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The More things Change

The Cullen family undergoes many changes--some people leave, some people arrive. Marriages, babies, and imprints confuse the issue even more.

This is a sequel to "Home"...you don't have to read that to totally understand this, but it would probably help alot! Yeah, I know I sound like I'm begging for reads, but I'm just trying to be helpful! So go read "Home" if you get confused...

10. Chapter 10: Robyn Arrives

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Robyn’s POV:

So this is Forks’ I thought as my brand new *insert squee here* husband Jasper Whitlock pointed out various landmarks. I was kinda still focused on the ‘green’ part. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the snow, but… Alaska was just too much. When I was human, I used to love the snow… Running around and getting into snowball fights with my older brother and my best friend, Mary. Since the change, I didn’t get cold, any snowball I threw went further than I could’ve imagined as a human and the snow no longer melted into my shoes, my hair, my eyelashes…

“We’re here darlin’.” Jasper whispered, pulling me out of my reveries with a gentle brush of his hand against my bare arm.

“Where?” I asked, confused. The house was huge, off-white, and completely foreign to me. “Umm… Where are we?”

“We’re in Forks darlin’.”

“Yes, I’d gotten that far, thanks. Why are we here again?” There was a moment of silence as he looked at me skeptically. “Ok, I forgot again. Big deal!”

“We’re here for my brother’s wedding.”

“Oh, right! Edmund!” I exclaimed happily. I’d remembered his name!

Jasper sighed. “Edward.”

“Didn’t I say that?”

“No you- Never mind. Shall we go in?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed, bounding out of my seat and stepping out the car door. Right into an ankle deep puddle. “Aaahh! Wet! It’s got my foot! Jasper, help!” I yelled, wincing as I felt my feet sink further into the mud. I don’t normally have a problem with the rain, but recently, I seem to have developed a phobia of bodies of water. Like puddles.

“What’s got your foot?” He asked, slipping subconsciously into a defensive pose.

“The puddle!” I wailed, pointing at it. By this point, I noticed a bunch of people had come out of the house and gathered on the porch. Jasper picked me up and carried me across the lawn.

“Better?” He asked as he set me down on the paved area at the foot of the porch stairs.

“Yes thank you! I knew there was a reason I married you!” I giggled, before removing my shoes and socks and changing into a pair of wellies. So I’d carried an extra pair – or three – of shoes with me – so what? Doesn’t everyone? When I was done, I looked up at the 6 people on the porch. Carlisle I already knew – he’d come to visit us up in Alaska when Jasper was arranging for me to join his coven.

“Carlisle!” I exclaimed, blurring up the steps to hug him “My second-favourite blonde vampire!!!” Uh-oh, Esme was glaring at me. Can’t a girl hug her new dad ‘round these parts? I decided to hug her next…

“ESMEEEEEEE!!! Or can I call you mom? Can I? Can I? Should I? What’s the story then, if I'm staying with you guys huh? Tell me, tell meeeeee!” Whoa, that was a loooooooong speech. Who was I hugging again? Oh yeah, Esme… I didn’t recognise the rest of the people on the porch, but one of ‘em smelt like food, so I assumed she was Bella, and the ginger one glared at me when I thought of Bella as food, so I guessed he was Edmund, the mind reader.

“It’s Edward” He replied primly “And this is my fiancée, Bella.”

“I kinda guessed, by the fact that you’re ginger and she smells yum.”

“Can’t you show her a little respect? She’s not foo- Wait, ginger? I'm not-“

“Yes y’are!!!” I squealed “I have NEVER seen a ginger vampire before! Not a male one, anyway…”

“I'm not ginger!”

“It’s more sort of a bronzy colour, actually…” The human girl piped up nervously. She blushed, and I clutched at Jasper’s arm to stop myself jumping at her. So I wasn’t very well restrained yet. What’cha gonna do, sue me? Edward growled softly, pushing her behind him. Jasper responded similarly, stepping in front of me. I leaped on his back and ruffled his hair so he couldn’t see.

