beast with the teeth?"

"Sure, sure.”  She handed him a dish towel.  “I'll get you one.”

“What is Embry Call?  What are you?”

I guess not answering was an answer of a sort.