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Ravyn and Edward have finally found peace together with the Cullens. They haven't heard from her dad, and things seem to be looking up. But when Alice sees something potentially dangerous, and Carlisle rushes her to the hospital for x-rays, they realize that their happy ending was never meant to be. And just when it can't get any worse for Ravyn, guess who shows up? This is the sequel to "Restart".

Do you have any idea how many times I've repostes this to get it validated? You don't even wanna know.

4. Chapter 4: Betrayal

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I crossed my arms and sat on the couch, scooted as far away from Edward and Bella as possible. We weren’t on speaking terms – I don’t think I’d said one single word to that girl at all; but I hadn’t spoken to Edward since her arrival. He was all over her, and it made me sick.

He leaned his head down and kissed her on the cheek, then trailed kisses down her neck and to her shoulder, where she wore a little too skimpy top with spaghetti straps. He kissed down her shoulder and then to her arm, down to her hand which he held in his own. I scooted farther away, disgusted.

It was like I wasn’t even there! The way they kissed, it was like they were alone. I was prepared for them to strip down at any moment!

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear, though it was still audible to me. Betrayal struck through me, cold and hard as a ton of frozen rocks. He never told me he loved me.

“Me too,” she replied stupidly, though he chuckled softly as if it were funny. I thought she was a stupid, thick-headed girl – though she was pretty – with no sense of self-preservation or common knowledge. She was pretty and dumb, just like all the other superficial girls out there.

But somehow, Edward found that appealing. I guess he liked a girl who he was smarter than.

When I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I stood with huff and fled from the room.

I saw Alice, seated at the computer, working on some new design software that I’d given her for her ‘birthday’. It was supposed to be the latest thing – I’d even ordered it from Japan. It was so new, the words weren’t translated into English yet.

She looked up as I approached, and smiled one of her beaming grins.

“What ‘cha working on?” I asked in a nonchalant tone, ignoring the giggles from across the room.

As of late, the family had divided into teams, so to speak. There was us and there was them. There were those who sat around listening to Bella like lost puppies – Edward, Rosalie, Esme, Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle – and then there was Alice and I, who wouldn’t speak to either. Team Alice and Ravyn against Team Bella.

“A new design for a wedding dress,” she answered instantly, but clasped her hand over her mouth in horror.

“Who’s getting married?” I asked, still unaware.

“I’m sorry, Ravyn. I’ve already seen it. It’s going to happen,” she apologized in a whisper.

“What? Seen what?”

“Their wedding.” Her eyes flickered over to the giggling couple on the couch.

My breath rushed out of me in a whoosh. My eyes strayed to the couch, and I saw a small glint on her finger as she moved her hand into the path of the sunlight.

Team Ravyn, then.

“When is it?” I asked, not able to manage more than a whisper that was almost a breath.

“Three months.”

Of course, I thought numbly. Of course they would wait until I was gone. Of course they would wait until I was out of the way, so I wouldn’t be there to say “I object” when the priest would say, “If any one has an objection as to why these two should not be wed…” No one would want me around to ruin it.

I felt betrayal seep through the cracks of my carefully composed mask. Her features turned apologetic.

“Ravyn, I’m sorry,” she began, but I was already gone. I ran out the door and down the porch steps, finding refuge in the forest that encroached on the ridiculous lawn.


I sat on the couch before the TV, not really watching the comedy that was playing. Edward sat directly beside me, every once in a while leaning in and kissing me. At the opposite end of the couch, as far away as possible, Ravyn sat, angrily glaring at the TV screen.

I felt sort of bad for her – she was terminally ill with brain cancer, as Carlisle had told me. She never spoke to anyone really – she’d never said a single word to me – aside from Alice. I wasn’t exactly sure what her story was.

Edward hadn’t told me much; just that he met her at school a year and a half ago. They didn’t speak much at first, but then they were assigned an out-of-school assignment and were forced to meet at the library. Esme had offered her a ride home, and they dropped her off in a timely manner. Something happened, and her abusive father struck her with a beer bottle. Edward and Esme brought her back to Carlisle to be stitched up.

