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This is Recklessness in Edward's POV; it's quite a bit longer and has some extra scenes in it that are not in Bella's POV. As always though, it's a lot more interesting.


3. Chapter 3: Cabin Fever

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I led the way up to the door and then assured her softly, "I am sorry, Bella." I didn't want her to hate me. She should, but I didn't want her to. It killed me to think about it.

She nodded, "It's ok. I just...it irritates me to no end how unbelievably oblivious you are."

"Right back at you," I said, with a slight smile, trying to avoid an argument, but not letting her get away with it either. She was definitely one to talk about being oblivious to the obvious.

"I'm serious," she said, turning around to look at my reflection in the window and then gestured at me. "Greek god," she gestured to me. "Awkward, plain human," she continued, gesturing to herself. "Now who do you think has the upper hand?"

Wow! This was even worse than I thought. "Is that how you see me?" I asked, smiling my crooked smile and turning to lean my back against the window, folding my arms across my chest. "A Greek god?"

That was refreshing to know. How absurd she was!

"No!" she said immediately, blushing fiercely at my my delight int he words. Her scent completely engulfed me. I clenched my teeth so that she wouldn't notice and struggled once again to resist it ans she mumbled the words. "You're not Greek."

That snapped me out of it and I chuckled softly and turned around again. "How wrong you are!" I went to stand behind her and turned towards the window again, determined to make her see how wonderful she was. I pointed to myself. "Cold-blooked killer." I pointed to her, softly bringing my hand down, tracing her jawbone with my fingertips. "Beautiful young woman who literally has everything going for her."

I slowly turned her around and smiled my crooked smile, and stared at her intensely, hoping to convey my love for her this way. Maybe she could see my love for in my eyes. I might be a good liar, but as Esme said, my eyes never betrayed my true feelings.

As I stared at her, she stared back at me in wonder, in awe. I desperately wished I could read her mind right now. Most of the time, I could deal with it; I had learned to accept it, but at times like this when she looked deep in thought and I knew it was about me, it killed me. I wished I could know how she truly felt about me. I knew without a doubt where she stood with me.

Honestly, I couldn't put it into mere words. I knew I loved her so deeply that it was as if I existed for this purpose: for her. TO be with her and to lov her. But that didn't do her justice. No langauge in heaven, Earth or hell had the appropriate words to describe just how much I loved her. It was impossible.

My hand was stillen on her face, and against my better judgment, I lightly caressed her cheeks before cupping her face in the palm of my hand. Her herat rate inevitably sped up and she began breathing out of rhythm, clearly losing herself in me. She no longer had will; it was as if I controlled her. And she relinquished full control to me so willingly that it was frightening.

But I wouldn't let that stop me. She had to know. She WOULD know. I placed my other hand on the small of her back and drew her in closer to me, causing her to tremble in my arms. I slowly lowered my lips to hers, unconsciously tightening my hold on her, until my lips hovered mere centimeters above her parted, trembling lips. "Bella..." I whispered softly, as my lips touched hers lightly, waiting for her to pull away, revolted.

At that moment, the door burst open, followed by Emmett's cheerful voice, "Edward! You can't -"

I started and broke away from Bella. I must have been so into the moment that I forgot everything else, because I hadn't even heard Emmett approaching.

"-Get lucky on the front porch. Cha-CHING!" Emmett finished his sentence in his thoughts, triumphantly. I glared at him and struggled not to growl. Bella couldn't know what Emmett was thinking.

A smile played on Emmett's lips as he said, "Am I interrupting something?"

"Yes!" I siad, irritably, as Bella choked out a small, "No."

"My bad," Emmett said, before turning to Bella. "Hi. You're Bella; the one we've heard Edward talk about nonstop for months. It's nice to FINALLY meet you. I'm Emmett, Edward's favorite brother."

"Hah!" I snorted, as he thought, Come on, let me have this one. Jasper's gone anyway!

"Jasper's not here, Edward, we can tell Bella the truth."

I rolled my eyes and Bella smiled, "Well, it's nice to meet you too." She shook his hand and Emmett drew her in closer to him by her hand, sniffed in deeply, and smirked, "Eh - not bad. I've smelled better."

I growled irritably and said, threateningly, "Emmett!"

"What did I say?" We had talked about this before and Carlisle made them all promise not to make jokes.

I couldn't help myself, he thought, but said aloud, "I had to see what the big deal was." He shrugged and released Bella. I shook my head irritably.

"Where is everyone?"

"Hunting. Everyone except Carlisle." He now turned to Bella, "Yeah, you see, Carlisle had his last feeding of blood, like, a century ago, so he's still full. HE couldn't POSSIBLY drink another drop."

"EMMETT!" I said irritably, angry that he was joking about this. But Bella merely laughed before saying, "It's okay."

"No, it's not! All right, Emmett, let's do this," I said in a hurry. "Come on."

Emmett smiled and stepped aside to let me in. "So, what are we watching?" I asked, sensing Emmett's eager thoughts that he only got me when violence was involved.

"Cabin Fever," Emmett replied nonchalantly.

"WHAT?! No. No, we are NOT watching Cabin Fever."

Wanting to impress Bella as the older brother, Emmett said, "You want to take this outside?" with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes and rubbed my head wearily. "Emmett, you're giving me a migraine."

I really wished I could exchange being inside his head for being inside Bella's.

"Vampires can't get migraines," Emmett said arrogantly.

"Yes, well, once again, you're proving EVERYTHING wrong, aren't you?"

Emmett chuckled once, "Come on, we have to see how tough she is. You don't want a girl who's weak or one that scares easy."

I protested, irritably, as Carlisle walked in, having heard our argument, and smiled warmly. "Bella...how wonderful to see you again. May I say you look much better than the last time I saw you?"

She smiled in return. "Thank you. You too." Her eyes widened in embarrassment and she tried to recover, "I mean...you...it's nice to see you again, too."

Carlisle smiled and nodded in response, so she wouldn't feel humiliated, and turned to me and Emmett.

"Boys...is there a problem?"

"Yeah, Edward's being a baby," Emmett accused, childishly.

"I am NOT. I'm being responsible," I protested. "Emmett wants to show Bella the movie Cabin Fever, which I think is a foolish idea."

Bella stifled a chuckle, clearly amused. "Edward, it's ok, I really don't mind it," she said with a smile.

"There you have it," Carlisle said, turning to me. "If Bella can handle it, I see no problem with it. If not, then simply turn it off. It's not the end of the world."

"Mm!" Edward beamed. "I win!"

I rolled my eyes and folded my arms again. What was the matter with everyone? Did no one care? Was I the only one with Bella's welfare in mind here?

Edward, give her a chance, Carlisle thought. She's not as weak as you may think. Be reasonable, son.

"You boys behave yourselves. I have to go into the hospital. Bella, it was nice to see you again. Please don't be a stranger - we'd love to see you again," Carlisle said out loud.

"Tell THAT to Edward," she said bitterly. Carlisle breathed a chuckle.

"Yes, Edward is a bit...stubborn, but I assure you, he only has your very best interests at heart." Edward, you can't protect her from every evil out there...take it easy.

Bella smiled affectionately at him as if she saw him as a father himself. "Will do," she said. Carlisle smiled in response and then clapped me and Emmett on the shoulders before taking off.

"All right, Edward," Emmett gloated. "You heard the man."

I rolled my eyes and led the way into the living room. I ignored Emmett's and Bella's whispering as I sat down on the farthest end of the couch. I had no interest in their complaints against me, especially when they were being said behind my back. They walked in sheepishly and avoided contact with me, knowing not to mess with me right now.