“I WIN!!!” I screamed, running round in a circle.

“We were playing something?” The big, brawny one asked confused. The door swung open and someone else came out. A guy. The slender blonde next to Mr. Muscles shook her hair and looked at me haughtily.

“ROSALIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” I screeched, hugging her too. Everyone else stood around dumbfounded. I looked round, my arms still around the statue-like Rosalie. “What, did I do something wrong?” Bella giggled. I smiled. I could get to like this human girl. Rosalie shifted slightly in my arms, and I let go, instead running up to Edward and launching myself at him.

“Eddie-kins!” I wrapped my arms and legs around him, pinning his arms to his side so he couldn’t hurt me. I released him again when Jasper said my name in a soft, warning undertone, and instead turned to his human.

“Hey Bella, I'm Robyn. With a ‘y’ not an ‘I’. I’d hug you too, but I keep forgetting that I'm not human anymore, so it might hurt you…”

“Umm… Nice to meet you?” She said nervously, blushing again. I tensed.

“Ooh, you’re gonna have to hang out with me a lot… But Eddiekins better be there too… I need to get used to your scent…” I trailed off as my brain went off on a tangent about what shoes to wear to the wedding…

“Am I even invited?” I asked out loud. 6 pairs of eyes looked at me confused. Eddiekins and the other guy looked at me like they knew what I was thinking. “Well duh, Eddiekins is a mind-reader… Did I say that out loud?”

“Yes darlin’.” Jasper sighed. Ooh dear, he sounds bored, is he bored of me already? I started whimpering. I guess I need to calm down – a lot. I looked around, and decided to channel my power into the big guy for a bit. Edward looked worried. I smiled at him.

“Who’re you?” I asked the big one innocently. “I’ve never seen someone with so many muscles… You must be super strong… Even stronger than Jazzy!” He puffed his chest out proudly. I heard the smack of marble flesh on marble flesh as Jasper hit his forehead with the palm of his hand. He did that a lot around me.

“I'm Emmett.” Big guy announced, sticking his hand out for me to shake. “You’re Robyn, right?”

“I just said that!” I laughed, and as I shook his hand, pushed my power down his arm, finding the strong, deep brown of his mind. It was easy to find his memories, and I pulled them all out with the barest of mental touches, locking them away in my own head and leaving him blank. Out of pity, I left him with the bare necessities: his name, his family’s names and the way to sate his thirst. My mind cleared immediately, but Emmett looked around confused.

“What…? Where…?”

“Sorry ‘bout that…” I winced. “I hate to do it, but I need to focus… I swear I must be the only vampire who can actually forget things!”

“Vampire? Who are you people?!?” Emmett was starting to sound scared. Whoops, forgot to leave the memory of him being a vampire… I bit my lip, but everyone ignored him, apart from the human who looked at him, confused.

“Are you quite calm now?” Carlisle asked warily. Just in case, Jasper sent some waves my way.

“I think so…” I frowned. “I do apologize, I was just excited about meeting everyone. That and I haven’t exercised my power in a while. I try to keep it restrained around Jasper…”

“Ooh, what’s your power?” Bella asked eagerly, then blushed again as everyone looked at her.

“Bella, if you plan to live until your wedding, you need to stop blushing near me. I'm only 17 years old and I don’t have very good control yet.” I sighed.

Suddenly, a sharp SMACK came to my ears as Rosalie hit Emmett. “Think it’s time for him to have his memories back…” I muttered. “Bella, observe. I, for some reason, have ended up with the power to remove people’s memories, and replace them again. If not exercised, my power makes me exceptionally forgetful. Now, I’ve used it, so I should be ok for a bit… Oh Emmett? Come over here a second will ya?” I touched Emmett’s hand again, forcing the memories back up into his mind and locking them inside his head.

“That was… Odd.” He said, shaking his head.