Then she realized she’d left her brother behind, and they rushed back only to find him dead. She was traumatized, and her father was no where to be found.

The Cullens adopted her as one of their own, taking care of her in her father’s absence. On the day of her sixteenth birthday he returned – only this time as a vampire. He regained custody of her and the Cullens were separated from their sister momentarily.

But then Edward received a call from Ravyn one day while hunting, and she was in trouble. He hurried back and found her broken and bleeding in her house. He took her back to the Cullens’ home, and there she stayed, without another word from her father.

Whatever happened between then and now was sketchy – no one would ever give me a straight answer. I realized it wasn’t important and let it go.

But for some reason, she hated me with a passion. I hadn’t done anything to her, and she already hated me. It was like high school and Lauren Mallory all over again.

Unexpectedly, she stood and left us in a huff. She approached Alice, and I heard her speak in subdued tones with her. I couldn’t hear what was said, though, because at that moment, Edward leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Can we try again? I know the first time didn’t go so well, and I ended up with having to fill out painful paperwork – but do you want to try getting married again?”

I couldn’t help but giggle as I thought about the concept.

“Why? It’s not like I have anything to prove – and I still have to deal with divorcing Jacob…”

“Please?” He turned my face so he could lock his eyes on mine, hypnotizing me.

My attention was distracted as I heard Ravyn flee the room. I heard Alice curse under her breath, and then turn back to the computer screen.

I couldn’t quite understand how the Cullen’s treated her. It was sort of dismissive, like they just let her do whatever. Someone should have chased after her when she ran out the door, but no one did – they just returned to whatever they were doing.

But that didn’t seem right.

I wasn’t sure how long she had left, but I knew it wasn’t long. Weren’t people supposed to hover needlessly over their dying family? Weren’t they supposed to squeeze them with hugs and drown them with love?

I wondered, bluntly, if they even loved her at all.

They sure didn’t treat her like it.

I didn’t think she was a bad person, just slow to trust others. Maybe that was why she didn’t speak to me – she didn’t trust me. That seemed fair enough, but how can you learn to trust someone if you don’t try to get to know them? Maybe she just didn’t want to meet new people – that would be one less to say goodbye to.

But I was sure the Cullens did love her. Maybe she was forcing them away, and they were giving her the space she wanted. Maybe they were distancing themselves from her, trying to lessen the blow when she finally passed on.

That was a sad thing to consider – someone so young, with their whole life before them and nothing bad behind them, to die when there were others who deserved it. She was younger than me, around sixteen. I was twenty, with two divorces behind me. I wonder what that said about me as a person…

A few hours passed, and I wondered idly if anyone was going to go looking for Ravyn. I asked Alice, but she only answered me in an unemotional voice, “She’ll come back. She always does.”

Night had fallen, and she still wasn’t back. I was about to go look for her myself until the door opened and she entered, dripping wet and sniffling.

“Ravyn,” Alice scolded, like she was a little child who’d done something wrong, “You’re going to catch a cold! You’re immune system is already weak enough as it is.”

To which she answered in a sudden scream that startled me, but didn’t seem to shake Edward, “Why does it matter? I’m just going to die anyway! Why not get it over with quick?”

She stormed up stairs, and I heard a door slam with finality. Alice sat back down in her chair, turning to the computer, but did not click the mouse or really even see it. She ran her fingers through her spiky hair in frustration, tapping the nails of her other hand against the desk. Her eyes slid closed, and I saw her back rise and fall in an odd sort of way. It went up, stuttered, and came down, and her breathing shook.

And then I realized it – that was her way of crying.

Of course the Cullens loved her, I realized. She was like a sister to them – that much I could tell. To Alice, it was like losing her best friend. And all the while, she knew she was doing something wrong. They felt helpless, because their sister was dying and there was no way for them to stop it.

Why didn’t they just change her? That way they could have their sister with them for eternity, and they would never have to lose her. I made a note to ask Carlisle as soon as he was free. Lately, I’d found him in his study, pouring over his immense medical books, searching, always searching.

Searching for a cure that didn’t exist.