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Ravyn and Edward have finally found peace together with the Cullens. They haven't heard from her dad, and things seem to be looking up. But when Alice sees something potentially dangerous, and Carlisle rushes her to the hospital for x-rays, they realize that their happy ending was never meant to be. And just when it can't get any worse for Ravyn, guess who shows up? This is the sequel to "Restart".

Do you have any idea how many times I've repostes this to get it validated? You don't even wanna know.

1. Chapter 1: Mine

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I leaned back onto the warm grass, absorbing the sun. It was one of those rare occasions, and I decided I would make the best of it. Apparently, Edward had the same idea.

He lay down on his back beside me, closing his eyes and smiling into the sunlight. His skin glistened in the light, like it was embedded with a thousand diamonds. Though I’d seen it several times before, it was still a wondrous sight, seeing Edward in the sunlight.

“That feels nice,” he murmured, his lips barely moving.

“It is nice,” I acknowledged. “I was wondering if we missed the sun exploding or something,” I joked with a grin.

He smiled in response – I was slick with my jokes. Or maybe I was deluding myself into thinking my jokes were actually funny, and maybe that made him laugh more than the joke itself. Either way, it was nice to hear Edward laugh.

He laughed so much more these days, I liked to think I had a positive impact on his mood. It took nearly a year for him to realize it, but, with a little help from me, he finally came to terms that Bella, or whatever her name was, wasn’t coming back. And also that he loved me, of course.

I must be the luckiest girl in the world, I thought with a smile. Edward Cullen is the most amazing person in the world and he’s mine. I just want to shout it to the world, “EDWARD CULLEN IS MINE!” The excitement fills me and threatens to bubble over.

I reach out and take his glistening hand in mine, and I see his smile widen impossibly. I close my eyes and enjoy the warmth of the sunlight along with him, and for a while we do just this, needing no words to fill our silence, as it is not awkward. It’s perfect and comfortable.

“Ravyn?” He asked quietly, breaking the not-so-awkward silence.

“Hm?” I replied distractedly.

“I just I’d warn you that Alice wants to plan for a shopping trip as soon as the sun goes away,” he snickered.

I groaned, and asked, “Will you come this time? Maybe it won’t be so terrible if you’re there. We won’t be able to go into certain embarrassing stores.”

“No, I’m afraid not, love. Alice was very clear: girls only. Esme’s even coming along.”

“That’s not fair! I can’t even fight back! Stupid vampires…” He laughed a loud, booming laughter of pure happiness. He laughed like that a lot lately, and it made me swell with pride inside.

“Alice can be a little terrifying when you get in her way,” he admitted.

“What will you do? I suppose you’ll just go hunting with the boys or something?”

“We do other things than hunt when you guys aren’t around, you know,” he said seriously.

“Like what?” I asked, mocking.

“Like…” he paused for a moment to brainstorm.

“See! I told you.” I grinned.

“You didn’t let me think,” he said playfully, rolling over in a blindingly fast movement so that he was propped up on his elbows, looking down at me with one of his looks. It was adoration, mixed with love and happiness.

In my head, I was thinking the line, “Edward Cullen is mine,” over and over again while I smiled back up at him,

“We wrestle,” he paused and a mischievous smile lit up his face. “And sometimes we go to strip clubs.”

For a minute, I believed him. My face froze in shock, and I felt it turn red with anger.

“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen,” I shouted in a stern voice, “If I find you –”

“Kidding!” He snickered, moving so that he was directly above me.

My anger was swept away, and I pouted. Then, that look that he was giving me completely erased away both emotions entirely.

“I love you,” I whispered longingly.

He didn’t say it, but I could see it in his eyes. He leaned in towards me and pressed his lips to mine. I did not want more than that simple kiss, and stayed put like I was supposed to. I was relishing more in the thought that I was kissing the most beautiful person alive, rather than the fact that I could so easily get more.

He pulled back, and then slowly lowed him self to lie beside me. He rested his head on my stomach and closed his eyes in peaceful silence. I brought my hands up to pull my fingers absent mindedly through his silky bronze hair.

Somewhere during that time, I ended up falling asleep. My eyes drifted closed, and the hands that were playing with his hair fell limp to rest on the bronze locks. My fingertip twitched periodically, just to feel the sensation of his silky hair on them.

Sometime later, he was waking me up, softly calling my name in my ear and shaking my arm.