“How did you do that?” The other guy, the one who I couldn’t put a name to, asked. I looked at him for the first time. He was smaller than Jasper, maybe 6’1” at the most. His hair was dark, his skin was pale, but not unusually so, and he was wearing sunglasses. Not all too weird… Except it was pouring with rain.

“Well you’re a strange little bunny, that’s for sure!” I chirped, putting my hand out for him to shake. “I'm Robyn!”

“Yeah… I'm Sean.” He looked at my hand, but didn’t take it.

“I think I had a cousin called Shawn…” I said thoughtfully. “Yes, I did. He died in a car accident.”

“Sean. S. E. A. N.” He said

“Oh… Sean?”

“No, it’s pronounced Shawn but-”

“So what’s wrong with the way I said it?” I interrupted.

“Well, I have the power to read minds also-”

“OMG!!! That is sooo groovy!” Mmm, the 60s… So what if I was just a baby? The 60s were GREAT!

Edward looked up suddenly, his head cocked to one side as if he was concentrating on listening to something far away. Sean also looked up, and his face split into a soppy grin. Love. Carlisle ushered us inside, and I brushed my hand against Sean’s briefly. A girl, there, then gone again. A broken heart. A daughter. Another girl, this one like us, pale, with short, dark hair… Alice. I growled almost involuntarily. She’d hurt my Jazz, badly. Without my gift to dull the pain, he wouldn’t be able to be here, to see her. My power, whilst perhaps impressive, did not show me the truth of the situation – the thoughts and emotions behind each memory. All I saw was the incident the was the person who’s memories I was accessing had seen it, like home film on a video camera. It was with this in mind that I had agreed to meet my husband’s ex. Perhaps his memories were biased… Though I doubted it.

Jasper had, accidentally, released his pain on me once, for the briefest of moments when we’d only just met. The pain, then, was fresh, and I was not his. I was not there to hold him whilst he cried, to protect him from the world, from the scathing glares of the Denali sisters, with whom we had been staying. After all, our kind mates for eternity. There are no ‘divorces’ among those who live forever. With our strength, our power, and our minds, it is not wise to make enemies. Through the memories of Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle and the Denali coven, I had seen only good things about this Alice. But what she’d done to Jasper, even if he didn’t blame her, had made me dislike her, though I try to be open minded about people until I meet them. I suddenly had an idea. Human’s minds are so much easier for me to read – they have not learnt the deceit and secrecy our kind has in their short lives.

“Bella. May I?” I asked the girl, holding my hand out to her. She hesitated, as if unsure what I wanted. “I need physical contact to access your memories.” I explained. “May I?” She nodded, holding her hand out to me, but Edward sprang between us, growling. I rolled my eyes. “I swear on Jasper’s existence that I will not harm her in any way Edward.” He took a step back, but hovered close, ready to tear her from me should I lose control, I assumed. Not that I would. When I am within someone’s mind, it doesn’t matter what species they are – nothing can affect me whilst I see, not even the touch of he that I love more than anything else.

I rested a single finger on Bella’s upturned palm, careful not to press to hard and break her fragile wrist. Her mind was a pure, calm blue, clear and easy to read. I saw, through her eyes, her childhood. Countless faces, her mother, her father, teachers, friends, neighbours, pets… But that was not what I wanted. I skipped forward, closer to the present. I paused for a moment as I saw the coven, minus Esme and Carlisle, for the first time in her memories. Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and – Alice. Grr.

Then her attention was caught by Edward, and nearly every memory from there on out contained him. I skimmed through the rest, only pausing to cross-examine Alice’s character through the eyes of this girl. A Porsche, a smile, make-overs, shopping, rushing to save Edward… Everything only further cemented the idea that Alice was a good, caring person. I sighed and released myself from her mind. She shook her head experimentally.

“That was really weird!” She laughed. Edward was gazing at her with something akin to amazement. “Edward?” She asked warily, turning to him. He looked at me.

“How did you do that? Her mind is impenetrable!”

“It is? Err.” I said, looking from one to the other. “I dunno?”

A car pulled up on the driveway. I heard the click of two pairs of high heeled shoes, two clear, musical giggles, the rustle of numerous shopping bags, and two women walked through the door. One skipped up to Sean and hugged him.

“Hey daddy! I had a great time, Alice is so good at picking out colours that look good on me, she really helped me…” She trailed off as she realized everyone was watching either me or the other woman. Alice. She had halted in the doorway when she’d seen me, an expression on her face which I couldn’t identify. I took a deep breath and stepped forward.

“Hey, Alice, right?”

“Robyn.” She acknowledged. “Welcome to our home.” Was it just me or did she put the tiniest of stresses on the word ‘our’? Like I wasn’t welcome here? I saw Jasper move towards me out of the corner of my eye, and Carlisle rested a hand on his arm. Edward did the same to Sean, who had been moving closer to Alice.

“Can I talk to you?” I asked in a whisper. She nodded stiffly and swept back outside. I followed her. Jasper made a soft sound of protest.

“Darlin’, I don’t think-”

“I’ll be fine Jasper.” I sighed, turning back out the door and closing it behind me. Alice stood at the edge of the porch, leaning on the railings. Everyone in the house could still hear our conversation, should they want to. I leant against the wall, trying to think of the best way to begin. Turns out, I didn’t have to.

“So you married him.” She said, without looking at me.

“Yes.” I replied warily.

“Do you love him?” She still didn’t turn around.

“With everything I am, with all of my heart and all of my soul.” I replied, slightly confused.

“That’s… good, I guess.” She turned around finally and looked at me. “You’ll look out for him, won’t you? If he slips?”

“He has better control than me Alice.” I said, folding my arms. I was slightly annoyed, until I saw the look of hurt in her eyes. I gasped. She looked exactly the way Jasper had the first time I saw him! Without thinking or asking, I grasped Alice’s hand. She inhaled sharply as I let loose my power. The images flashed quickly through my mind, and as I watched them I understood. I saw Alice scared to death of Jasper leaving, and how heartbroken she had been when she’d first had the vision of me. I saw her the first time that she saw me, I heard her decision to let Jasper go so he could be happy with me. And I saw the depth of her love for Jasper. Fortunately, I also saw that her love for Sean far eclipsed her love for Jasper…and that fact, coupled with how that how she felt about Jasper leaving mirrored his feelings about leaving her, how hard it had been for both of them, and how she’d forgiven Japer and wanted only the best for him and me, mad me ashamed of feeling angry towards her.

I let go of her hand, and said, “Sorry about that, Alice. My power is to see and sometimes remove memories. I’m afraid, despite my best intentions, that I misjudged you. You are a good person, Alice.”

She opened her mouth to reply, but just then the door opened behind us. I caught a whiff of the air and immediately stopped my unnecessary breathing. Bella. She walked hesitantly towards us. I backed up until my back hit the railing. She looked between us. Why had she come out here? When she was about 3 feet from us, she tripped. My arms shot out automatically to catch her, and as she fell into my I took a breath, and found myself leaning away from her to escape the alluring scent of her blood, overbalanced, pushed Bella towards Alice and fell back over the railings into a flowerbed.

Alice and Bella looked down at me from the porch as I sat in the wet dirt. The rest of the family came running out, Edward sighing in relief when he realized Bella was safe, Emmett bursting into laughter as he saw me sitting bewildered in the mud. Carlisle looked at me too, and began to chuckle. Jasper rolled his eyes but fought down chuckles himself. Soon everyone was laughing at my predicament, even Edward.

Alice giggled, blurred to stand beside me and offered me a hand.

“Come inside Robyn, and let’s get you some dry clothes, okay?” She smiled as she pulled me up. “And then later we can go shopping…” Sean’s daughter squealed in excitement as Sean groaned.

Jasper took me from Alice with a worried look and began to check me over. “I'm fine Jasper.” I pushed him back gently, and grinned at Alice. “In fact, I think I'm gonna like it here…” Alice and I walked back into the house together…