“Ravyn, wake up. It’s time for dinner,” he said, and at that moment, my stomach growled as if the word were a taboo. I laughed myself awake, and he helped me to my feet and led me into the house.

I drifted over into the kitchen, and he followed behind with an amused look on his face. I rummaged around in the fridge for ingredients, not sure what I was going to make. I found a package of quesadillas in a drawer, and a container of salsa. I moved to the cabinet, and located one can of chili, no beans. Perfect!

I pulled a dish out of the cupboard, and poured the chili and salsa into it. I pulled a large mixing spoon from the drawer, and started mixing them around. I took out the tortilla shells and started ripping them into small pieces before sprinkling them around the dish. Then I turned back to the fridge to find my last ingredient: one bag of Kraft four cheese mix. I sprinkled half into the mixture before stirring it again, then the other half over the top as a coating.

As I was putting the pan in the oven, I heard Edward’s disgusted grunt behind me. I turned and gave him a patronizing look.

“What now?”

“That looks disgusting,” He said, sniffing and grimacing.

“It’s delicious,” I defended. “My mother taught me how to make it, thank you very much.”

“Sorry, I might be a little biased, seeing as everything tastes bad to me.”

“Except for blood,” I joked.

He was always telling me how it amazed him how casual I was with the term. I threw it around like a weight, like I didn’t have a problem with it. And I didn’t. I’d always been fascinated by vampire stories – living with them was like a dream come true. And the Cullens didn’t scare me one bit, I knew they were good.

He shook his head and lead the way back into the living room, where Emmett was turning on our Wii.

He gestured to the four toy guitars that were leaning against the wall and announced, “I challenge you to a battle.” He still couldn’t accept the fact that, I, a mere human with normal reflexes, could beat him, a vampire with unrequited skill and agility. He was just a sore loser.

“I accept your challenge,” I said, grinning and playing along with the charade.

I grabbed my favorite guitar, the one with a lime green faceplate and various stickers, and Emmett grabbed his favorite, the pink one with a few small stickers. He was going through one of those pink-is-manly phases. Thank God Edward wasn’t.

The game started, and Emmett went to the co-player screen and selected battle mode. He was about to chose “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” by Pat Benetar when I interrupted him and say, “It’s my turn to choose.”

The emotions drained from his face as I scrolled down the list of songs, passing first the first show, then the second. I stopped at the first song on show three, “When You Were Young,” by the Killers. He knew this was my best song, and his worst.

I adjust my settings to expert difficulty, and, just to prove me wrong – even though he hasn’t even been past the first show on expert – he sets his the same. The song begins and already I have the upper hand, and I ace the first note. He misses it completely, then grumbles something about not even seeing it coming.

Pretty soon I hit the three-hundred note streak, and he hits one-hundred. It’s not hard to get a huge streak with all these notes, but Emmett missed one and cursed, missing a few more.

The song ends, and he shouts an unintelligible string of profanities. I just grin as I put my trademark name, vampire, in the number one high score place. Edward laughed at his brother and gave me a thumbs up. I retreated into the kitchen to check on my dinner and, sure enough, it was ready.

Anticipation rose as I eagerly pulled the dish out of the oven and set it on the counter. I closed the oven, then turned back to my feast hungrily.

After locating a suitable knife, I cut myself a portion and set it on a plate. But, in the process, I ended up burning my finger on the pan.

“Ouch!” I hollered, hopping up and down and cradling the finger to my chest.

Edward rushed into the room and was at my side in a minute. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Edward,” I said, sucking in a breath between my teeth.

“Let me see,” he said, holding his hand out. Reluctantly, I placed my hand in his, and he examined my finger carefully. “Looks like a little burn. Nothing too serious,” he said in a patronizing tone. My eyes narrowed at him, and I pouted. He grinned, then leaned over and pressed his lips to my throbbing finger. The icy coldness helped a bit.

After I had eaten my dinner, I offered to play another round with Emmett. He shook his head and mumbled something about cheating humans. I sat beside Edward on the couch and Emmett switched to the cable and sulked his way upstairs.

Eventually, I started to fall asleep. Edward noticed, and lifted me into his arms and carried me up the stairs to my room. He kissed my forehead and tucked the covers up around my chin before turning out the light and ducking out the door. I drifted into a peaceful slumber, dreaming of him all night long.

But I didn’t need to dream about him, because Edward Cullen was mine.